There is so much that human BEings are led by and in effect many of YOU are walking blind at this point. TRUST and FAITH in YOU, in the power that YOU are will see YOU take the blindfold off and realise that YOU drive the new, YOU are the creator on the planet earth.





WE come to guide and support and this time of the growth of human consciousness and the expansion of SELF which occurs as this happens. Many are now ready to move to the next level of consciousness and it this we hold the space for. Many are still struggling with illusion and it is the struggle that will see many stay at the level of vibration they have achieved so far. There is no “race” to the finish line and any teaching of such must be detached from. Many humans are struggling with the concept of “time” and this also much be detached from, “time” is a concept that has enslaved for too long. With many humans bound by the time and space that is illusion, for how do YOU create when YOU have set the boundaries to YOUr existence so tightly?


Moving beyond boundaries is the expansion of SELF for in TRUTH there are no boundaries, all boundaries are illusion containing and suppressing SELF. YOU are more than YOU are aware of, much more than YOU can see and much more than many of you can FEEL at this point in YOUr evolution. We guide ALL to move out of the need to define and to categorise and to BE. There are many teachings around “to BE” and we guide ALL to absorb the teachings for rushing around and “DOing” will take YOU away from TRUTH and will keep YOU walking within illusion.


As the human body begins to evolve many will notice shifts in perception, many who remain within the mind centred life experience may fall deeply into frustration as the life they are trying to “figure out” makes no sense to them. The more that human BEings can let go of the concept of “time” the more this will happen. That is why ALL realms guide in relation to the heart and being fully in the heart centre at ALL times. This is vital to help YOU through this process to reach expansion and growth and ultimately Ascension of SELF, for that is what YOU came here to master at this point on planet earth.


Many are still clinging onto the illusion that they seek to move out of, YOU cannot expand if YOU hold on tightly to what YOU think YOU know and this must be detach from. There is a lot of disinformation across the planet, once more we guide strongly that the map that YOU have for this part of the journey is found within the heart. To rely on the mind, logic and the five senses that YOU possess is to walk in illusion. They have been used against YOU to contain and suppress for millennia, why would it be any different now? Move beyond this for the human BEing is able to BE vastly more than it realises at this point.


Many are still following when the route out of illusion is found from within. Each one of YOU has a power within that is vast, that is key to YOU. Find the key, do not look to another to find the key for YOU, for YOU have the keys that YOU need for this part of the journey. Many are keys to others and some will recognise this guidance, for YOU can unlock what others search for and vice versa on connection. For the new is all about connection for ALL ARE ONE. There is nothing that YOU are not part of , it cannot BE any other way for ALL ARE ONE.


Allow the senses that YOU have to heighten, do not allow illusion to teach YOU of fear and or horror, for too long the containment has been through fear, it is illusion. It is created within the mind for the purpose of containment. FEAR does not reside in the heart, it cannot for the heart is seeded with the LOVE that IS and this prevails. Connect to the heart at all times for it will show YOU TRUTH.


We note that many humans are drawn into the events that are playing out around them and once more we guide to detach, anything that does not hold the dream for YOU should be detach from, for the illusion will seek to steal the dream from within. Dreams are how to create in the new for they were always how to create, for millennia YOUr dreams have been used against YOU, take back the power of dreaming and watch ALL change. Illusion will seek to seep into the dreamtime and to change the dream from LOVE to fear and we watch as many humans fall into this trap time and time again. The subject of “war” is uppermost in many human BEings and we guide ALL to detach from this. Illusion plants seeds of dreams within the mind which the mind plays back and builds upon. Weed out the seeds that are planted and replace them with the LOVE that IS. Take the dream that resides within YOU and pour the LOVE that IS through it at all times. For illusion will teach that the dream is useless, we guide this is to contain. The dream will blossom only if you nurture it, for to abandon it is to walk in illusion. Illusion will show YOU the dream is not possible and will try to replace the dream with more fear, detach from this and keep the dream solid within YOU. For if you can dream YOU can live.


Many human BEings across the planet no longer dream, the fear so high within them that to close their eyes sees their worst nightmares spring forward. Illusion does this deliberately and the lower the vibration held by the human the more easily it is done. To raise the human vibration is to let go of that which no longer serves. This has been guided many times and many human BEings will hold on fiercely to that which no longer serves as they have started to define themselves through it. Detach and watch the illusion fall away as YOU realise the power that YOU have within this YOUr human life experience. There is nothing that is not YOU that is here at this point. ALL is created from within YOU, we guide YOU to digest our words and fully understand the concept of creation for YOU create at ALL times in this journey. There is never a moment when YOU do not create, be aware of thoughts, of feelings, BE in the moment.


Illusion takes the imagination of many and contains it, many are now at the edge of the creation of the dreams they have within. Many are now so crushed by the fear and the negativity of the illusion that they no longer dream, they no longer FEEL, they exist in the simplest form. Detach from this, if YOU are reading our words then YOU have FELT there is something more and this is the starting point. FEELing is the key to all Ascension and yet many will draw back when the FEELing becomes too much.


Whilst it is important that information unlocked is digested and absorbed it is important to keep a forward movement, we watch with interest and many humans start to believe that they have reached Ascension and we guide strongly this cannot BE. ALL realms in ALL dimensions are still going through the process of Ascension, for expansion is ever going, there is never a point where YOU will know it all, it is not possible. The level of human consciousness across the planet at this point is not high enough for any human to state this at all. Illusion will seek to find the end of Ascension for YOU to help contain YOU, we cannot state clearly enough how limitless the human BEing IS.


Many are trying to force the pace of the awakening and to them we guide caution, for many have forged ahead only to find frustration and chaos. The human race has been contained for aeons, it is not possible to fully absorb ALL that YOU have been contained and suppressed with in a short period. Many are now falling into the chaos that illusion creates around the new and are finding that anger over takes them. Anger is illusion and we guide ALL to detach from this teaching. It lowers vibration to fall into anger about the way the country or the planet is run. Acceptance of what has happened and the ability to see it in the bigger picture will see the vibration heighten. Anger comes from fear and it is that fear that has ruled the planet until now. Peace can be found within and yet many choose to feel anger. Anger is what holds the illusion firm upon the planet earth, for it FEEDS off the negative emotions, why would you choose to FEED the illusion?


Human BEings for aeons have been taught that anger and physical punishment are the way to resolve that which has injured them and we guide ALL to look at this scenario. ALL ARE ONE therefore YOU hurt YOUrself in this scenario. The illusion steps back and holds the strings of the humans who react with anger at the old. How can the new come into BEing if the old is held onto ? it is BEing held onto by the emotions of those who rage against it, can YOU see this scenario and how it ties YOU in the chains YOU seek to free YOUrself from?


The new will come in, but the old will cling on as much as it can and it is helped by those who are asleep and those who fall into the illusion of separation. Creation is done by ALL, even those asleep and we guide ALL to read our words carefully. YOU all dream together, the whole of the human race dreams the creation and it is that creation which YOU live. To allow the old to pass and the new to come into BEing the energy has to be such to support the new, allow the dreaming to begin and allow the old to go. DETACH from it. There is nothing to be gained from pouring energy into it. IT WILL crumble but how fast it will crumble is up to the dreamers which are YOU. Do YOU understand our words and our analogy?


Illusion is using the teachings it taught to hold on to that which must go. It is already breaking down but the breaking down can increase if ALL LET GO. FEAR of the unknown is what keeps it in place for human BEings have been taught to fear that which they do not understand and that which they cannot see clearly. There is so much that human BEings are led by and in effect many of YOU are walking blind at this point. TRUST and FAITH in YOU, in the power that YOU are will see YOU take the blindfold off and realise that YOU drive the new, YOU are the creator on the planet earth.


The energies that pour across the planet are here to help cleanse the deep rooted fears so that they may be expressed and shown to the human BEings who carry them deep within. Allow this process to take effect and realise that the depth of cleansing and why it is needed. To let go is the greatest gift that YOU can give YOU at this point. Why do YOU cling on to that which has contained and suppressed YOU for lifetimes? Illusion will not give up easily for it has been tight around the planet for lifetimes. Break free of the chains that are the teachings of illusion and breathe freedom. It comes from within, it comes from the heart. When YOU live from the heart YOU walk in freedom. When YOU can look at those who share the planet with YOU and realise they ARE YOU then YOU have moved into the heart.


ALL realms stand united in support and love for ALL at this time but the universal law of free will stands and human BEings have free will. If YOU choose to walk in illusion then that is the choice that YOU make and it is something that is chosen. Illusion will teach about fate and destiny, this takes the power that is YOU and contains it, detach from these teachings. There is nothing around YOU that YOU have not created. Many will trigger at our words and react in anger at the life experience they have. Detach from this and step out of illusion. At any time in any life experience the creation was based on the thought patterns of that moment, do not allow the teachings of illusion to further imprison YOU with hindsight. YOU create at ALL times therefore changing the patterns of thought will change the creation, YOU have the power to change YOUr life at each and every moment that YOU have. Do not allow illusion to teach otherwise.


We are from before and beyond time and we are here to help YOU move through this the final days of the old to help bring in the new. The power of the new is contained in each and every one of YOU, connect with that power and watch the new spring forth. Detach from the old as it is a dream that no longer holds. Pour the power that IS YOU into the new and watch the dream unfold, for life is but a dream and YOU create. We guide at this time in support of ALL for



Copyright Karen Doonan, All rights reserved.


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