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Correspondence — Second of the Seven Hermetic Laws

Correspondence — Second of the Seven Hermetic Laws

by Bruce Rawles

(This article was excerpted and adapted from the upcoming book, "The Geometry Code: Symbolic Wisdom of Natural Laws Within Us" by Bruce Rawles, available soon from Elysian Publishing. This is the third of eight articles; you might want to first read the initial article in the series and the prior article on the Law of Mentalism to get the context for this one.

"What do you forgive? Well, it's simple. Whatever comes up in front of your face on any given day, that's what you're supposed to forgive. It's not a mystery; it's always right there in front of you. You may think you can't see what's in your unconscious mind; well, you don't have to. All you have to see is the symbolic representation of it that is being presented to you right now... symbolic of that which already exists in your own unconscious mind. As you forgive that, you're REALLY forgiving yourself."
— Gary Renard, The End of Reincarnation

The Law of Correspondence (Mirrors, Lenses, Echoes and Projections) — Keyword: Love

The second of the seven laws or principles is given the name Correspondence in the Kybalion, along with the phrase "As above, so below; as below, so above." A detailed quotation follows: "Just as a knowledge of the Principles of Geometry enables man to measure distant suns and their movements, while seated in his observatory, so a knowledge of the Principle of Correspondence enables Man to reason intelligently from the Known to the Unknown." — The Kybalion

The law of Correspondence, combined with the law of Mentalism covered in the previous chapter, offers us the liberating insight (IF we pay attention :-) that the Universe mirrors the models and belief structures that exist within our imagination; it is a reflection of a steady flow of holographic projections we call perception. The staggering implications from post-Newtonian physics (which we'll review briefly below), suggest that if no one is around, trees falling in the forest really don't make a sound!

We are required to "breathe life" into our chosen "reality". An obvious extrapolation of this Hermetic gem might be "As within, so without." The corollary "As without, so within", while extremely popular, is actually more like putting the cart before the horse, since the outer is a reflection of the inner. Sure, we can use the rear view mirror to keep where we've been in perspective, but driving is far more fun — and much safer! — while maintaining the focus on what is directly in front of us. In this metaphor, we're paying attention to what is within to address what is 'front and center', rather than what the machinery of the physical Universe has already fabricated as effect, and has already passed by on life's interstate (or interstellar, depending the pace we're trying to maintain!) highway.

The crucial ingredient, as stated in my previous article, is the THOUGHT SYSTEM we use to assign meaning to the perceptions. If we tightly grasp onto our individual (finite, separate) perspective, we inevitably distort, omit and filter the feedback we get and keep ourselves lost in the labyrinthine illusion of form, space, and time. Staying vested in the ego interests and identification with our 'special' personal stories, we usually miss the exquisite lessons all around us. With the right attitude (as any pilot knows when their airplane's control surfaces are properly trimmed), a plane will essentially fly itself. The same applies to the thought system of wholeness; we'll arrive where we need to be, if we just trust the intrinsic design of our internal guidance system. (It doesn't matter if we call it conscience, eternal intuition, or cosmic inspiration. What is important is the practice of heeding the inner promptings to achieve harmony (like the non-resistance of a superconductor to 'what is') by a two-step process:

1) Relinquishing the hopeless, pathetic belief that our finite senses are giving us the whole picture; this leads to the realization that what we perceive "outside" in the realm of 3D space is all made up anyway and not worth getting upset about, and

2) Realizing that with the help of the above insight about space, we can apply this to time as well. We're just experiencing echoes of the past bouncing around us as a grand distraction from what is going on within us, gently prompting us to 'step away from the grievance and no one will get hurt.'

Or, by using another well known 2-step process:

"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff — and it's all small stuff." — Richard Carlson

This kind of transpersonal forgiving is not based on the idea of believing that something "outside us" is real and then having to somehow un-believe it. That approach is flawed from the outset. The elephant will still be in the room; no matter how much "invisible paint" we can throw at it! Rather, the true strength that arises from trusting an identity beyond the little self stuck in the dream is a lucid awakening to the responsibility of our part in having made up what merely appears to the fleeting senses (nothing really there to forgive) and then calmly laughing at the folly of it all, no longer frightened by phantoms in a dream.

In either case, we have the opportunity to learn from what is mirrored and projected outward from our unconscious mind. If we look through the lens of quantum forgiveness (the pure non-dualistic thought system of wholeness), we begin to dismantle the attachments and aversions that keep us stuck in less-than-wonderful dreams. If we look through the lens of blame, regret, annoyance, and special-ness (the usual dualistic not-so-merry-go-round thought system of we-they duality), we keep going around and around until we attain the golden ring of truth that lets all our internal hostages go free (and frees us in the process, regardless of whether or not 'anyone else' seems to benefit.) It's really the same lens, same situation, same everything — just the thought system of kindness or grudge-ness that makes the difference.

Making It All Up As We Go Along: Quantum Entanglement

"One of the most surprising discoveries of modern physics is that objects aren't as separate as they may seem. When you drill down into the core of even the most solid-looking material, separateness dissolves. All that remains, like the smile of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, are relationships extending curiously throughout space and time. These connections were predicted by quantum theory and were called "spooky action at a distance" by Albert Einstein. One of the founders of quantum theory, Erwin Schrodinger, dubbed this peculiarity entanglement, saying "I would not call that one but rather the characteristic trait of quantum mechanics." — Dean Radin

"Everything seems to interact with everything else at many subtle levels of the universe beyond the purely physical level, and the deeper we penetrate into these levels, the more do we realize that we are One." — William Tiller, from the Preface to Stalking the Wild Pendulum by Itzhak Bentov.

What great fun and relief to learn that the bastions of modern science and their advocates support our best interests by telling us our locus of transformation is INSIDE, not OUTSIDE us. We CAN make a difference in our own lives; what a concept! :-) In fact, that concept is reinforced at every turn by reminding us that THERE ISN'T AN OUTSIDE! So what does that mean for each of "us"? Basically it boils down to the fact that no amount of magical thinking is going to overhaul our reality from the outside, and make our problems disappear, because they don't exist 'out there' anyway!

The fact that paired electrons change their spin instantaneously, with no apparent mechanism to explain this communication was quite a shock to the physicists who met in Copenhagen a few decades ago to share this discovery and ponder it's staggering aftermath. This pairing has been repeated time after time in the laboratory. Nowadays quantum entanglement is generally recognized as fact, yet, for most of us in the quantum age, the implications are conveniently ignored when it comes to applying this Universal interconnectedness on a personal level.

Like contractors who build houses as if the earth were flat, we generally live our lives as if post-Newtonian physics hadn't happened … as if our selected thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes about our "reality" didn't have any bearing on the quality of our experience of life. The Newtonian 'cop out' is to behave as if the billiard balls don't affect each other, and as if the ecologically challenged behaviors on one side of the planet don't influence "the other side" of the planet.

Quantum Forgiveness: Applied Hermetic Savvy

"In truth, there is nothing but love, all else is illusion." — Dr. John F. Demartini

"Everything is a message; Everything is a symbol; Everything is a dream"
— Life from 'Remembering Our Future'; Trance Zen Dance

Are you scared yet? If the awesome responsibility of one's mind and its projections hasn't fully registered, just follow the McFerrin prescription: Don't worry. Be happy! If we butterflies don't get into a frenetic flapping frenzy, we won't need to be concerned about triggering a hurricane somewhere "else." Nurturing the roots of calmness where right here, not only triggers the domino-toppling process of future beneficial mirrored events, but also anchors us with the deep oceanic serenity to weather any seemingly external storm. (How's that for mixing a few metaphors! :-) Put more simply: if we keep our cool in the face of life's events, we'll be using the combined best practices of applied quantum physics and transpersonal psychology to attain spiritual liberation by recalling oneness with our source.

If we're going to be navigating life's ocean of experience anyway, why not take a relaxing internal cruise than climbing into the leaky raft of allowing external circumstances to dampen our spirits; greeting just this present moment with the objectivity of a lucid dreamer, rather than trying to confront the entirety of the past and future, affords us the luxury of being completely OK with what is (or in truth, since we don't see the whole cosmic panorama, what appears to be). How does this attitude show up in our everyday lives? By realizing that we "get to" rather than "have to" attend to every situation, moment by moment, that arises — not with the drudgery of obligation which attends resenting a nightmare we may have fabricated eons ago, but with the fresh, joyous alacrity of not taking the illusion too seriously as the reflections of past thinking and feeling float by us. No matter how bleak things seem to be going around us, we always have the CHOICE of correcting errors where they occur — within our own minds.

This is really a tremendously practical application of Einstein's famous quote: "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." The crucial level to be on to solve any problem, it turns out, is to be on the level (or thought system) of wholeness. In this mode, problems are seen as internal (something we can change rather than being at the whim of "another") and also as ephemeral (which knock the fleeting wind out of the sails of the appearance of the problem). Ironically, by letting go of our identification with the level of form (including our bodies and the physical circumstances of our familial, social, political, biological and other environments) we can then be the most effective BECAUSE we're working where we can make a difference, our inner calm within propagating to what appears around us. Have you noticed that folks who maintain graceful composure despite seeming chaos generally are the ones who can be counted on when things seem a bit crazy?

Another clue about our problems in Einstein's quote above is that "… we created them." If we are making this Universe up, we can make it up differently. In fact, we evidently have 10^44 opportunities per second to make up the big cosmic hologram from scratch (the Planck Constant). So if you think you don't have any time to choose differently, you can remember a '1' with 44 zeroes after it, and remind yourself that you've had that many chances to re-envision your life from quarks to galaxies … in the past second!

This quantum forgiveness always helps us by collapsing the illusion of separation, regardless of what seems to be going on around us. Gradually, we develop a habit of forgiving ourselves for making it all up (the illusion) and then what's left is the reality, love of the non-local, non-temporal variety. The trick is to loosen our grip on our invested judgments, perceptions and beliefs in separation that keep us on opposite sides of the fence — the particular fence doesn't matter. With space dissolved as a concept, practicing the Golden Rule eases into divine Self-interest, because the Self we're identifying with has no room for petty, isolated "droplet" thinking, it is that Self that realizes it can't exist without the ocean.

Happy Dream Data and Input/Output Processing

Love is a cohesive force that holds things in relatedness, so by seeing relationships you are participating in the love activity of the universe." — Viola Petitt Neal, PhD & Shafica Karagulla, M.D., Through the Curtain

"If you do not have the capacity to love yourself, then there is simply no basis on which to build a sense of caring towards others." … "Without inner peace, it is impossible to have world peace." — Dalai Lama

"What you think of me is none of my business." — Terry Cole-Whittaker

Another pragmatic application of the law of Correspondence is discipline in our "input" and "output" functions. As infinite beings, we really are so much more than glorified computing machines. Yet we can benefit from cybernetic wisdom by objectively looking at our inputs and outputs. We can start with the latter, because that is more obviously something we have plenty of say in what we transmit to our "world" — what we think, feel, do, say and "broadcast to our network." Regardless of whether anyone "else" seems to be receiving our messages, WE receive them as we register and especially reinforce our thoughts, etc. Our internal correspondence always keeps a "copy of the outgoing mail" so to speak. This relates to the importance of using conscious language, and paying attention to "heart language" at least as much as "head language." If we feel free and joyous in what we share, we can be certain that our inner quality meter is solidly in the "green" range. No one needs to tell us when we express something doesn't feel up to the caliber of our benevolent potential. In general, it would seem that we're taught to underestimate the importance of our "outgoing" signal and its ramifications.

Conversely, as a culture, we seem to be seduced into the trance (from day one) of believing that whatever our senses gather is to be taken as gospel, despite our understanding of how easily our limited senses can be deceived or even just fooled with no malevolent intent by inadequate info. After all, we just get the most minuscule tidbits of highly filtered and processed data through our local space-time apparatus. For example, when was the last time you watched in-depth news coverage from Alpha Centauri, our nearest star? Yet we get all excited about how much we think we know about the cosmos and even try to close the patent office from time to time, since we've obviously got it all figured out! Who are we fooling? :-) Fortunately, by OBJECTIVELY accepting our sensory data at face value as just being OK for what it is, we can eventually learn to be free from the compulsion to obsessively analyze, categorize and react to all the interpretive tendencies our little egoic selves have.

As Don Miguel Ruiz suggests, we don't have to take anything personally! This becomes much easier if we don't routinely identify with a localized, limited-to-a-human-body type self. As A Course in Miracles suggests, instead of being the slave to knee-jerk reactions to what appears around us, we can see all life as either expressions of love or asking for love. The beauty of this orientation is that it automatically aligns us with optimal compassion for others and ourselves, minimizes the distortion and the enormous effort involved in trying to figure it all out by ourselves! Our suffering disappears when we give up the Herculean task of keeping score of grievances and demanding retribution for what ultimately doesn't matter anyway! :-)

We're NOT responsible for what others "send or receive", but we certainly are response-able for what we do (or don't do) in response to the "outer" world… A big part of the key to happiness is "non-attachment to outcomes"; this applies to family belief systems, community interactions, global and regional cultural belief systems. This non-attachment evolves as we practice relinquishing the belief that our "inputs" are more important than our "outputs." This is somewhat analogous to saying that steering your ship is not only more effective, but more fun than cursing the currents of wind or water that happen to be in evidence. When we respond to inspiration, feeling the complete-within-itself joy of integrity, our dreams become happier, and we move more swiftly to awakening altogether.

Octaves, Supersets, Transmutation,
Harmonious Inspiration and Inclusive Encompassing

The best way to influence 'above or below' is to model the desired behaviors by example; live your truth. The same issues, in essence, are available on every level; we all have the opportunity and responsibility to make a positive difference, starting with "numero uno." Following inner guidance is akin to listening to the subtle overtones and harmonics in music that relate to the same notes on the lower octaves. More examples of inspirations that relate to the law of correspondence are shared lucid dreams, intuitive flashes, muse virtuosity, psychometry, psychokinesis, telepathy, and "the clairs": clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Again, the phenomena aren't worth getting hung up on, but listening to the content, assisted by our inner metapersonal guidance, is of paramount importance. We'll all arrive "home" eventually, but why delay the process when so much insight is all around and (more importantly!) within us.

Another way of incorporating the benefits of the law of correspondence is to think in terms of the most universal, global and abstract. This minimizes re-learning when conditions subject to space, time, or cultural whim change. Learning a more encompassing law is like working within a larger jurisdiction, using a law that supercedes less inclusive ones. Another example from physics is the Lorentz Transformation, a factor in the equation that includes both older Newtonian models and newer Einsteinian ones as well. The take home lesson here is that by aiming for truths and certainties that are eternally unyielding and steadfastly loyal, we identify with spirit and simplify what we need to keep track of. If we incorporate wisdom that integrates insights of heart and head, macro and micro, above and below, we live in great grace and simplicity.

Synchronicity and Co-incidence

Synchronicity may be another way of saying that patterns that exist (in dimensions and realities we don't generally recognize) have profound and meaningful relationships for us and with us. If we're alert to the clues all around and within us, we can use ANY circumstance or experience to lead us to the wisdom of fun "Aha moment!" revelations. With practice, we can expect the unexpected, and see subtle cues for kindness and forgiveness opportunities we might otherwise have missed. Clues are "hidden" in everything, not just in geometric shapes! :-)


"Those closest to us are the brightest mirrors of ourselves we can find." — Patricia Sun

"Nothing happens in living nature that is not in relation to the whole." — Goethe

Fractals are examples of self-referential patterns... Each small portion is connected to, and often resembles the larger whole. Oriental medicine uses acupuncture points on the ear, hand, foot, etc. each of which correspond to internal organs and exemplify the fractality of biological life, which in turn is a mirror of a more fundamental principle of inter-relatedness. Families, communities, roots, branches, coastlines, nervous systems & networks of many types exhibit patterns and behaviors that tend to look the same... ... regardless of how far one zooms in or out.

The Vesica Piscis: The lens of perception;
projection of separation or extension of oneness

"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour."
— William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

"I am so small I can barely be seen. How can this great love be inside me? Look at your eyes. They are small, but they see enormous things." — Jelauddin Rumi

The Vesica Piscis (also called the almond or mandorla) is the shape formed by the intersection of two identical circles where the border of each circle touches the heart or center of the other. We see this shape in the human eye, our mouths, the stomata (respiratory orifice) of plants, the template for mitosis (when cells divide in all biological life), and even in the distant Hourglass Nebula. In art ranging from Renaissance masterpieces to the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, and countless other examples, we see this familiar shape that represents communication, communion, common ground, shared vision, and mutual understanding. For the mirror of the soul, the spiritual significance is "seeing eye to eye," allowing ourselves to embrace the aura that transfigures seeming isolation into intrinsic oneness.

The next time you see the vesical shape in an eye, let it be a mnemonic aid for recalling that you are seeing your inner world projected outwardly. Compassion is inevitable from this perspective. When one also incorporates the thought system of our real, metapersonal Self, this kindness can't help but reflect, mirror, echo and convey the unlimited loving generosity and forgiving whole-heartedness of who we truly are!

Copywrite 2008 Bruce Rawles. All rights reserved.

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