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COMMAND READING FOR THOMAS PUTMAN, Soul Name: Jah-nah'ri "One who is prepared to battle for the Light" Origins: Arcturian in alliance with Angelic/Pleiadians This one is known as a soul-personality 'merger'. Many soul fragments have incorporated within the current physical embodiment which have been integrated from the total lifestream. Although beginning its journey in the Arcturial realms, this one has trained at the feet of many of the Master Teachers, and in a multitude of star systems. The primary goal has always been to be of service to the One, however, much energy was 'scattered' during past times due to a lack of focus. This one is a healer, which is inherent in his origins, and he has spent eons in studying various modalities of this ability. After many incarnations, both physical and non-physical, throughout the various galaxies and universes, this one felt drawn to continue his course of study under the tutelage of the Angelic Kingdom of the Pleiades. He has met with much success in service to the Divine Creator through the healing of many races. After eons of forays into various universes and galaxies, this one heard the 'Call' for the healing of planet Earth. Using the Wisdom he inherited when born out of the Melchizedek Consciousness, he volunteered for a mission of aiding Gaia in her quest for a higher vibrational frequency. This one has left his Homeworlds to incarnate on this planet 3471 times. In some instances, this was not a physical embodiment, but rather providing a consciousness of healing energy within the Earth Herself. Much time has been spent working directly within the Heart of the planet in order to impart encouragement and self-healing techniques to Her. During this present physical embodiment, he has re-integrated many of the soul fragments from those Higher Dimensional Beings which have taught, guided, and aided him in his service to this planet. Levels: During this long lifestream, the soul entity has taken the Wisdom he brought from the Melchizedek Consciousness and applied it in his upward evolutionary process. He has consistently raised himself to the heights of the great Master Teachers and Divine Messengers in whose guidance he has rested. Some of the Higher Aspects of himself which he brought with him on his mission to Earth includes Melchizedek, Metatron and the Christ-Consciousness. His physical embodiments on earth, however, provided unique opportunities for even further soul growth. Because the lifestream of this one needed to incorporate within it more of the knowledge of ‘Self’, many lifetimes were spent in incarnations calling for introspection. These included embodiments of monks, hermits, outcasts, and years spent in incarceration. As an act of humility, this one contracted with Source as a soul-transfer with one having what is known as leprosy, in order to balance the ego. This balancing of the ego, in partnership with the Knowledge and Wisdom of his Higher Aspects, successfully brought the soul-personality to a stage of Enlightenment under the tutelage of the Master Teacher Buddha. Mission: The 'download' of information that this one has, and will, receive will be his greatest source of guidance to fulfill his Terms of Service for this embodiment. His intent has been stated, and the mission for which he has prepared so long, is at hand. He has volunteered, as his primary focus, to join with others of his Soul Group and bring the planet Earth into her fifth dimensional body. This primary responsibility/focus will be working with the cleansing and healing of Gaia's emotional body. This may take the form of transmuting the energies of storms, earthchanges, etc., as She goes through her releasing process. The experience he gained in aiding other planets will aid him in this mission. His connection to the Earth Mother is strong, and if he focuses the 'totality' of the Christed energies within him on this mission, he will easily help bring about the cleansing of the planet. These energies are already within him, and need only be integrated into his consciousness, for these are the Higher Aspects of his own Ascended Master Self: Father Melchizedek, Archangel Metatron, the Christ-Consciousness, and the Master Buddha. Although this one may feel (after the integration of these Higher Aspects of himself) that he is no longer the same soul who has been inhabiting the body during this lifetime, it will not be a situation of what is termed a 'walk-in' or 'soul-exchange'. There will most certainly be the emergence of a 'new' soul, but it shall be born out of the merging of his Higher Aspects. By incorporating the Higher Qualities and Aspects of each of these into his own soul-personality, he will truly become the Being of Light of which he is. And so be it. Humbly Scribed From the Records of Athena By Janisel Amen-Ra Kumara

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Who is this man ??Saleh Shaalan is Egyptian born at the temple of Karnak in 1943. He grew up within the walls of Karnak for 11 more years before his village was thrown out of the temple by the government in 1953 for the beginning of excavation of…
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