The Horn Sounds-"Company is Coming"

My wife, Dawn Katar, has been channeling the Ascended Masters and Archangels for many,many years.  Recently they've asked her to publish daily quotes from them on the topic of peace.  She calls them Point of Peace Messages.  They're always free and available by email or you can see them on Facebook.  Today's message was particularly unusual as this is the first time ever Archangel Gabriel spoke about 'Company Coming'. Considering His great Trumpet, I thought it would be of value to share. Here's His message:

"Wake up! Do you not hear the chimes ringing? ‘Tis the dawning of a new age. All you need do is awaken and feel the frequencies within you and all around you. Then, rise up to celebrate and let go the shackles of old thought and restraint. Celebrate that you now choose to wake up the whole world. Wake up! Company’s coming and we want you to be ready. We bid you Peace."

Archangel Gabriel




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  • Thanks to all who shared.  Keep in mind the Ascended Masters and Archangels generally do not work in the field of predictions, but there is an increasing sense that the time has come for the possibility of great breakthroughs in all the areas we are hoping for.
  • Thanks for sharing! I have been hearing a high pitched ringing/buzzing sound for the last half a year or so now, almost constant. However its almost as if i can switch it on/off at will, the more i focus the loader the ringing, the more i let my mind chatter, the more it goes away. I have even tried meditating and focusing on it but it didn't work as i tried it when i was falling asleep and feel asleep anyway haha. Peace and once again thanks for sharing a nice message with us, blessings to you and your wife
  • Thank you Darryl Schoenstadt!  I love this post!  I love you and your wife!  Celebrating I AM.  I AM ready!  <3
  • Well God bless your wife, and you of course,  and let's hope it is soon!
  • Yes Thank You for sharing indeed Darryl. I'll be waiting with open arms.

    Love and Light
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