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Beloveds just yesterday I was thinking why they don't take him away so that he cannot keep harming children and people in different countries..Today I see this...I will do my own investigation...Amparo


Bill gates was arrested in January

I posted about it at the time

His clone was arrested two days ago.

No vaccine is going to be ushered out .. it isn't ready.. the white hats /The alliance are in control.
Any one claiming otherwise is seeing the flu shot being pushed.

Cv vaccine wouldn't have been ready til next year at the earliest .

In the mean time do your 'bill gates' research.. this is the time the asleep folk start to see what's going on ..
Research his depopulation beliefs - eugenics
Google and all search engines are now open again .

The cabal were taken off this planet for the past 3 years and clones put in place so the asleep could learn what's been going on .

You are on quarantine so you cannot be harmed .. no kids wondering around to be taken by cabal minions ...

Rescue missions have been going on for a while now globally to rescue trafficked babies children and adults.

The world had to stop in order for this to occur

Everyone is freaking out thinking these f**** are still in control when that's the furtherest from the truth .

Transformation is messy .

Taking down a very deep twisted web of corruption is messy

Doing it so you don't create mass hysteria, public lynching , looting and suicide is messy too

Take this time to learn who you are .

Finish projects
Spend time alone and with those in your home

Know that this is occurring and is for your highest good.

Stop following every fear based story that comes before your eyes.

You are stepping from one way of living to another that is very very different. This is a process and journey.

April 13th 2020
Aluna kay

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Comment by amparo alvarez on September 21, 2020 at 9:38pm

Interesting I went to see what it was all about and none of the videos are there...There is truth here when they got rid of the videos...

Comment by Indo on April 18, 2020 at 9:32pm

well, while on this topic.. some interesting links were sent my way today regarding cloning. weird topic.. don’t know how I feel on it either- perhaps like eating something rotten

Comment by Hellen on April 16, 2020 at 2:57am

I have a spirit guide and I do listen to him/her.yes, the satellites are above the earth and just recently they plan to send thousands more into space this could cause a lot of the weather problems and we could have blackouts. In the early 1990s, I keep hearing the word cyber warfare, misty crimson, and jade helm and others all of these were in space and this had to with frequencies and direct energy and plasmas tubes and I happen to look out of my balancy and saw these gigantic tubes pouring huge amounts of water in the center of the city then the next day on the weather channel they said Ontario had the worse weather in the history of T.O I was so shocked to hear this. Whatever is going up there I just rather follow my inner guidance I believe my guide wanted me to see this. Sometimes I just prefer not to see this but my guide gives me warnings. Sometimes I can't but laugh because it is so silly when they make it so dramatic and sometimes I don't take things lightly either.

Comment by amparo alvarez on April 16, 2020 at 1:39am

Hellen you are very wise and I sure am glad you are sharing your wisdom...I do agree with what you say...I have thought of it many times and I wondered about it...Now I am letting it go because I know that many must be clones especially the royals and people in government and I have no more reason to think about them...Maybe I should?...You know what a being of Light said recently...I cannot not remember who did but I know the message was of Love...He/she said...When you go out for walks leave your phones at home... And I know they are connected to satellites with the latest technologies available these days...They have all our information on them...and can trace us in seconds...So I felt compelled to doing so, and I am already doing it...especially knowing how they operate...after being watched in my own house for months and moving the SUV as I passed by, and when having accidents so often that I wonder how come I am still here...My falls were always stopped somehow in mid air...Blessings Hellen and keep sharing...It is good doing so...It can help others including ourselves....

Comment by Hellen on April 16, 2020 at 1:30am

I remember in the 1980s a sheep by the name of Dolly was a clone and people wanted their pets cloned and now we have a mixture of strange animals and birds etc. People sometimes get depressed because their pet has died and so they have cloned dog, cat or a bird. Clones have a short life span but they can fix any imperfection on robots and clones. All elites could be clones and keep the human form and it is difficult to tell who is cloned unless we use our energy to discern who they are. I am very sensitive to all kinds of energy and must be careful and mindful if I plan to go anywhere. No matter where one goes there is always a watcher and we can sense this vibration. Some people are too impulsive and go by their ego suffer the consequences.  


Comment by amparo alvarez on April 15, 2020 at 11:16pm

Hi Valana...It is all about vibration, energy...You would know if something is odd when you connect with your heart...I am working on this everyday...It is very important to be able to discern truth from lies...It is our way of being able to get away from the lies and getting closer to TRUTH..Blessings and keep only positive thoughts alive as much as you can for when we even consider possibilities when we get emotional or think of them as being so, these can come true...With much Love to you my friend...

Comment by Valana on April 15, 2020 at 11:00pm

So true, Amparo and Hellen... and clones are real.  In Dr. Michael Wolf's book he told of the making of clones as military that could kill without conscience or having the emotional p[roblems our soldiers do that return from war.  He claimed to have let tghe clone go as hje had progamerd it not to kill or harm unless attacked and because it would not kill a dog on command they wanted to destroy it and he said he burned the plans and let the clone go.  What happened to it after Michael's death no one knows.  This was many years ago so they surely now have the ability to clone individuals.  

Do we really know if even President Trump is a clone and he, Bill and the rest of the very wealthy are sitting in their palatial hyomes deep underground or under a dome on Venus or Mars, watching the show unfold here on Earth?  Scary thought but a possibility.  

U dib;t ckaun ti jbiw akk tgubgs but Val tells me a Clone has no belly button and he does or so he says...actually, I don't remember if I ever knew... it's not something one thinks about in a once in a life tiome romance.  i've tried to remember but actually I don't think I could swear either way under oath as I don't remember.  Frank Stranges says he did not...oh oh… Val says he does and the clone does not... so there you go...what to believe?  I don't know....With my remote viewing faculties I can say the one I channel does but thenh remote viewing is not a scientificly accurate fact.  So how do we know the clone from the real? Not a question I can answer.  Can anyone? I wonder... 

Comment by amparo alvarez on April 15, 2020 at 10:47pm

Thank you Hellen...I know they have been cloning animals and people...I did not know they did it in ancient times and it makes sense...They were very advanced and not of the Light...I am so glad that the truth is coming out, no matter how grossly ugly it may be... 

Comment by Hellen on April 14, 2020 at 9:17pm

When Bill Gates began his company he was cloned from the beginning.I have seen some pictures of cloned people including animals. When scientists start mixing human and animal DNA and cloning people and animals they are playing with fire. This not new it happened in ancient times.  

Comment by amparo alvarez on April 14, 2020 at 8:13pm

It makes sense, he was accused of using vaccines that had a virus, now he was indicted, arrested...I sure hope so...All these people need to be put away for a very long long time...


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