For those that do not know. I am an incarnational representative of my higher self. a Paa-tal/old draconian hybrid called Crai'riain, or Crethis Starflower Liun, a being who is almost a trillion years old.

(Continued from Part 1)

Eventually, Crai'riain won over the support of the people in his new realm, and forged a crystalline fortress-city he raised into the sky. It became known as Ahn Riot Tehn, "The shining hope of unity".

Crai'riain came to the realm to start anew and lifted the city off the ground with the combined efforts of everyone involved. Crai'riain is the ruler of the city and ensures it's direction follows as he governs fit. Most of the day to day activities are delegated to family, who fill in during his absences to other places and realms on diplomatic excursions and just adventures in general.

As Realm lord Crai'riain would go off on diplomatic missions to ensure proper evolution amongst all the worlds involved, and to attempt to help those races and beings who had fallen undergo bio-regenesis to repair their templates.

(crude sketch of the city)


The city became a place where beings from all places and times converge to engage in the pinnacle of research, spiritual technology and innovation. Some live there and some help protect the city. It is oval shaped, floats high in the clouds, and has half of it staggered for "Light" (healing and supporting "magic", technology, enlightenment) and half staggered for "Dark" (military training, destructive "magic", defense). The light people have been dubbed the "solarians" and the dark "nuitarians" if translated to our language. It is a world without fear and it has existed for eons. The Liun family rule it and keep balance and order.


Unfortunately, some people could just not leave well enough alone. Thus the city was under attack a lot- both by the beings on the planet they were on and from outside forces who want the knowledge of the city for themselves, or simply want to destroy all it represents. It became sort of an atlantis in the sky.

Crai'riains uncle, the leader of the tribe of elves he came from, did not approve of mixing the races. He saw his nephew as a tainted abomination. When crai lived on his homeworld his uncle tried to keep him out of the way. Lethi, crai's father, was supposed to co-rule with his uncle but his uncle usurped the throne for himself, and lethi was cast out (or perhaps he never wanted the role to begin with), and thus perhaps crai's uncle also feared his nephew would try to assume the throne from him.

In any case the disapproval over time turned to animosity. He did not want crai to leave their homeworld as he wanted their "mistake" to remain hidden from the universe, so when crai left he took matters into his own hands.


There was a group of beings in the twisted realms called the twisted lords. They were listed in order of strength. One of them, anare'il, was an old world draconian shapeshifter, very powerful, who was part of a void cult who believed it was their job to keep balance in the universe through destruction.. and thus he would sporadically attack the city and was a huge pain in the ass. It seemed at some point he teamed up with crai's uncle in an attempt to end crai once and for all. They didn't destroy him, but managed to trap him here for a time, which caused him to incarnate me on this plane instead of helping out directly.


His daughter, altiana, and his son, cali'ramon, had had enough of the politics from their own realm and had come here already. Crai was going to meet up with altiana when he was attacked and trapped here.



Crai's uncle has since been eliminated by his daughter, talia, crai's cousin, who had helped to run the city in his absence, along with one of crai's sons, and she now leads the elves and the council.


Anare'il has since seen the error of his ways, understanding void used him for its own purposes, and is undergoing rehabilitation.


Here is an exerpt from the "crystal city" files, what crai's city was dubbed:

The sun rose majestically, as it always did, above the gleaming spires that was the crystal city. "Ahn Riot Tehn" - "The Shining Hope of Unity", lay suspended above the clouds like a shining jewel. Far below were dotted various islands in a vast sea.

Those who came to dwell in this place had long ago lifted their city up into the sky to better fortify and defend it, and to simply show a display of their technological prowess - to show that they could.

The city was magical in nature. Beings from all over reality came there to learn and evolve, both physically and spiritually. The city was massive in size, with one side dedicated to learning of magic, healing, and supportive magic. These beings were known as the solarians - those blessed by the sun. The other side was dedicated to learning of physical and magical offensive strategies, war, and use of weapons. These beings were known as the nuitarians - those blessed by the moon.

Each side acted like a grid - where one half would be peppered by those of the other half - acting as representatives. So nuitarians existed in small represenatative pockets in the solarian side should the need for battle arise, and vice verse should the need of healing arise.

The people that dwelled in the city were not fools - they knew that a city built on enlightenment alone would fall victim to its own comforts, become lax, and be taken over by someone dedicated to their cause, and so they constantly trained. Learning, pushing themselves mentally and physically, and becoming enlightened became the goal of every being within the city.

Those who lived in the city lived without fear. They lived knowing full well they would be attacked - sometimes monthly, and so they made it a part of life. The city was protected by a vast barrier that kept most things out, and so the citizens could live without worry, even if battles raged beyond their walls. If they were needed they would be called upon. All who lived in the city had a part in acting to protect it.


The solarians and nuitarians both had leaders to rule and guide their side of the city. Pelusis, the ruler of light, was a small being. Being elven-based in nature, his beauty was shocking to behold. His hair was of a prismatic white hue, and his eyes a piercing green.


In order to do his job the most efficiently however, Pelusis had agreed to undergo modification. His mental faculties were increased beyond the level of any normal being, and crystalline wings were added on his back and by his feet, allowing him to move at rapid speeds. In addition his ears were extended - making him look almost demonic - allowing him to tune in to several sources of information at once.

His clothes were representative of the style of the city - mixing function with fashion. Fur lined one sleeve, terminating at the shoulder, which was left bare. This fur sleeve was then tied to a tight form fitting shirt of polycarbonate fiber which angled up from the armpit of the furry sleeve and went over his other shoulder, being capped by a decorative plate on his shoulder. He wore a white cape on his back lined with orange, or whatever colour he felt like that day, and pants the colour of deerskin.

He wore his hair up in a giant side ponytail, with the hair unfurling like pointy petals of a rose, sticking up in the air, and the rest of the hair draping down to his shoulders and far down his back. He wore a bandana to the side with a giant + mark on it, representing the additive force. He also wore it on a belt buckle on his pants.

His wings were segmented, with the "feathers" being paneled sheets of glowing crystals, which could work like mini-thrusters and propel him along. The crystals by his feet worked to allow him to steer at rapid speeds.

Pelusis' beauty hid one flaw though - the modification left his personality cold and clinical. Whereas his intellect shone, his personality suffered. All business and no fun, pelusis buried himself in his work - keeping the city afloat, monitoring the perimeter inside and out, and generally running the city and researching magic.

Pelusis had his subordinates who worked underneath him. He also had mechanical drones that would patrol the city - his eyes in the sky. He could telepathically communicate with all of his subordinates at once.

He spent most of his time not in some lavish palace, but in what appeared to be a small domed protrusion on the underside of the city itself, where he could work in solitude without being disturbed, and where he had an unobstructed view of the world below.

Pelusis could turn on the charm when he needed to though. Diplomatically he shone. Knowing what to say to people tied into his intellect of always knowing what to do. Bringing new people into the city, talking to ambassadors, he did it all with grace and charm, and oone was ever the wiser. Secretly however Pelusis tired of the facade. People could be so dull, and they kept him from his duties.

Today would be one such day.


"Pelusis! Brother!" Boomed an all-too-familiar voice. "Get out of your hidey hole and join the rest of the living why dontcha!"

Ugh. Satari.

"Satari, dear brother, this "hidey hole" is what keeps this city floating in the air in case you forget." Pelusis silkily responded back. While beautiful to listen to, like liquid silver gliding over bells, the flat, almost bored tone in which it was said grated on Sataris nerves. He knew when he was being talked down to, which, when it came to Pelusis, was all the time.

If Pelusis was the ruler of life and light, Satari was ruler of death and the dark. Ironic considering Satari beamed with energy and personality. The complete opposite of his brother, Satari was the ruler of the Nuitarians. War and Battles were his jurisdiction, while magic, law and order were Pelusis'.


Also magical in nature, Satari had also been modified, but while pelusis had been modified to the point of almost making him an android (with a personality to match), satari was bio-engineered to be the perfect supersoldier.

Unlike his brother, Satari was imposingly tall. He was shirtless, with pants formed out of the various hides of the creatures he had bested in battle. He wore sandles on his feet, and a firey lust for action and adventure in his red eyes.

His hair looked like someone had jutted crystals out of his skull at various angles to resemble hair. Obsidion in colour, if one looked closely they could see the cosmos reflected within. Satari was the embodiment of chaos. Pelusis was the embodiment of order. It would be an understatement to say their personalities rubbed on each other.

Like his brother Satari also wore a headband, but his had the star on it, representing the multiplicative force. He carried with him his double ended ion pike - a long staff with a crystalline pike on each end formed out of 2 blades with a gap in the center on each side.
These blades vibrated to and from each other at such a speed that anything they touched would become liquified and scrambled. The staff could be disconnected from the center to allow each pike end to be wielded in each hand for hand to hand combat as well. The blades could also be mounted on sataris wrists for when he decided to"punch" his enemies into oblivion.

Satari also had the long demonic ears - and each brother was connected telepathically to each other, and to crai, who was basically their boss. If they were the rulers of the city, crai was its patron creator god. Satari still chose to visit Pelusis in person however, believing that spending so much time cooped up was not good for his brother.


In their own way each brother loved each other. Satari was upfront with his emotions and fiery about his opinions, while Pelusis was cool about his and tended to keep his thoughts hidden.

Pelusis knew it was for his own best interest to listen to his brother and get out every once in a while, but his brother still annoyed him. Always so brash and bustling in, breaking things and creating chaos. Such was his way though, and thus he gritted his teeth and bared it, because he knew he must.

Satari looked with concern at his brother. He knew that being cooped up took his toll on his brother in ways others did not see. Isolation was abhorrant to Satari, who only felt truly alive when he was out and about, seeking adventure or glory or defending the city.

"Brother, are you ok? You seem distracted.."

"I am always distracted, dear brother. I have so much to do at all times."

"Oh come on Pelusis, everyone has the same amount of time to do everything - if you invest all your time in doing everything then of course you will always have 'so much to do'."

Pelusis sighed. "Why are you here brother? It's not to go on another of your hair-brained adventure schemes is it? You know I am much too busy for that.."

Satari laughed! "OHOHO! As fun as it is to try to drag you on an adventure, no it is not that. Nope today I am on an errand from the Princess."


Pelusis' face paled. As much as he hated to admit it, he was quite taken by the princess, but he would never admit it to himself, or anyone else..

He knew such a love was forbidden, especially to one of his position. Crai'riain was extremely protective of his daughter, something Pelusis felt would ultimately drive her away, but he kept his thoughts to himself..

(end transmission)


Both brothers were originally orphans, who had to look out for each other. Pelusis, the more outgoing one, looked out for and after satari, who was more withdrawn, as children. At some point they made their way to the city, and crai, seeing potential in them, as he did many others who appeared before them, offered them roles in the city - he would let them rule it but they had to undergo modification to suit them better to the roles, which would change them drastically, both physically and mentally. (to be continued)

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