Bhavick, Kelly & Drekx Discuss the Aden Stargate



Bhavick said:
“Could a stargate really be opening there? I need to watch that video on my laptop ASAP as i’ve got no sound on my PC. It’s going to be interesting to see what unfolds there. I hope no one is seriously injured.”




Kelly said:
“Verrry interesting, no? The information stated by Mark Huber is compromised but the rest seems acceptable. I looked into the history of the area and it is rich with lore.
I’ve also seen footage of dozens of submarines surrounding the gulf. Drekx, do you know anything about what is happening there? There is a underwater volcanic caldera there as well which would be a great entry point to any Argathan cities below the surface.
Something tells me there is more than meets the eye with this entire area. Take care, all- have a wonderful week”




Drekx response:
It is important to remember that energetically, planet Earth has several bodily layers across several dimensions…

Indeed, think of this planetary form as possessing an aspect of the universal merkaba energy pattern..who’s geometries we can mathematically measure and have
clarified them to maintain a multidimensional grid within a dodecahedron form of unified vector geometry..

There are nodes and sub-nodes present accross the planet and two such nodes are position southwest (10.81N 31.20E) and northeast (26.57N 76.20E) of the subnodal portal positioned within the Gulf of Aden…equi-distant between the major nodes..
Another example would be the major planetry node at 26.57N 76.80W, the “Burmuda triangle” region, at the edge of the continental shelf near Great Abaco island…


There is much flight traffic between Inner Earth and the surface happening all the time, but the dark Illuminati have chosen to place special emphasis on sending a vast military contingent to the Aden sub-node portal, we believe, to make a stand against the GFL and our ramping-up of fleet entry to the surface..albeit worldwide and not localised, as the dark seem to want to pretend. We note they selected this particular sub-node point because that region is already tarnished through association with terrorism, poverty, political turmoil and much anger…Aden is Al Quada’s new base of operations and Somalia (on the African coast) is associated with many painful memories for the American public, following “black hawk down.” And now there is widespread piracy at if you then add into this volatile mix, “suspected alien invasions,” you must realise how alarming they hope they can make it…


The GFL have already announced that there will be an increase in Vimana craft sightings worldwide, and that statement is not limited to one point on the planetary surface, only. Thus, we do not seek to place special emphasis on that portal in the Gulf of Aden, as we would be allowing the Dark Cabal to make an issue of it, as if it were unique, when it is one of several entry points…We believe they are planning some form of military engagement to alarm the public and so have refused to fall into their nefarious trap, by keeping this fairly low key…

The manifest piracy of the region has also been allowed to occure to enable an international military presence, at more superficial levels..

I was asked about this matter a few Months ago, by Tony, but chose at that time not to answer it, as the dark is trying to create a focal point for discord and international alarm…
In place of their failure to conduct a project Bluebeam event, they have simply been trying to place international military coverage on one of many portals, in preparation for false flag ops..which will also fail to be taken seriously by the people of earth..


Hope this explains….


Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!!


Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

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  •  On a deeper level I know Drekx. Don't know how I just do

     and I have been waiting for this time. In '93 I had a breakdown and ended up in hospital

      under care and maintenance on life support and when I came out of it I felt drawn to a Mind Body Spirit Festival upon entering I was drawn to 2 or three at the time and all they could see

     was this golden mist wherever I walked of course in the mundane reality

     I said oh sure. I was in hospital under care and admin whilst away healing

     in another Galaxy or dimensipn. Those that came through said that we did not have any words

     in our vocabulary to describe the distance involved and that I would always be held in high regards

     for the work??? I did and this was a Star System. I like to read of the exploits of others on this

     site as it links up with the rest of me scattered across the Father/Mother's Prime Creator Soarce's

     All That Is Cosmos. Blessings, Love Peace and Harmony. Kingjeff

  • Important thing to remember is that even though much focus has been placed on the stargate at the Aden sub-node, there are less publicised, yet more active stargates, in other areas of the planet, functioning normally, allowing the useful planetary relay and step-down of higher dimensional energies free flow into this plane..


    The Ascended Masters and Agarthans are responsible for the proper function of Earth's stargates...they decide which ones to activate fully which ones are more useful on low activity...

  • Thanks for sharing this data with us, kingjeff...


  •  When I heard about this Drekx 12 months ago and at that time the spin was on Nabiru

     coming through we felt obliged to contain the area because of the volatility and

     only allow those of the highest light access. After that I was given a healing

     all over my body in thanks.Imagine your body is like King Kong and you you have a gossamer web

     placed over the body with micro workers and alignment. That is what happened to me

     as I had the event watched by a spiritual remote viewing only she is far more advanced than that

     and she was advising me as they did the work on me as they were so thankful.

     Those grids are still in place. Blessings, Peace Love and Harmony Kingjeff

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