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Adelaide Under HAARPed Skies

On the evening of the 14th February around 8.30pm I went out to take a photo of the sky. I was overwhelmed by the width of the 'cloud' pattern so I put my little Canon Powershot A430 into movie mode and took this little video. (Below)



The first thing I noticed was that the flare appeared to be coming out of the west west-north-west and I knew of only one installation that might have the power to extend it's power over the horizon. It wasn't until the16th that I started to look closer. First stop was to plot my movie position against a power pole that appeared to be in the middle of the flare. This wasn't as easy as I thought so then I went to the suspect source and worked my way back home. "GULP"...I was right!


A Google Earth photo showing a plotted path from Exmouth WA to my home in Lewiston S.A.


This is the installation in Exmouth W.A.


The plotted direction of 294.40 degrees


Note the power pole in the middle of the 'flare'


Above pole during the day


Photo taken from the side of the road showing the relationship of the pole

to the small holding within the olive grove


I came to the assumption that Adelaide on the evening of the 14th February was hit by high frequency waves extending out of the Naval Communications Station Harold E Holt (NCS HEH) - 21°56'S 114°07'E. Call it what you like but to me Adelaide was once again and unfortunately I fear not for the last time HAARPed!!


Feel free to forward on. ~ Jim

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Comment by Randude on February 18, 2011 at 7:30pm
let everything be as it shall be.   if they wanto shoot ufo's outta the sky, let them, they'll be staring down karmas throat when they do haha. poor souls, I actually feel bad for them, I wish they could see the light as "I / we" do.
Comment by alf on February 18, 2011 at 7:17pm

I know the reason for that.But i will not speak about it...

A hint may be ...Time it is close and some will come...

Comment by alf on February 18, 2011 at 7:12pm

Jim nice work.Thx. for the info.

Lucy HAARP it is a military installation remember that....I do not think this will do good....

So it will harm many ...I do not know the full design....But i know it is many stuff in one....

So not only the weather or earthquakes but also the mind control and something about UFO(detector or

a weapon against UFO)...


Comment by Lucy on February 18, 2011 at 11:52am
Hi Jim,
Sometimes I think that I can see the big picture here; but it is hard for me to explain as most people have already come to a conclusion that this HAARP thing is for wrong purposes. The majority are very confident that this is to harm the world’s population through weather control and earthquakes etc…
Maybe at some point probably it has been used for the wrong reasons or maybe for the just reasons, or probably for tests to see how it can be put to good use in a moment of need; for example now that Sun Cycle 24 is being activated, but that we can not prove it either. But what about if those who say that this is to bring destruction to our planet are just saying these to drive us away from the real truth here?
Remember that we get alarmed every time something big happens and we only can see the bad side of it, but never try to understand if there is a big purpose behind that which is happening. It seems that I am going in circles here, but I believe that since these technologies were set on earth, a good reason was there to put it in use. Maybe the real reason is to protect the earth and not to destroy the earth and its populace. Man has always survived in past centuries through incredible technologies that we don’t even have the slightest idea of what they are. And now we have come to a moment in which we might w need them again to avoid total destruction of our precious planet, for our continual survival. I am confident that man will never surrender to the elements and less to the dark.
I am not in any ones side, but I feel that we are being hit by our sun and if we don’t have an umbrella over our heads, then the consequences are going to be of mayor impact for us and our future, I mean if there is something left for us in our earth after a big sunburst hitting the earth.
Comment by Lucy on February 18, 2011 at 11:51am
We have seen many movies and documentaries and videos of people taking about the dangers of what the sun can cause to our earth and everything in it, and believe me probably all of these movies are to give us a hint or to make us look at the big story here in a subliminal way, that way at the long run we don’t panic. We really don’t need to panic if we try to balance our energies to bring harmony to all. Our Sun is like our heart. If we get furious our hearts are going get exited and will have rapid palpitations; but if we calm down, our hearts will slow down its heart beat.
I feel that many things can be calm and heal if we all come to harmony and stop the world’s madness. I feel that our vibrations (the wrong ones) affect everything around us and at the same time to ourselves.
Have you seen how we make waves in the water when we get into it? We make ripples all around us. Well our energy works the same when we disturbed our universe with our unbalances of energies and wars and lack of love.
I hope and have a vision that these ripples in the sky or sound waves, are for a good reason and not to destroy our precious earth and us. I believe what it is being said by The Galactic Federation and Salusa and many others; and also the messages given to us to awake, open our consciousness and unite with the only energy that can really heal; which is Love.
Comment by Yuki-Tsubasa on February 18, 2011 at 11:28am

its clear in this vid that the animals are not happy at all... they obviously sense sonething bad happening there.

the best of my thoughts for all my brothers & sisters <3

Comment by Elijah on February 17, 2011 at 11:08pm
My prayers are with the people who might eventually be affected by this wickedness. God Bless!!
Comment by Roberto Durante on February 17, 2011 at 8:40pm

dear friends,

I have read a channeled message from the GFOL to a friend from a good friend and I am waiting to have her permission to post this information where ever I can, because it contain very important information about the events who will take place this year 2011, that the GFOL is working out to stop it or to reduce the world wide damages, its very difficult and they need all our love to reduce it to minimum. When I will get the green light, I will post it ASAP, be blessed for now with love and light, NamastE

Comment by Randude on February 17, 2011 at 8:13pm
HAARP is powerless and is striving to make any sort of "move" with the over exaggerated phenomenon.
Comment by Kerrie Brown on February 17, 2011 at 7:36am
Please accept that there are matters we can offer information about and matters that we cannot. Again we reiterate our position. We come to give hope. Although we are aware that some these days FEEL 'hope' to be a position of 'lacking'.
Eh, you've lost me there, well ,actually I do understand the sentence. Meaning one needs hope because they do not like the situation they are in perhaps? (lacking in something)
This is how some now look upon it ... yet for ourselves in our position we would always wish to shower you with rays of hope. For in this time that is upon you we FEEL that where there is hope there can be strength to carry on. We 'hope' that we shall continue to offer 'hope'.~The Federation of Light~ 28th January 2011


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