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While hiking in the mountains yesterday and communing with the spirits of the area I was in, I came upon a rock that spoke to me telepathically; an ancient soul-collective named Elan. I was given many timeless impressions of what I will describe as a : "rhapsody of gratitude for life" by the beings inhabiting this area outside of time, which engaged all of my senses. This experience is difficult for me to put words to as I seldom ever attempt to convey these experiences as I consider them to be personal, and they are.I have a very close relationship with the earth, animals and children and believe that experiencing life in a higher vibrational multi-dimentionality is natural. I trust that every experience is intended for joyous release of measureless love through our exercising our free will choice to make it so. This life-style has resulted in my living a peaceful and miraculous life and for the most part being practically fearless. Yes, this is going somewhere.At the end of a very long day of hiking, I sat and soaked my blistered feet in the cool running water of a creek at the base of the mountain, simply enjoying the continued fellowship with nature. I was pondering the memory of an early afternoon experience I had a few years earlier when I witnessed an owl fly overhead with a snake dangling from it's beak. Within minutes I rounded a corner at the crest of a hill and came face to face with a mountain lion who engaged me in lingering eye contact before majestically and gracefully gliding/walking away. This was a fascinating and wonderful experience, but I didn't know the meaning for this interaction other than the obvious thoughts that went through my mind at the time...stealth and grace. I still don't (maybe one of you can enlighten me), but sitting at the creek yesterday, I wondered what the snake in the owls beak signified and if the snake was no longer to play an active role in my life. In the moment that I need to know, I do. In this instance the knowing literally carressed me as I sat there pondering my thoughts in the form of, yes that's right, a graceful and beautiful long silky garter snake, it's having literally leapt off the hill behind me and landing by my side to slither across my left leg and blistered foot before swimming across the creek and then sunning itself on a rock a few feet across from me in continued fellowship. Being practically fearless has so many advantages, this experience being one of them. I could only stare in dumfounded delight. I am not aware of all the hidden meanings of this interlude, but I do know that I am being called in communion and service and I am listening. We are deeply and profoundly loved. More than we can comprehend in our humanity. <*grin*> Fear not. It's All Good.Namaste dear friendsWeasie
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  • It seems that everything you write, Jouni, has me crying buckets of joyous tears. This site is so vast. I don't know that anyone else has even happened upon my account of this interlude, but you have not only enriched these experiences by joining and expanding my pleasure, you have imparted wisdom to the very essence of the emitting force of "All that Is". I have to say, that on this side of the veil, you are the first man to accomplish the feat of causing the most penetrating reaction of dumbfounded delight in all of my bodies. I applaud you! Whoot! What a feeling! Thank You! P.S. I'll be attending your 100th birthday party on April 14, 2062. You are invited to mine as well on May 4, 2058. I can't wait to join you in person. We will eat salty things, drink pure spring water and make love. What a party that will be. Ah... *sigh*
  • On the day of the hike I wrote about above, I was contemplating my planned trip to Egypt in October and wondering if, perhaps I should focus on other desires, instead; like paying off my dental bill. As I liken Egypt to snakes, I think that's why a snake practically jumped into my lap, even as I was thinking of not making the planned trip. It was at that moment that I knew I would focus my intent on going, and not entertain other concerns that would conflict with my heartfelt desire to make the Egypt trip.

    I don't know much about totems. As an avid reader and lover of fiction and the supernatural, I have certainly experienced input concerning their spiritual interaction with us. After all, they are spirits experiencing life in this reality, just as we are, so of course there will be interaction if we desire it. All we have to do is pay attention. As we each perceive differently, a similar experience will have entirely different meanings to each individual. This is "as it should be", for in our unique experience we share our ultimate joy when we accept that "it's all good". There are two choices in my view. Love or Fear. I chose Love.

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