The UK's first support group has been founded for people who claim to have been abducted by ALIENS.

The Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline wants people to feel comfortable enough to share their experiences without being teased.

The Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline is staging its inaugural conference to help those who believe they have had contact with extra-terrestrial beings.

Organisers hope that the event will allow people to share their experiences without being teased.

It will be held in Hastings, East Sussex.

Founder Joanne Summerscales told the Daily Star: "We aim to provide a safe platform for them to tell their stories without ridicule and fear."

Hilary Porter will be among more than 100 people at a conference organised by the Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee, Helpline Project


 Hilary Porter knows most people won’t believe what she says and some will dismiss her as a nutter, even though she seems entirely normal and her many responsible jobs include working for the ministry of defence (MOD)

“I’m a sane, together person,” she says.

It’s only when 67-year-old Hilary talks about aliens that people start to doubt her.

Specifically, when she says she has been abducted by creatures from other worlds more times than she can count.

“I have been an alien abductee all my life,” she says with a sigh as she shows me into a living room where two ornamental spaceships sit on the mantelpiece.

Hilary will be among more than 100 people at a national conference this month organised by the Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee, Helpline Project (Ammach for short).


People who claim to have been abducted by aliens have been sharing their experiences at a conference in Sussex.

Speakers who say they have had contact with extra-terrestrials were at the event in Hastings, which organiser Joanne Summerscales said was to let them talk without fear of ridicule.

She set up a support group to help "abductees" and "contactees" in 2011.

Since then, about 1,500 people have used her helpline, claiming to have had dealings with beings from outer space.
'Post-traumatic stress'

"Most people who have had those experiences do not have anyone they can speak to about it," Ms Summerscales said.

"It's really about offering support where society doesn't.

"People laugh and say 'ha ha, little green men', but people who have these experiences can be very traumatised.

"Some people are even treated for post-traumatic stress disorder. Very few would tell their doctors the real reason they are suffering. Those who do are often on anti-psychotic medication."

She admits millions of people who are mentally ill will have had such experiences, but also cites research by Harvard psychiatrist Professor John Mack who found people who claimed to have been abducted were not mentally ill or delusional.

"It was ordinary people having these experiences," Ms Summerscales said.

"They were having some traumatic experience because of the fallout from it, which you might imagine is a huge issue."

The conference programme covered a range of alien life forms including "black clads" and "reptilians", and extra-terrestrial concepts such as the "interconnected matrix" and the "orgonite connection".

Ms Summerscales lists media, theatre, teaching, complementary health care and spiritual healing as some of her skills, but said her main qualification for helping people was that she was a human being.

"All we can do is hear people - hear their stories which they need to tell," she added.

Her organisation, Ammach, was holding its third annual conference on Saturday, with about 50 or 60 people expected to attend.

"I feel the public are ready to embrace this information," Ms Summerscales said.


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  • I've been having experiences all my life. It's been a difficult path for most cannot fathom such things. So most of my life I've had to remain silent about what was going on. Now there are groups and conferences springing up all over the planet and while we can't talk to just anyone about what's happened, we can now discuss things in small groups and on the internet and for the first time are getting some compassion and acceptance.  

  • I have to agree with what you said Charlotte about not giving in to fear of them and raising personal vibrations.  I lived most of my whole adult life in fear of them and felt a victim in every way.  They did very painful things to my body and interfered with my whole life.  I was very bitter and anguished which is not conducive of high vibrations.  That is they way they operated, they wanted their abductees to feel that they had no personal power and did everything they could to convince us that rebelling against what they were doing to use was futile.  Living with futility is not conducive to living in harmony and joy and high vibrations that is for sure. 

    One time I managed to rebel because my anger raged inside of me and I grabbed one by their spindly squishy clammy arms as it was reaching for me with some metal pointed thing in their hand and flung the gray as far as I could (they do not weigh much really), but do not remember what happened after that.  When they dumped me back at my house unconscious, when I came to I had a paralyzed right arm and ended up having to have my spine rebuilt to get the use of my arm and hand again, that was the result of my struggle.  So if as you say they are not supposed to harm humans, that is certainly a joke, because I all witnessed was harm.  They lie.  They communicate in your mind, they tell you there is nothing to fear that they would not hurt us and that we are doing this of our free will we just do not know...and that is utter bullshit. Many humans tell abductees the same thing as well, you really wanted to do this at the soul level, you just don't remember.  That is so hard to hear and very hurtful, and I refuse to truly embrace that idea, and when someone says that to me I feel so insulted....sorry that is how I feel.  They used women to breed hybred gray/human children.  I personally saw some of the hybreds that myself and other woman were forced to gestate for three months and then the embryos were taken from us.  We were called breeders by the grays.  It was so heartbreaking I weep every time I remember those poor hybreds...Many other women were taken with the sole purpose of mothering and holding the hybred babies because the grays learned early on that it is the nature of human in the hybred children to need holding and feeling loved or they quickly perish.  It is hard to see a child of your own body wretched away from you and you never know how their life went and you knew you would never see them again.  People have no idea at all what really happened to we abductees, and most people do not want to know, they disbelieve that in their own ordered reality that things like that just do not happen so abductees must be insane, which is really sad.  I try very hard to have compassion for the grays that took me, because I am convinced that it is true that they are trying to save their race, but I know for a fact that they want to infiltrate and take over earth for their own purposes and that we are merely collateral damage.  To think that humans would give permission for aliens to take fellow humans without their consent is so disgusting I just can't fathom how any one could sell out their fellow mankind like that but it happened.  It is hard to forgive humans who sanctioned and permitted this, it is more hard to forgive them then the grays at times.  I had to forgive them for my own personal growth, because being bitter and angry and scared inside all the time is no way to live at all, but it is not easy to forgive, I struggle with it daily and daily deep inside I wonder when or if I will be taken again.  Not a fun way to live.     

  • I have been thru this experience, i know that somehow the cloned me, now i dont know if im the original me or im just the clone... the people im meeting for the first time, or places i have been for the first time are very familiar to me, actually i have more tha dejavu i have memories... i hope someone can contact me tomchat about it

  • Thank you, Star...this is just what I was looking for...maybe they can give us some ideas about starting a group over here. I'm sure Marique would be interested.

  • Link: http://alienabductionuk.com/contact

  • Hi Star, could you please provide a link to this information? Do they have a website for this group?

  • I am a contactee and I Have met Joann and she is wonderful!!!

  • I have had to treat a couple of patients who were claimed to be abducted (but their medical problems appeared to be not related to their abductions). Both patients claimed time lapse issues with their abductions, both claimed grey alien involvement per hypnosis, and both stated they saw an orb of light moving in the air near them prior to the "abduction" and time lapse issues. And both patients did feel they were violated in some way, as do most people who have been abducted by the grey aliens.

    I have reason to hypothesize that the orb of light described is some sort of "scouting" or monitoring device used by the grey aliens to gather information at a distance prior to any abduction or investigation. Check out this video with an orb of light appearing prior to the grey alien's appearance in a household window (lower right pane):

    click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcbfFxGwTic

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • This is wonderful that Joanne has formed this organization.  I sure could have used to have someone to turn to about my abductions instead of trying to hide it, living on the run (you can't outrun them or hide because they find you no matter where you go...) and trying to cope with it all.  My abductions were against my will and it was such a horrible feeling not being able to protect yourself, being labeled by people when you try to reach out for help or support when the burden becomes too unbearable, being disbelieved, ridiculed, shunned, labeled, and living in constant stress and fear that your children will be taken to.  It truly sucked and it is stunting to emotional growth, and makes a person feel unsafe at all times and victimized.  It would have been really such a godsend to have had some moral support while trying to come to grips with the feelings of total bodily violation, of victimization and shame and emotional pain.  God bless her.  If I lived in the UK I would definitely be pursuing the workshop gatherings and calling the helpline too....I have had to struggle through it all on my own, and it has been a very difficult journey.  I am survivor but could have used some help along the path for sure.

  • There is a massive difference between being an ET contactee and being an ET abductee....The primary difference is the personal empowerment offered to the former and the sense of helplessness experienced by the latter....We have an abductee here on ACC, known as Marique, who will fill in the gaps...


    As most here known, the period before the Sirians became responsible for earth's evolution, was a period in which our GFL collegues of the Plejaren Federation acted in the capacity of overseers for earth, which ended in 1995.....when the Anunnaki turned to the Light, officially and adopted a new policy with regards to earth....You could say that the cosmic stewardship baton, for earth planetary advancement, had been passed from Jschwjsch Ptaah (the Plejare,) to Jschwjsch Vashtar (the Samanet Sirian.)


    During the Plejaren tenure, the incidents of human abductions were far greater than under our current Sirian GFL stewardship...based on the pre-first contact initiative phase...


    Our Plejaren collegues suggested the following about the matter, in response to a question posed by their human contact, Meier, abou the famous Betty and Barney Hill case of 1961.....as follows:


    "Of this i can say: It happened on the 19th of September, in the mountains of New Hampshire in the USA, during the night, when two Earth human beings, by the name of Betty Hill and Barney Hill, a married couple, met with a spaceship of extraterrestrial origin. By oscillation-paralyzers used by the intelligences, their vehicle, an auto, was placed out of function and forced to stop. At the same time both of them were put into a deep hypnosis by telenotical forces. By that their consciousness was paralyzed, by which their conscious recollection was blocked. This I have explained to you before. The purpose of that proceeding by the intelligences was no ill behavior, because their data gathering was only in exploring the Earth human form of life. So they took possession of both Earth human beings for a time of 127 minutes, brought them into their spaceship, and subjected them very thoroughly to their examinations and analyses, while they also took different specimens from both, such as some drops of blood, male sperm, hairs, saliva, finger nails and skin. They took as well, specimens from the shoes and clothing, and from other things too, which were of importance for the analysis of those intelligences. Everything was very carefully examined by them and was recorded radio-photographically." quote from Semjase.


    Read more at contact report 037



    The Future Of Mankind - A Billy Meier Wiki - Contact Report 037
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