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  • Thak you <38115213271?profile=original

  • Thank you for being a friend.

  • Thanks ThunderBeat : )




  • Dearest ThunderBeat, I am very honored to be your friend. I just finished your book today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your interesting experiences with us...I felt like I was there with you. I'm looking forward to receiving your CDs...can't wait! :)

    Love, Light and Blessings...



  • WELCOME TO MY CONSCIOUSNESS & thanking you for ALLOWING ME IN YOUR'S >>>I also thank you for giving me the gift of UR friendship...LOVE, LIGHT, BLISS BLESSINGS, TRANSCENDENCE, HEALING, PEACE, ONENESS AND GRACE.


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  • Thank you for the friends request =D

  • Thank you for your friendship.  I look forward to sharing with you here.  Have an awesome week. 


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Sedona, AZ

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ThunderBeat is a Native American of Choctaw and Shawnee heritage. The name “ThunderBeat”, was given to her by Native American elders, because of her abilities to heal and awaken through the power of sound. ThunderBeat is a gifted shaman, a world Bridger, Combining tribal elements with multi-dimensional soundscapes; Her harmonies soothe the Spirit, Her rhythms awaken the soul. She is an international recording artist and live performer. She has studied at the prestigious Eastman School of Music and has researched sound frequency therapy on her own since 1993. She receives her music and ancient healing knowledge from her world travels to sacred sites. She has initiated Sound activation ceremonies for peace, awakening and empowerment in the Pyramids and the Temples of Egypt, Mount Sinai, the Vortices of Sedona AZ, Mayan Lands, and several powerful ancient Native American sites throughout the U.S. Miraculous healings have transpired from her activational music, teachings, herbal treatments, and private sessions. She has won multi awards for her many accomplishments. Her knowledge is from the Ancient Future. Dream Awake!

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Great Spirit, Matt, Source, Salu

ThunderBeat published events
Nov 2, 2020
ThunderBeat posted a video
A Galactic Journey through the Cosmos From her award winning CD Mayan Landing 2012 Check out more of her music at:
Nov 2, 2020
ThunderBeat posted a blog post
 The family of humanity upon the earth plane has been fluctuating in and out of darkness and light for endless earth time.  In the last century, we humans began to remember our beginning as being part of the Source and cried out for our Creator,…
Sep 23, 2015
ThunderBeat left a comment for EgyptianJewel
Feb 3, 2015

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