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February 18

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Spiritual development and evolution of personal expression. I enjoy witnessing and participating in the upliftment of the energies within the planet and to see the daily manifestation of Divine Will in our lives

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All the Ascended Masters and Archangels through 25+ years marriage to Dawn Katar, an incredibly gifted, full-trance channel. Also tremendous influence from Spirit Guide Seth, channeled through Tom Massari.

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  • Ok, it's a deal. Let's do it. Blessings and salvation for you.

  •  Hey Darryl, thanks for attend my invitation but I have anotherone for You: Let's walk together for some time, there are  not  límits. Thanks again, see you.

  • hi good to be hear , and learning about the asention ect god bless  talk to you soo

  • thanks for the invite

  • Darryl: I LOVE Dawn's channeled messages. Can you put both me (ross@consciouslifenews.com) and Jake (jake@consciouslifenews.com) on your list to receive new messages.  Jake handles most of the channeling on CLN, but I do too sometimes.  BTW, the photo is my first grandaughter, MAYA, born five weeks ago.  Photo is from 1st week.  I didn't have any photo's of me handy when I signed up, but had tons of pictures of Maya.

  • Thank you Darryl for the friend invite.  Much appreciated.  Accepted!  I browse this site almost daily to find stuff that I might want to post on ConsciousLifeNews.com.  I will continue doing so, but will also share Spiritual info that I come across that I believe others here will enjoy.

    Conscious Life News
    News and Articles About Conscious Living on Planet Earth
  • Greetings Darryl!

    Apologies for the slow response, I do intend inevitably to converse with others here, and you're the very first.

    Cheers from Harry in NZ.

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  • Thank you Darryl I appreciate the friend add thank you my friend

  • Hi Darryl, thanks for the add my friend =) Take Care, With Love Soulz xx
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Darryl Schoenstadt posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
Darryl Schoenstadt left a comment for Spiritual Master Free Spirit
"I enjoyed your sharing about your Twin Flame.  Beautiful description of the patterns involved in the connection and merging.  I have been with my Twin Flame in the physical for some time and all of this has been true for us.  Blessings and Peace."
Jul 5, 2018
Darryl Schoenstadt left a comment for Memo Origel
"A great idea my friend.  It's a deal.  I'll see you on the planes, which are becoming clearer and clearer all the time.  Blessings, Light and big smiles!"
Jun 5, 2012
Darryl Schoenstadt left a comment for Memo Origel
"Thank you for your friendship Memo.  I'm very glad to know you.  Wishing you love, joy and peace my friend. "
Jun 4, 2012

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"no problem Drekx, keep it coming :)"
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Please do remember, that my…"
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"AE I'm sure you will enjoy watching this Oxford Uni Debate, in which visiting Nancy Pelosi's elitist credentials, were challenged.....Globalism vs National Populism...
"Nancy Pelosi HUMILIATED at Oxford Debate!!!"😉…"
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