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  • ♥The Federation of Light on the arrests ~ Blossom Goodchild ~3rd Ma...

    You talk of arrests to take place in your world of those who must now ‘get out of the way’ … Their interference in the Ascension process has had its day. We would ask of you to consider offering forgiveness to such souls and such workings on a grand scale. Accountability for ones actions cannot be escaped on 'this' stage or indeed any other. The souls who have damaged so much of your beauty ... shall feel pain within themselves on a level that cannot be understood by those who have remained steadfast in the Light .

    Some of you may say …’They are deserving of this'. We say 'They were walking their path'.  They made choices. Yet remember dearest ones that WE ARE ALL ONE. THEY ARE PART OF YOU.

    If you want this New World to be with you in the quickest possible time ... we would strongly suggest that you forgive these souls and you work diligently to assist them in retrieving their Light back to them. We ask that you consider sending them healing on a scale of such magnitude ... for the pain that is to befall them you would wish on no man.

    Some would say … 'You reap what you sew'. They have inflicted so much pain on so many.

    Some indeed may say that. That is their choice to FEEL that way. We are merely pointing out that it is through LOVE ALONE that you shall Ascend into greener pastures. If you still consider a soul to be deserving of such pain through that which they have created ... you are not fully understanding who you are … or … who they are … because whether you like it or not … THEY are YOU and YOU are THEM! Yes … YOU are a part of THEM … and THEY are a part of YOU. Therefore … YOU would not wish that pain upon YOU … You would wish for it to be healed in that case and as quickly as possible.

    You are reaching a level within yourselves where to direct anything other than LOVE at another will not FEEL comfortable. This New World you have created/are creating ... as you know has no room for anything other than LOVE in pure form. Taking into account the purest it can resonate within the dimension you reside/will reside. Therefore it is NOW when you become and move into that Higher understanding of what LOVE is/ who you are … by finding forgiveness in all/to all that struggled along the journey. 


  • Thankyou so much Kerrie.
  • Loving Kerrie,your time is so precious,so my silence full of love to you. Thank you G.E.
  • Hi!again ,delicate Kerrie,just send you a thank you mss and who knows where did it go,dont mind,say thank you again for your friendship,got confuse when saw your picture in this site! so happy to hear from you again,my daughter invited me to join this site,she lives in San Antonio,Tx,am with her in my profile photo,there is so much to enjoy and learn in both sites,that is becoming a full time job to be in front of my lap top,and am just learning how to use it! shame on me! well, it is better late than never,right? Thank you so much,sweet Karrie. Namasté Guillermo E.
  • kerrie somebody broke into my apartment and stole my computer i am in a public library
    ,,,love you, very soon i will be back
  • NAMASTE KERRIEEgyptian Comments & Graphics
  • Hi Kerrie thanks heaps for the add :) sorry about the late reply, I like never check my wall lol! Its lovely to see another sydney person :D I live around the Mascot area, which is close to the CBD. It'd be so cool to get all the sydney people together and have coffee or something haha
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"♥The Federation of Light on the arrests ~ Blossom Goodchild ~3rd Ma...
You talk of arrests to take place in your world of those who must now ‘get out of the way’ … Their interference in the Ascension process has had its day. We would ask of you to…"
May 10, 2012
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The Federation of Light have spoken about this time and it is not of fear,we are going to be well prepared and it is not going to be as some expect,please see above link."
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 THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT ~3 DAYS OF DARK ~NEW DAWN ~  18th july 2011 Good morning to you. There are a couple of things I would like to ask you about, but not sure if we shall have time to answer both in one session. So if…
Sep 23, 2011

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"You are most welcome Tanya, and thanks so much for your reply. Infinite Blessings of Christ Love, Ever-Unfolding Enlightenment, and Abundance. Steve"
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