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  • I've been following Arcturus-Ra for a few years...I sooooo Resonate with him...Thank you for Sharing!!!

  • I like to thank you Ra for your so fantastic and Professional explanation,it is a real relief, for such a very difficult topic,Thank you Ra,you are a real  Spiritual Master...

  • Dear Krishna Kalki,

    Thanks for this video....


  • Again in English, fantastic news, thanks voor message, this I AM going to!!

  • Grandioos nieuws, bedankt voor de boodschap, dit ga ik!!

  • TY Krishna for this very enlightening post; and in particular that lots of LWs are at a loss as to how these events will actually unfold - how the Shift will take place?

    My question here is: if 12:21, 22, 23.... will come to pass like any other day, what is going to be the fate of Ascensionees who have for over a decade now concentrated their lives to lightwork by undergoing this ORDEAL - upheavals ... - will they continue after 12:21 to live without Shelter/Food/Companion/......

    What is the meaning then of transiting to 5D?



  • it's good to see people help each other to get the message, thank you for the message and for the help

  • I was just about to send a message to CD but I see someone helped. :) 

    CD, if you need help in this way again, I will also be happy to help.

  • This is like, the pep talk I was waiting for. I've been struggling with fear a lot, but I feel I'm beginning to come out of that now. I've seen a few of Ra's videos and he is a powerful speaker with some amazing and empowering insights to share. This too is healing, and I appreciate it greatly!

    The pendant he's wearing is available on his website there. I don't feel I can adequately explain what it does (that's right, it's not just for looks) but it is explained on the site.

  • So good of you, Deb, to help CD this way. It helped me too, because I could not hear some parts. Thanks again. 

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