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  • Namastê!!!!Muitas Beijocas para minha Sereia preferida. Meu Pc anda meio enlouquecido, por isso não tenho aparecido com frequência, e aqui estamos nós numa comunidade internacional, unidas pelo amor e pela amizade. Te adoro Zulmíssima!!!!
  • Oh...I did read there was to be a new document for today...Sunday. Thank you for reminding. I just looked it up! Exciting news, no? I took everything you said in my other comment with picture and put it all in e-mail to my friends. Hope they will pay attention to it. Thanks for all your attention!
  • Archangel Michael 12 Virtues 8 through 12.docArchangel Michael 12 Virtues 1 through 7.docHow interesting you sent me this wonderful comment after I discovered what you are talking about a day or two ago. I made documents to read all 12 virtues of Archangel Michael and am reading it all right now. Yes, very important. I am going to follow those instructions carefully. I am so glad you are too! Wonderful. We are on the same team! I hope we meet on the ships. Supposed to be a big one in Mexico this week...the New Yehrushalaim so Michael says. I will spend all night reading the messages. Love, Steve
  • Thank you for the picture and music. I don't know how to translate into English. Your are more advanced than I am. I only speak English and a little French. I wondered what that symbol is in the middle. I have seen it everywhere. Will you tell me what it means please. Much appreciation and gratitute. Steve
  • Yes, I like that RockaBye Baby, No Surprises...very nice! and the beautiful angel picture too. I have a music program I write or arrange music in. Then I make it a MP3 and save into computer. I wrote or arranged Over the Rainbow in the program. I can also play it at piano when I need to. I don't have video arrangement yet, but will work on that. Thanks again...Steve
  • Over the Rainbow.MID
  • What a beautiful balerina! I love it ! Yes, piano is my instrument. I was piano major in college. I still play...especially Debussy, Faure, and Scriabin. My music sounds like Walt Disney music, yes? A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes. Ha-Ha. Thank you for fun communications!
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Zulma Peixinho left a comment for Steve Filkins
"Have a good time!"
Sep 24, 2009
Zulma Peixinho left a comment for Hilda Barbosa
"Hi dear friend,
Vibration, ever!!!
Much Light, Love, Joy, Peace, etc...
Sep 24, 2009
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"Hello Konstantin,
Thank you, I'm so glad to be your friend!
Much Light and Joy,
Sep 24, 2009
Zulma Peixinho posted a blog post
Translated from French: I have added what I hope is clarification to the Keys of Metatron in my comments at the end.I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Heavenly Army. Beloved Masters of the…
Sep 24, 2009

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""The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”
John 3:8

If Jesus leaved in our time, of course he will use uncertainty principle to…"
8 minutes ago
amparo alvarez commented on amparo alvarez's blog post MU - The Lost Continent of Lemuria
"The Whole Earth was the Garden of Eden as per the Ascended Masters"
36 minutes ago
amparo alvarez posted a blog post
The Lost Pacific Continent of Advanced Human Beings... Did It Really Exist?According to Churchward, the lost Pacific continent of Mu "extended from somewhere north of Hawaii to the south as far as the Fijis and Easter Island."He claimed Mu was the…
38 minutes ago
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The Dream of Truth by Saint Germain - Part 2Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa Greetings and love I, Saint Germain extend my vibrations of truth, my vibrations of love and magic to you as I continue with our…
1 hour ago
marker dragon replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Warning : Do Not Eat At Neat Burgers As The Energy And Vibes In The Food Is Not That NEAT AT ALL
"Do not eat processed food"
2 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
Yes the special places for corrupt black lives matter are the JUNGLES YES JUNGLES  as they believe only black lives matter that's the best place for them In the jungles they can demonstrate and the animals will get fed up with them and eat them up…
4 hours ago