Ascended Master Saint Germain: Anger in Lightworkers

Monday, September 19, 2011

st-germain.jpgAnger in Lightworkers

Control of man's anger must get the attention of his mind. No other galaxy can accept anger against an entire group of different thinking beings. Man's condemnation of differences is the reason for the defection of those commanding areas where man was originally destined for evacuation. When this plan  originated there were no wars being demanded for the sole purpose of obtaining oil, or greed demonstrated as grandly as it has been in the last fifty years.

Many of those now incarnate decided to become anchors of light to reverse this trend. But unfortunately, this has not done what we had hoped. Commander Ashtar wants the opportunity to gather his anchors of light in the next days. Will they go when called? We don't know. When they are called onto the craft they will be disappearing from their daily activities along with the ascension candidates. More than 50,000 are now on the matrix of materialization as lightworkers who are not on the ordinary life and death contract made by most humans. They came later than the body's birth. In many cases the new consciousness came in when the original left. You call this a "walk-in" being. Many are choosing ascension now because they only came to do a certain thing and are already awakened as an anchor of light.

Practicing love in all circumstances, they are not actors in their own movies, only actors in movies of those they chose to assist. Many of today's chelas are Ascended Masters who incarnated to bring consciousness raising leadership that could improve the mass consciousness by turning it away from anger. But many got caught in the density they came to change.

We have discussed negativity on numerous occasions, and this doesn't seem to deter the light bearers from acting out their negative attitudes. "I don't like this," or "not this," or "never them," or "cancel them from my life" are all negative attitudes. Saying that you are "not resonating" with an article about caring is not very caring. Being against anything is anger.

You can call it "discernment" or "non-resonance," but these are different than being against; only being against carries a charge. Non-resonance is noticing and not caring. Discernment is the clarity that comes out of divine awareness, not an ego's opinion. Discernment does not take on any data as "fact," and it does not disturb the being who is discerning or the one who is contributing an opportunity to discern. Discernment does not attack, nor does it stimulate comments. Playing the authority when it comes to discernment is the choice of an ego, an aware consciousness does not announce their assessment.

Chelas, anger is the cause of all negativity. Attack is anger in action. Attacking anyone for any reason is not delivering light. Please, do not call yourself a lightworker when you are still delivering anger. When deception is noticed, ignore it. Answer disturbing information with detached (contraction free) attitudes, and accept that the details being offered are merely a test of your clarity.

Only submit accepting, positive comments to articles and network sites. Contributing negativity to any magazine or carrier of data carries that negative energy to thousands of potential change agents. By doing so you are denying them the ability to make their own assessment. If anyone is diminished by the comments you deliver, you are being a controller.

Save havens are not available to those who have determined that they deserve a change of consciousness in this dimension—because of their deceit. Only claim your love and light when you are an example. Examples of these characteristics neither declare their conclusions as facts, nor present their attitudes as the most accurate. They are empty of opinions.

Anger is an opinion that is carried as energy. It contracts the carrier and all who are at the other end of the gift that anger brings. Say "No" to this darkness by loving your anger and then letting go of it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  • To reference of the criticizing part!

    "I will like it better"

    Instead saying : "Weuha this hot dog is discusting" Simply say: " "I WILL LIKE IT BETTER" with Ketchup!"

    If White spagethi is not my best , I WOULD LIKE IT BETTER with sauce.

    What's best can I do for next time!

  •  I have read Guy Ballard Unveiled Mysteries. I have seen the I AM Temple here

     in Melbourne Australia established back in the 1920's. I have followed Elizabeth

     and Mark Prophet of Summit Lighthouse fame. They just put their retreat right

     next to the expected blow at Yellowstone in The Grand Tetons. I like most have

     searched out Annie Isabelle Cooper years ago in the Public Library and like

     most ended up with the Ragotsky Family of Transylvania and the St Germain

     Trust funded by a series of Royal Holdings of the Sibenborg family. I have the

     records. Always always was the elusive descent of St Germain and the

     House of Ragotsky and of course Ragusa was always a known variant

     that we knew of and how ironic I click on to Ashtar Command and lo and

      behold here is a long lost friend waxing eloquent with the same old

     love compassion and communal warmth. Marco you are much loved.

     Blessings Light Love Radiance Peace and Harmony Kingjeff.

     Beloved Threefold Flame So True In My Heart Always New.

  • .....guess I've got some 'splainin' to do!!!!!   lol!!!!!!  


    I will memorize this!  Just what I needed right now! 


  • I have long thought that possibly I was on the level of being that would be considered but lately I have had to bite my tongue, look a different direction, go inward and try to embrace the silence within as I have been extraordinarily challenged, even by those who have known me for forty years as the inner revelations of the heart have raised very deep and hurtful feelings.   I guess I will have to spend more time deep inside myself questioning the why's, tho I think I know the answers.  Anger is a very deep and very close issue for me and I have spent hours invoking St. Germaine.  Hoping I am what I am and in the 50,000 quoted here but somehow I had a difference of opinion that some billions of us would have the choice to consider.
  • We Are Really One...


    U All can feel this?...


    Our emotions, our thoughts, our hearts can really affect the world around us in a manner that we are not aware.


    Can U grasp this?


    We are LOVE and LIGHT... We are THAT We Are... that means everything and everyone at the same time in the creation.


    Can u sense this true?


    Anger is just a fuel to change ourself... it's just energy that we can use to burn our heart transmuting it in wisdom in action...


    Calm our mind and we'll open our heart... that happens in automatic mode...


    Can we trust this?



    Love and Light


  • Haha Kelly, you know for yourself whether you are lightworker or not.

    No one else can decide that for you. ;)


    Thanks for this informative post Marco, I know a lot of users here on ACC can learn from this message from St. Germain. It's never too late to change.



  • Kelly,

    u, we are just human... it's normal getting angry.

    But this is not our natural state.

    Meditation could be a good tool to calm our mind. Just observing our breath ... and then something happens...


    We are really Love and Light... can u sense this true?


    Being a real "lightworker", a real "starseed", a real enlighted person doesnt mean dont getting angry. It means being centered on our heart ... and when u'll get angry then u'll do it with your heart... And that's really another story!


    Love and Light


  • ..I 'really' think you should post that 8 or 10 more times - Joyana - just to make sure that no one reads
    ANY 'contradictory' statements - regarding the difference between 'pure' anger
    - and darkened controlling anger - like you have been subjected to.. ; )

    - -

    One does not have to 'deliver anger' .. but can chose to utilize it .. a way of setting boundaries for outside influence and actions.
    On one's own football court - so to speak

    The focus here should be NOT to identify with it.
    But be aware that anger is not part of the original energy of the soul.
    And One should not remain in that feeling or state of mind..
    ( - NOR keep it inside.. Based on the assumption that 'anger is fundamentally wrong'.
    As 'subduing a natural response to negativity' ? is one of the subtle indoctrinations by the darkness )

  • Well, Shelley, for me the eyes not only moved, they twinkled as if they were alive...And It spooked me for a minute...

  • Which One .. ( smiling placidly ) The OneNess soul that we ARE -is GOD.

    Hence - theOne soul is 'trying' to 'manifest' and 'express' through the Self of bio ..

    ( " .. 'I' channel Sct. Germain 'better' - because I 'used to' BE? .. ; )
This reply was deleted.

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