This is something that absolutely must be addressed directly if the community is going to move forward. While there's a ton of wonderful, loving, evolved messages that are brought to us through channeling, there's also a whole lot of information that's very questionable, to put it nicely. I've lost count of all the failed predictions and the carrot-on-a-stick type promises of amazing things in the near future. Then there's all the "behind the scenes" information that's impossible to confirm, it has to be accepted on faith alone. Then the really odd stuff... Archangels are giving me investment advice? Pardon the French, but that just makes me say, what the fuck? I can't help but laugh at how ridiculous some of this is. Channeled messages are supposed to be super-evolved higher-consciousness information, why are they like this? Well I've got a very simple explanation that brings sense to all of this: channelers are channeling themselves.

At first glance it may seem like I'm trying to discredit channeling, but that's not my intention, I want to breathe new life into it. I don't need to discredit channeling, there's plenty of channelers who do a great job of that without any help from me. When I say that channelers are channeling themselves, I'm not discrediting channeling, in fact I'm giving credit to the channeler. That wonder transcendent message of Divine Love? That was You! You brought that through! Isn't that wonderful?

But no, most channelers aren't quite ready to merge with their Higher Selves. That's obvious, because if they did that they wouldn't need to channel anymore, they'd just speak Divine Truth directly. They still carry around this illusion of separation from the Divine, so they can't take direct responsibility for the messages. They still don't believe they can be as amazing as they really are, so they have to attribute it to someone else, some Being that they can believe is that amazing.

So if they're really channeling their Higher Self, how come we get so much incorrect information? Well, the thing is, they're not always channeling their Higher Self, they often channel their own mind. Because the channeling is largely unconscious, it's difficult for the channeler to tell exactly where the information is coming from. The mind is great at telling people what they want to hear, in fact that's essential for the mind's survival. When the channeled messages start to ramble, sound like religious prophecy, or sound like a plot from a Hollywood movie, it's usually because it's just the mind making stuff up. It's a form of wish-fulfillment. It will often sound legit, but that's because the channeler's mind is appealing to people's preconceived beliefs about how a Divine Being is supposed to speak , dear ones.

Notice that when they're talking about raising Consciousness, the channelings are often spot on and very helpful. When they're talking about earthly matters, politics and predictions for the future, channeling is very hit or miss. Sure, they're correct sometimes, but given the amount of predictions that are made, some are bound to come true purely by chance. When you keep predicting change is going to happen repeatedly for decades, you're bound to be correct eventually.

So why so many channelers who channel Archangels and Ascended Masters, and so few who claim to be channeling their Higher Self? Well that's actually not the case, there's tons of channelers who understand that they are bringing in information from their Higher Self. However, it's not the channelers that make a message popular, it's the readers, and the readers put more faith in names they recognize. It's marketing 101, and it's unfortunate that it works the exact same way in the spiritual community as it does in mainstream society. Someone who claims they're channeling Archangel Michael is going to draw more attention and more trust by default, regardless of the accuracy of the message.

It's also important to understand that much of the channeled information is not a message from some Higher Dimensional Being to the whole world, but direct advice from the channeler's Higher Self to the channeler themselves. Things the channeler needs to work on, realizations they haven't quite come to. Sometimes advice is repeated over and over again because the channeler hasn't quite integrated it yet, though often this seems to go over the head of the channeler. Often the channeled message will even say, either directly or indirectly, that the being they're channeling is Themselves. Not all channelers are ready to hear this though, so it gets filtered out.

One thing that I feel would greatly enhance the credibility of channeling is for all channelers to take direct responsibility for what they're telling people. This should go without saying, of course you're responsible for a message that you put out to the public, but there are many channelers who take no responsibility for what they're telling people. That's irresponsible, it's the very definition of irresponsible, and yet some of these people get substantial followings. I highly recommend staying far away from channelers who take no personal responsibility for their channelings, it almost always seems to end in disaster. It's happened many times that a channeler will blame their own mistakes on beings of Unconditional Love and Truth. That kind of stuff makes me want to grab these channelers and scream some not very nice stuff at them. The channeler just needs to admit they made a mistake instead of making up excuses. The fact that this happens ought to be more than enough proof that channelings often just come from the channelers own mind.

A common explanation for false information coming through a channeler is that they were being influenced by negative astral entities. The thing about these entities though is that they aren't really real. They're negative thought patterns given "life" by your own mind. If nobody fed them anymore, they'd disappear, simple as that. Of course, for someone who can't see past their own mind, they may seem very real. A channeler is supposed to be more aware than that, and supposed to be able to tell where their information is coming from. A channeler is responsible for bringing in an authentic message, if they can't, they have no business channeling, or at least they shouldn't be spreading their channelings to thousands of people and claiming it's absolute truth.

Let me finish by saying I'm not against channeling, I feel it can be very helpful in bringing in messages of Love and Oneness. It can assist you in reconnecting with your Higher Self/God. I'm just aware of the obvious pitfalls and mistakes regarding channeling that the spiritual community seems to be making over and over again. To really move forward we need people merging with their own Divine Intelligence on an individual level, not putting a few channelers and teachers up on pedestals and treating them as infallible sources of Divine Truth. That's not the new paradigm at all, it's very much the old paradigm, that sort of thing is the basis for most religions.


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  • Dear InfinityStarr,

    I like the wisdom of your choice...

    Thanks for the video link...

  • Dear Jocelyn,

    I like your comment with total sincerity....

    Every body has different perception...according to his / her experiences in life...

    Dr. Sohini Shukla.


  • You what we are cannot be describe in words.  Words has it limitation.  I will leave it to that because is just getting to another discussion.  What matters the most when you travel everywhere in the universe that it has bring you joy.  When I talk about the spark I am saying something beyond what the human consciousness refers it to be. Just realize that you are experiencing this world and being human the way you want to experience it as others are experiencing it the way they want to be.   I not saying that my truth is the right one.  I am just another variety of consciousness.    My brother  we will leave it to that.  I am glad that you are having amazing experiences.  Love and light and unity. 

  • Best spent 30 mins of my life, letting knowledge trickle in so that it may gestate into wisdom, please listen: 

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • If our essence is not spiritual Hawksblood, then what are we? Are you on to the notion that humans are just a biological miracle and that there is nothing outside of our physical density, much lighter and vaster? Just because we cannot prove it or comprehend it in our current state, does not mean that we have gotten many glimpses of it.

    The saying that we are God, does not mean that we as a single human being call ourselves as THE GOD, more so I would say that it implies that we recognize we carry that energy or spark if you will that is coming from the source would be the easiest way to explain it, some call this God because it's intelligent and without it there is no life.

    So while some say it may be wishful thinking, people that have had NDE's and Astral Projections can say that some things are impossible to imagine by only the brain, and for them proves that we are spiritual beings inhabiting a human body, not a human having an experience.

    I myself have not much personal experience and certainly not any proof to give anyone. My words are useless to someone that only seeks to be proven with five senses material. And that is the hard part, the spiritual goes beyond the five senses, you simply have to use more senses in order to be proven about anything spiritual I guess. But what I'm getting at is, while being human and not knowing for sure about our true identity, I will rather believe even if it takes some faith that we are eternal beings and that we are here for a learning experience that will continue for many many lives. Rather than this life is all a coincidence that has no meaning at all, that I would be just made of flesh and bone, and when I die that's it.

    Why would I volunteer to believe the latter when there is as little evidence for that part as for the first one. So the best way to find out is to work with yourself if you want to come closer to spiritual truths, the proof is in you within you, not going to come from someone else. But there will be people sharing their stories, how they match up to your own will be your validity.

    Or everyone might just be insane, I don't know :).

  • You are more than a soul.  You are vast.  We were all there before creation started.  So knowing this let just create who you want to be next.  There is only a whole bunch of truths.  It is all about what you want as a truth and nothing more.  You will find here that everyone has there own truths about how they want to create and experience source.  That is the journey of uniqueness, diversity and variety.  Everyone is source and everyone deep down within them knows why they came here and what they wanted to experience in the physical world. .You can choose what you want as truth you don't have to follow anyone truths.  Create your own. So just create and if what you have created  doesn't serve you anymore you can always change it or I say change the channel and create something new.  There is no such thing as a right and wrong only what's works and doesn't work for every individual.   We are here to create so lets do that. This what I only want to do.  However I find that there is so many different variety of consciousness here and for some reason they all want you to perceive creation in their way.  After all did I not come here to be authentic.  My way is just another way to the same destination, remembering who I truly am.  Love and light and unity. 

  • Yes.   Source = soul = higher self.  It is all in the same soup.  The spark that starts something. 

  • I wouldn't say a soul has an identity, at least not in the way the mind has an identity (id-entity, Freud's id, and how the government uses IDs).

    The Soul has a uniqueness that's an integral part of the Whole.

  • Not exactly... However it  all depends how someone perceive what is a soul. You don't have to be in a form to exist.  However that is another discussion on its own.  Every planet is perceiving god or source in their own way.  Not everything has a soul however there is still existence.  It is a phenomena.  It is not so much to tried to understand everything or even trying to identified what is creation. Creation is vast.  It is a journey of exploration.   We are all behind this phenomena.  Everything is possible.......As long you stay true to yourself and create what is meaningful to you.  That what matters the most.  We are after all experiencing the physical world.   It is to stay true to your own power.   No ones needs your power, everyone has their own.  It is all about what you do with your power and how you create and perceive.  We are the life force. We are life itself......Love and light and unity.    

  • Your higher you never changes.  It is always the same at core.  Higher self is also the soul.  Soul has no identity.  If you want to feel this at core.  Let go of all your identities you had put on yourself.  Practice being  no body and I mean with this don't identified yourself with anything and you are going to feel yourself at core. From there you will get your answers.   You are going to tap in the place within you that never changes and you cannot describe it however you will know it is real.  Let the knowledge from deep within in you to unfold.  Many times we get trap in the personalities and beliefs that we had created as truth.  Once removed we find our true self.  I have done this.    Love and light and unity.      

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