Translated from French: I have added what I hope is clarification to the Keys of Metatron in my comments at the end.I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Heavenly Army. Beloved Masters of the Light and Light Workers, I come to you now as I earlier stated. As many of you here know and have experienced, We started shortly after the beginning of your Spring, a critical period related to receiving the energies of the Ultraviolet Radiation, the radiation of the Source and the radiation of the Holy Spirit to lead you, individually and collectively, by the grace of your presence and your work, to live the Celestial Marriage. This is a marriage of reunification in your Unity and your Divinity.If you wish, My discussion will be given in two distinct parts. The first involves what has already taken place and discussed, and the second part will relate to what We will ask you to do with Us, the Conclave, and all spiritual beings who guide the Earth in its ascension to achieve what should be and to allow the Light to be bestowed in your dimension. First, workers of the Light, Star seeds, and beloved Masters, receive from all of the Conclave and Myself personally Our deepest gratitude for your work. Whatever the stage that you have arrived at, all of you bring your abilities to assist in establishing the Light. You are eternally sanctified and rewarded for your endeavors.Receive the overflowing of energy…Beloved Masters of the Light, We, the whole Conclave and Light workers of other dimensions must first of all offer some explanation. I have guided you through the transformation by the ultraviolet radiation that involves a number of steps for the activation in you of a number of functions related to the activation of new bodies and new lights [chakras] . We had hoped that this would lead most of you to begin experiencing the awakening by the heavenly tones in recent weeks this summer, and for most of you this should have provided live access to this essence. This however was not the case, and this initially saddened and pained Us. So today I can tell you and I say aloud: do not worry. This is not your fault or your responsibility. This access to your essence is required before the building by the tones, the activation of the sacred lemniscate and the reunification with your inner silence [the use of the heart rather than the intellect] set the stage prior to your entry into your multi-dimensional body of essence.We hoped to have at least 20% of the people who followed the Celestial wedding have access to this celestial body of essence, and we expected you to possess this body of essence by Our transmission of energy from the Sun. But we have seen that less than 1% of people [about 60 million] have awakened with this tone en route to the construction of the body of Light. And we questioned Ourselves why did this not occur and We worried about it. And yet the answer and the remedy came to Us. So I say to you, have no regrets, but continue to live within your interior heart and communicate with the 5 lamps [chakras] through these tones. Indeed, many of you have not yet gained access to this interior silence [and still use the mind and intellect instead of the heart], and due to a defective vibratory chain existing at the level of your DNA strands and your chromosomes, you have literally stopped experiencing this final step.Do not worry. In the second part of my presentation, I will present the way that We will with these final transmissions release you from these roadblocks. We will perform this together, between your autumnal equinox [Sept. 22 the first day of Fall] and the Festival of the Archangels [Sept. 29]. Yes, We will experience this together in Unity. No force can resist the advancement of the Light within your density and within your being. Do not be fooled by the fear that may surround you, by the sounds of drums and war that would limit your expansion. Beloved Masters of Light, you are beyond that. You will experience this and take the final step through the vibrations that We will offer between September 22 and September 29.But I will discuss this later. We will first continue to talk about what happened during this important period of the Celestial Marriage this year. I began by stating that the conclusion of the Celestial Marriage is not the end of your world or this dimension. Quite the contrary, it signals the new expansion of your individual consciousness and the global consciousness of all humanity for its freedom from control and its oppression.The chains of consciousness will literally shatter. This deconstruction will soon be completed, and it will give you a freedom of mind, a freedom in the Light, beyond all that most of you have experienced until now, and this has kept you from joining your Divinity due to fear. But this is now finished. I give the formal announcement today, and it will happen soon. In a very short time, you will discover within your humanity, in your individuality, the Presence of the Light, the eternality of Eternity and your spiritual essence beyond this current dimension.Thus the Conclave and I thank you and especially encourage you to continue your effort in the Revelation of the Light in this density, so that the reign of the One, the reign of the Unity, is established and especially concentrated in everything for all eternity. As you know, a significant number of people around the world have followed and still follow these instructions [that I have given you] for achieving this vibrational ascension. This increase is necessary and this vibration is necessary for your elevation and your transformation.However, you've reached a plateau [and a barrier that prevents further progress]. I will assist you in your inability to go beyond this level by the use of tones and the inner silence so you may enter your body of essence and join in your Eternity. This is not your fault but is related to what I mentioned: the blocking of your DNA crystal structures introduced without your permission in this biological body [the removal of the major strands of DNA by the Anunnaki for control and slavery and dumbing down of mankind to prevent advancement to a higher level]. Nevertheless, I will return again just now to this and We will remove this deterrent.However, remember also that you have some time until the announcement made by Mary [date unknown] will update you and verify the presence of this body [of eternity] and essence so you may travel peacefully and freely [to achieve this without being in a hurry]. Nevertheless, remaining within your personal 3D body, bathed in the tone, in the ultraviolet radiation, in the radiation from the Source and the Holy Spirit, you will complete your ascension and the ascension of this planet.Whatever the deterrent and the inability to advance to the next level, this will not last much longer in the short time left in your density. So be patient, have patience and courage and We will perform this. Remember that in assisting you We asked you during this summer between 2 PM and 2:30 PM to focus on the five sacred syllables given by AA Metatron, the new keys of Light (NDR from France: Od - Er - Im - Is - Al) and the verification of welcoming you in the Truth and Unity of Christ. [See below for details on the keys.]This will continue to be true. You need to focus for the moments until the end of September on receiving this tone so you may increase your vibrational [frequency] level and your level of consciousness. Without going into details of what has been achieved by your DNA limitations (as the Master O. V. Aïvanhov already told you locally), by this DNA blocking you have literally bridled your consciousness and did not allow what We hoped would penetrate to the body of essence. There have indeed been less than 1% who have made this journey to live together both in this density and at the same time in the Sunlight in your eternal body of essence. However, the doors are still open, We are waiting for you, that is what We do. So I ask you now to welcome the Ultraviolet Radiation, the Radiation of the Source and the energies of the Holy Spirit, in your presence, in your I Am who I am.Receive this overflowing of energy…Beloved Masters of Light, We now turn to the second part of what I have to deliver. From Sept. 22 to 29, at least until the eve of the 29th, for 7 days, We will on Our end literally release the energy doors so that this cosmic radiation will reach you in full. This means that, day by day, and beyond your usual period of 2 PM to 2:30 PM, beyond the effort that you made by asking Master Aïvanhov locally for vibrational support, We will each day relay to you massive cosmic rays, We will let you experience this vibrational process which has never yet existed in this dimension so far. You need to find time during these next 7 days for frequent periods of short adjustments, to say the five new keys of the Light of AA Metatron [ Od - Er - Im - Is - Al ] and to declare your reception and acceptance of the Truth and the Unity of Christ. You will, during this period, feel in you and around you, the effective power of the Light, in its entirety. We will no longer limit the amount of radiation that reaches you.We will permanently transmit every day in a stronger and more aggressive manner a new radiation, a new type of ionizing radiation, specifically designed to liberate you from the chains that your DNA level restrictions have placed on you. Do not worry about perceptions of heat, tingling, burning, whether at the head, the heart, or in the back or at the level of the whole body. This signals the penetration within your physical body and your subtle structures of a quality of extremely rapid radiation to liberate you from the chains of your bondage. You must accept without any fear the quantity and quality of this energy wherever you are on the surface of this planet, regardless of your activities. During these 7 days you need to simply prepare actively during multiple occasions and times, if only for a few minutes, to ask that the Light of Truth and the Unity of Christ and the five sacred syllables of Metatron release you from your chains. And it will, we are confident it will work because We have seen to this. There is no doubt about it.You will live this period, and you will help your brothers and sisters advance to a new higher level. This is certainly of the utmost importance because it will make you aware of the reality of the Resurrection, the reality of the Unity, beyond your normal perceptions within this duality. You will truly and literally enter a new world, both internally and externally. You should then participate in your own way by welcoming the increasing frequency and intensity of this vibration within your structures at whatever the time and whatever the day that you are able to accommodate this.That is what is offered each day, connecting you in consciousness and simplicity with the vibration that you will receive. Regardless of where you are you will receive this, whether at the level of whole body or at the head or the back, and you will need to surrender and submit to this vibration to bring this energy into your inner temple, into your inner heart. By frequently repeating this approach you will very easily find that changes will occur both within you and outside of you.The dark, as it has existed, will no longer enslave you, and you will be free of their deceptions in you and around you. This will release all possibilities of control over you and control over each other and make it nonexistent, and it will only return them to their illusions. This is an enormous venture that humanity will encounter in consciousness, and the next steps I will announce on September 30. So I leave you to be free. I will accompany you from September 22 until My festival [Sept. 29].Call on Me, for I along with the Divine Mary are with you and at your side, individually and collectively, when your request is made in sincerity with your heart. I will come to you anywhere on this planet to help you live in this new radiation, this radiation that frees you from the slavery that keeps you in chains. I merely do this because the Source [Divinity] and Mary have decreed this. You need to just declare, to simply call on Us so that We may show Our Radiance and Our presence in your consciousness so that We can help you be free from these mechanisms that enslavement you. Mary now appears to many people. As for Me, I am lowering My vibration [frequency] and My dimension down to your dimension, to make Myself more noticeable and perceptible in your vibrational field.So today and tomorrow and each day you can call on Me and My Radiance for Guidance so that I can help you and direct in you and around you this new radiation, this new Cosmic Radiation to free you from your chains of slavery. I will answer your requests tirelessly. The Guardian Angels have a mission too during this period to help you free yourself ultimately from this enslavement. Do not worry about the power of the vibration that will bring on the events occurring in you and around you. They perform these actions in the Light and nothing else. You need only to merge with this Light. You should be not concerned by any external annoyances whatsoever, whether emotional, occupational, social or otherwise. Only the Light will be your guide, only Our presence should be of interest to you to enable Us all together to achieve this transformation. This is possible and this has already occurred [in higher dimensions]. You however still have to update this in your 3rd dimension.Go in peace and work for the Light and the Vibration of Light in Unity. I will return on September 30th, the day after the Festival of the Archangels at 12 noon [French time] and I ask you to be in attendance in spirit anywhere on this planet. And at this point We will act together again to receive the same vibration synchronously for all humanity. Whatever the time in your country We will together take the last step so that you will no longer doubt, you will no longer be unaware of your eternity, but will be effectively linked unwavering and ultimately with your essence and your Divinity. These moments that you now live are the most important moments you have lived in the last tens of thousands of years. This is now.The vibration that will be implemented starting on the 22nd [this Tuesday] will be the one that corresponds to the establishment of Christ’s energy on Earth during His ultimate sacrifice. Do not worry about events on Earth. They are normal and they correspond to the awakening by the Light. Do not worry about the noise and chaos of this world. Do not possess any fear that is inconsistent with your spirit and your body. Stabilize yourself in the Light and Truth through Our presence and Our Radiance that will accompany you during this week.That, beloved Light workers, Masters of Light is all I have to say. Only in relation to this if you have any additional questions, I will give additional clarification. I bring you My blessings and I convey on behalf of the Conclave and the Divine Mary a warm love and a warm thank you for having accomplished what you have done. We rely on you and you can count on Us [as a team]. We are here near the sun waiting to show you that humanity is one octave of vibrational frequency away from entering into your orbit and into your dimension. We are here with you.Question: You said that it is advisable to make a request with the heart to You and to Mary in the coming week. Insofar as the dimension of the heart in incarnation is related to our emotions, how can we best make this request at the heart?Beloved children of the Light and Masters of Light, the heart is not emotional. Whoever lets emotions control his heart is not of the heart but is of emotion. The heart is not emotion but is clarity and serenity. There is no need to be in the body of essence to affirm the heart. The heart is understandable, vibrational and conscious on the level of your personality. To do this, simply do not allow the emotions to guide and control you. The appeal must be devoid of emotion. It must be a place of love, even if it goes through your mind.We will respond. By being in the presence of the vibrational tone you have then established in your independent body of essence the vibration of the Antakaranah [see below for details] which unites you to the higher dimensions [and to Sirius]. Simply stated you should desire (even if by the mind) that Our presence be with you and it will be, this is simple, it is obvious. There is no need to reflect on or imagine something who would occur by an emotion or a vibration. Vibration will accompany you from the moment We are with you. There is no prerequisite. You may call on Us by words, by prayer, or by meditation simply and authentically, and We will answer, you can be assured of that.We have no more questions. Thank you.Beloved Masters and Workers of the Light, with your agreement We will achieve together the first step of descent [lowering Our frequency] from Our cosmic dimensional radiation in its entirety [to join you in 3D]. Beyond the Ultraviolet energies, beyond the energies of the Holy Spirit and beyond the energies of the Source, We will enter together for the first time in that lower vibratory state. I ask you to welcome this. I send you all Our love, Our entire dwelling, and Our desire to journey with you to your Light, and We thank you. You are not alone; We are here and We will be here more in the days to come.So do not accommodate fears that are desired by the illusions of darkness; you must not permit this. You simply have to find the absolute and total confidence. From the moment you allow this vibration that is now here already, I suggest you live in this. I send you all My love, I send you in advance all the blessings of the Archangelic Conclave and I ask you now to welcome this vibration. I will meet with you [next week on Wednesday] September 30. And remember that I am with you every minute, if you make the request. Be blessed. You are loved.Receive the Overflowing of energy… Welcome the Overflowing of energy…Beloved children of the Law of One, beloved Masters of the Light, I leave you now so you may experience and cultivate this vibration, and I say to you that the time is very short. Every day, every hour, you can call on Me. I will now return next week to address the whole of humanity on Wednesday September 30 at 12 noon [ French time. Times in the US are 6 AM in NY, 5 AM Chicago, 4 AM Mountain, and 3 AM LA.] I bless you now.¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨On the Antakaranah BridgeExcerpts from: Road to Sirius [the home of many Archangels and advanced ETs] path is "created" or cleared by those preparing or choosing to walk the 4th cosmic path. This is the path, that builds the antaskarana between this solar system and Sirius (and beyond?). The work on the Path to Sirius, leads to the Heart of God (a golden vibration), that builds the connection between the Root center (our solar logos) and the heart center [chakra]."Yes, this Path does not only buíld the Antakaranah between this Solar System and Sirius, but also beyond. And the Path to Sirius leads to the heart of God, which leads to AN where the rift in the Heart of God is healed. When this rift is healed, it opens up several Paths, among which is the Path to the Lovers From Beyond The Stars. When the Heart of God is healed within us, we can heal the rift that separated God/Goddess from each other and from the Supreme Source of All. [This is the bridge that connects us with Sirius and the love of God.]On the keys of Metatron OD - ER - IM - IS - AlExcerpts from: 17 2009This comes from contact with the commander of the fleet of Sirius ...Od er im al is the language of the gods. The Notes DO RE MI LA SI are the original pentatonic scale. Beyond the pure frequencies of five notes AA Metatron reveals the means of vibrational contact rather than musical contact by the five "open" language syllables (do re mi la ti is the closed language [that we use in music] and od er is al im is the open language and gives more meaning to all the vibrations).The angels of the Lord are 3D unified Vegan ETs. Yerushalaim the starship is visible in the SOHO and STEREO sky telescopes [but not to us], the same Orion starship which came to Earth in 50,731 BC [52,000 years ago in the creation of this 3D experiment]. Jesus Christ was the creation of 3D, He was the bearer of the crystal blue of creation, and 12 Elohim designers accompanied Him as a master instructor of this new dimension ... these Elohim accompanied their new creation in the fall and creation of the separated 3D Earth (their first death gave rise to the crystal skulls, which contain all their DNA coding and are a memorial to this).In this image of the sky seen on SOHO STEREO at 4 23 this morning [on Aug 17 2009 as seen on that Web page], just before the pulse of Betelgeuse appears, you see NIBIRU is framed by the twelve stars of Mary, which are the twelve starship vessels from Sirius. The Sirius commander told me that everything is under control up there including NIBIRU, and the gigantic electromagnetic forces generated by Nibiru are being neutralized. ... patience and faith raise the vibratory effort to support the star fleet .... DO RE MI IS AL is a welcome to the Light of Christ and the Truth in Unity that vibrate the two chakra crowns of the heart and head in order to free ourselves from the weight of the compressive force of our reptilian brain. [The great star Betelgeuse is one of two that dominate mighty Orion of northern winter, the other Rigel, the pair respectively are called Alpha and Beta Orionis.]In the 1977 movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" the starship Yerushalaim rises and the music is sounded; this vibrational language of the universe is revealed when the ship opens up and the "angels of the Lord" appear with their "Patriarch of Vega" leaders... the galactic fleet is here and it will be possible in a few days when the second moon will be visible by all in heaven. This vibration can raise your vibrational frequency by uttering the phrase IM ER OD IS AL. It is the only way to give your vibration and heart to Metatron and the master of Light, which is fire .... transform us, raise us, we the Starseeds in Unity in Christ.Sheldan Nidle - Sept. 22Excerpts from: ever, our Earth allies are "gutting [waiting and preparing] it out" as they complete the final steps that is to result in their well-earned victory. A number of major pronouncements are ready to be made once this victory is secured. Those who are detailed to be the American governmental caretakers are planning their first 100 days as we speak, and this includes carefully going over, one last time, the myriad details, both large and small, to make sure nothing has been overlooked. This attention to detail is essential because their first actions establish critical precedents that set the tone for all that is to follow. Making a series of startling announcements is, after all, just the beginning. An entirely new way of legislating needs to be made quite clear so that when congress is in session, guidelines are there to protect the legislature.¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨My Comments [Rich N]: Sheldan this week discussed the plans for changes in all aspects of our lives in government, law, education, and finances that are hoped for shortly, and it sounds like a limited version of NESARA. September 30 is important for several reasons: AA Michael said that this is the deadline for choosing your future as either in the Light or to remain in darkness elsewhere. It also is the final day of the fiscal calendar year for the US financially. He said we will see a new divinely appointed government, and this may be the time. Casper [ ] this week has said that there are worldwide calls for Obama to resign due to the many criminal acts that he has thus far committed that have prevented some of these changes that Sheldan has described in order that he can continue to rule in a status quo.US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner surprised global markets Tuesday night by revealing that Washington is open to Chinese proposals for the gradual development of a global reserve currency run by the International Monetary Fund that is not part of the Federal Reserve fiat bankrupt money system, so he may see the hand writing on the wall.AA Michael said that only 1% of the people or about 60 million have awakened so far. This may refer to those highly advanced spiritual beings who will be leaders or it may refer to all those who are ready to ascend, as it is unclear at this time. This could mean that there will be further delays since there are not enough who are ready for ascension, and this is a possibility. We have seen very little change so far in spite of all of the reported energies that have been received here, so this is not surprising to me, and many are still looking for proof of His words. These energies that were transmitted have had little affect on us thus far, and He says we will this week receive new ionizing radiation that will help liberate us but may bring temporary physical discomfort.On the keys of Light: By repeating these 2 phrases (probably Sirian) frequently and allowing the Light to penetrate, it opens us up for Divine connection :DO RE MI IS AL is a welcome to the Light of Christ and the Truth in Unity that vibrate the two chakra crowns of the heart and head in order to free ourselves from the weight of the compressive force of our reptilian brain.This vibration can raise your vibrational frequency by uttering the phrase IM ER OD IS AL. It is the only way to give your vibration and heart to Metatron and the master of Light, which is fire .He often mentions Mary, but She is not the same one portrayed by the Roman church that they worship, for She is among the Ascended Masters like Esu and St. Germain who are assisting in this ascension process and will be instrumental in our future. He said She will later be sending us tones that will confirm our Unity with the Light and will help guide us in our decisions that we will face daily. He says that the next 7 days will be unlike anything we have seen in thousands of years and will be important to all.The next meeting and hopefully major announcements will be on Wednesday Sept. 30, the last day of this month, so we await His words.Time will tell.Rich N¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨
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