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I certainly resonate with this message...I consider this information rather important since is helping us see we need not to fall into despair and fear...The best we can do is to stay in balance and in trust that all is playing out for the highest good of all...Blessings and much Love to you all....Amparo...


Message from the REALMS OF LIGHT 


Posted: 07 Feb 2020 08:31 AM PST


Many of you are asking  about the meaning of the Corona Virus outbreak for humanity and the plan behind it. From the point of view of Spirit, it is an important test for humanity how much they give in to fear and mere materialism and how much humanity is willing and able to return to Divine Principles. 

From a mere worldly point of view, as you might know, the virus is part of the intention, to eliminate humanity. It is a precursur of a much worse pandemic und mass destruction, nobody will be able to avoid later. That's the plan. But know,  although this is the plan, this plan will no longer going to work.

There will be light forces ready to stop this disaster, and all that which has been planned for the coming years, as far as those of you who are able to, cooperate with them!

Look at the Corona Virus pandemic as a warning for all humanity, or better: it is about waking up as many as possible of those who are still sleeping. The confrontation with illness and death on such a great scale brought to public awareness is a chance to awaken from the spirit's deep sleep in the dark womb of materialism, to aim again for higher spiritual values.

Insofar the Corona Virus Pandemic is also a blessing, a Divine means and grace so that more people starting asking questions, starting to open their eyes and to turn to deeper meanings of existence than just limited 3dimensional life, its superficial pleasures and sufferings and its shortness.

For you, who are seeking the light, it is important to maintain this higher understanding, because it raises your view up, out of the illusionary dark matrix,  increasing your own light quotient and lifts you thereby out of the plane of a possible infection and other negative influences.

Be and stay in this vision, in the joy, in the love and the light. And nothing can happen to you, to what you are not destined for and to which you already agreed to.

This all is a call to mankind to turn again to the Divine Reality. Sometimes it can only happen through difficult situations, through distress, where people no longer know what to do, because their ususal methods of survival no longer work for them.

The challenges may by necessity motivate them to seek for new states of consciousness, new solutions, and true solutions are being found always only on the spiritual level. And be it to begin to explore the power of their own mind und to use it consciously, e.g. with intelligent discrimination.

The next step then would be, to activate the soul, if it has been neglected in a material life, and to allow the quest for the Divine and the true Source of Existence again to flame up. It is your soul that carries you to God.

Therefore you need to cultivate your soul by loving it, and loving God, your real and true Nature and then further, by serving others selflessly. This service is God's free move in your heart.

It brings forward the fullness and beauty of your own Divine Beingness, in which applied negativity doesn't have a place any longer.

That's how you stop every disaster, each epidemic, every ill intent, aimed against you. And in this way it will be quite naturally hurled back to the senders, or even being dissolved in the best case.

It is up to you, but the more you align with the Divine, the more the Divine will come to you, exponentially!  - to allow a new life on earth that is increasingly natural, whole and blessed!

And so all will be well from our highest perspective! If you are wise you participate  in it, living with love your highest possible frequency!

We bless you for your courage and your inspired heart!

Never forget your Vision and the Joy in it, and the Joy That Is The Radiant Source. Therein lies the power and the strength, you need to stand protected in these endtimes.

We love you!

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Comment by Valana on February 15, 2020 at 4:13am

Amparo, I'm so behind on my mail...I went to sleep after answering you on my post this afternoon and just now woke up,,, I get the "Sun Chlorella" it comes from an Island up north of Fukeshima, upwind from it...and it's tiny little pills,ll..I like any powder to liquify!  Look up Sun Chlorella. It's very tiny little tables, normal dose is 15 a day broken up 3 times or all at once, some take more...

Chlorella wraps round heavy metals and takes them out of body..that would take care of the fall out from the chem trails...Alan mentioned that... Alan try chlorella I meant to say something and got side tracked... they say within 3 months it takes out all foreign substance from body if you take about 15 a day...

It comes in small resealable packets of month's supply and a box of 3 for 99. but less when do auto shipments..which is dollar a day for protection from heavy metals,  besides chlorella makes new cells when it gets all he metal out of system....

Comment by amparo alvarez on February 14, 2020 at 6:55pm

kingjeff I have stopped taking it just to see if a see anything different...I believe this one I have is Ok and  it was highly recommended...For now it has served me well, but as God Himself said: All the vitamins you need is my Light...I am not really concerned about lots of things, still I am trying to get a good nutrition so my body is in good shape for what is coming...I talk to my body elemental every single day and I start my day with my four lower bodies being protected by Archangel Michael...I was attracting a lot of negative people around me, now I am not...steadily...We need to have strong bodies, and like Drekx Omega said...the best medicine is truly to be in balance to be in the middle...that is so true...It is something we need to master...

Comment by amparo alvarez on February 14, 2020 at 6:46pm

I have taken chlorella before in powder...but tablets would be better...Thank you for the reminder, I know how good they are...Valana I will confide to you that I have gone through so many symptoms throughout the years that nothing would have helped me because those were the way in which I cleansed past lives negative experiences/energy, accumulated residues I needed to get rid of... Some of them were not very easy for me especially in two instances where my spine was unaligned and I could not move out of bed and only when I befriended my pain and allowed things to be it left me kind of abruptly....I did not resist it and complained about it...I just accepted it as a part of my cleansing...That was such a beautiful time for me for I got to know Creator/God/One more deeply...So with this I am trying to say that all experiences including the very painful ones have a purpose and at the end one has learned from it and we find ourselves one step higher/closer towards true freedom...

Comment by Valana on February 14, 2020 at 11:21am

Drekx, I got your raw virgin organic cocoanut oil in yesterday and I'll put it on 7 grain bread toast this morning with my green drink... hope it taste ok! I used to know the name of an herb that would block viruses from ehteriing cells, can't think of it at this time, bgeen years since I studied herbalism... took classes with a Canadian Herbalist had a clinic somewhere in Canada, if went to her clinic to intern 6 months could be licensed in Canada but US did not license herbalists so didn't go...she had a degree in Chemistry from a US University but decided to go back to her Mohawk grandmother's ways of herrbal healing.  

Dr.Christopher, that started that line of herbs was a medical doctor with terminal cancer that was healed by the Ute Indians in Utah and started he company.  I was diagnosed with bursitis in left shoulder and told there was no cure at the time, went to health food store and bought Dr. Christopher's Rheum Aid and took half a bottle and was healed... later the FBI went in took it off the shelves and the ingredient in it that was the healer, they made now it doesn't do any good to take any herbal formula... That herb is illegal because one idiot od'd on it and ruined his liver... it has to be buffered by someone that knows herbs... 

Comment by Valana on February 14, 2020 at 11:10am

Amparo, I also take Chlorella tablets, and a drink of barley/alfalfa and whet grass frozen after ground from small new Enzyme Q10 .  I'm overcoming a terminal diagnosis without med help as I've never resorted to the med profession other than the heart condition caused by the strange sound of a helicopter over me and vibrations few years back... 

I've been into mental/spiritual healing of dif types all my G-Grandmother was a Christian Scientst and healed me of an incurable heart condition as a child, I wasn't supposed to live long... Val and I mix it and match it to what is needed at the time, also a Reiki Master but I don't use my title... I have interesting story of Val's assistance through the years, we've had a lot of healings, one of the chapters he wants in our book if I ever get around to doing it... 

Comment by Valana on February 14, 2020 at 10:55am

AMPARO... I tried to find the company site but there are so many now...I get my products from Amazon as they are cheaper and the same product, plus shipping is free and as they come out of Dallas I get them next day on prime shipping...which makes a big difference in our hot Texas summers.

Comment by Drekx Omega on February 14, 2020 at 8:17am

The best 'medicine' is heart/mind balance.....thoughts of worry, emotional stress [habitual,] can render a person vulnerable to pathogens. Stress and fear provokes release of the fight or flight hormone; cortizol. This hormone lowers white blood cell count.....
The mind is a powerful tool, which should be perfected to razor-sharp keeness, rather than clumsily swung about like a blunted axe..........;-]

Comment by amparo alvarez on February 14, 2020 at 2:07am

Biopharma? Nano products? Dear Lord...Where have I been? I will check on it Valana...Thanks for mentioning it...

Comment by Valana on February 12, 2020 at 2:23pm

Has anyone tried the Nano products from Biopharma?  I use the Nano Greens which has oric value of ten servings of fruits and veggies, the Vegetable Protein, Flax seed powder with added Vitamins and open a capsule of the minerals and make a smoothie, adding fruit, blueberries are especially good for the eyes... has everything the body needs   And I ordered the virgin raw organic cocoanut oil from Amazon should be here I waned to ask how you take it, Drekx, does it matter if you taake it with food, I was thinking of spreading it on a piece of 12 grain bread.  

Comment by Drekx Omega on February 12, 2020 at 10:19am

There, you see, kingjeff had some......;-] It does work and is nature's way of re-balancing in tropical zones, which contain more viral/fungal/bacterial threat and exclusive coconut tree abundance....


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