Chemtrails over my country

I observe over my head that the last two month we have the escalation of chemtrails being sprayed over our heads there ion Poland.Every day,every night i see them spray "painting" the unbelievable patterns in the sky.Round,crossed and more "sofisticated.People do not believe they are deadly chemicals they use to repeat me" these are only the noprmal planes.I do not know how to open their eyes.

I have been living for some time in the southern part of Europe and since I am back there 3 months ago I only see grey skies without any hidrance of sun or stars.Sometimes I see stars and the Moon in the night/I have 4 dogs so I walk very often/ but only for a while,the next moment I see a lot of planes spraying very labourously new patterns of chemicals in above.After my reetuirn I have more headahes.I suspect they are connected with those...My dogs are also not very fit after walking.


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  • Hi,

    thank you for your info.Yes,I use the Violet Flame often and all what I can find on the net.

    Actually I left Poland and now live in a country with much of sun.Here are a lot of chemtrails but there are many people who know about them and work with all what is useful to remove them.And it works.The wrongdoings try all the time to spoil the weather but are less and less succesful...

    In Poland at the moment the weather is better but still the most people dont believe in using chemtrails so the weather patterns are predictable and the sky is blurred even when/ rarely/ it happens to be a sunny day.

  • Thank you,I tried and works!!

    Blessings to you,


  • Thank you Shorina,I am doing all known meditation to create a shield over me and my animals.I feel very disgusted seeing the skies everyday "painted" with "funny"designs.Whenever the sun or stars appear for a while then out of blue they start their dirty job.And it is very strange in literally a few minutes all the sky is grey and temperature drops rapidly down.It is every day every night.I cant understand why they are so active there in Poland.What they hide?
  • Dear Drome, thank you for your advice it is fantastic! We are two over there,me and my friend Ela we will do what you suggest.I agree they are poor stupid bastards and I forgive them but do not forget...

  • Yea well... the responsible people just create their own long way to heaven by organizing these sprays.

    They are maybe far away from god/spirit, not realizing he is looking and experiencing the same as they see/experience. The intention to spray billions of people into oblivion will be reflected back upon them one time, poor souls. Sorry, no empathy here, but I'll forgive them. ;)

  • What 'heaven on Earth' we'd have if these stupid companies and greedy corporations doing all this harm!

  • You can call up the Elementals of the skies, Sylphs.

    This can be done by meditating on them, focus on them with a deep Love.

    Sylphs clean our skies from chemicals and poisons, and with dedication you can even steer them directly by thought. You also can protect yourself from chemtrails, take care of an active sacral chakra (don't worry to become horny.. LOL!) and setup your merkaba. All will be fine, don't worry but Love.



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