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I am...

I am...

the mother of the Mothers,

I am  the Mothers and they are themselves...

I am Wisdom...Nefertiti, Mary, Magdalene, Athene, Artemis...

I am one with the Daughter, one with the Son...

I am Goddess...

I am Angel...

I am Archangel...

I am of the Christ, one with the Christ ...

I am one with the Divine Feminine...

I am the Divine Femine...

(in all that I have suffered, in all that I have done...)

I am...one with You, Adonai's...

We are...

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Victim Consciousness?

One of my great concerns with New Age thinking/teaching is the concept of victim consciousness.  From the outset it goes against the Divine principle of Compassion, and degenerates into 'blaming the victim'. 

The requirement for us to be our own 'God Beings' and to be responsible for what manifests in our own life is similarly problematic for that is not everyone's journey. 

For sure, it might be a requirement in higher dimensions to have the ability to manifest, but after two thousand years of suffering (since the time of Christ), and certainly the continued present day suffering of wars and torture, animal and child abuse, toxicity, pollution and clearing collective Karma from the 20thC world wars there's certainly a lot to be cleaned up. 

It also may be necessary for those who would ascend to the Light to let go of the suffering, I appreciate that but it certainly doesn't help to be labelled a victim and blamed for what manifests in one's life.

Suffering still is on Gaia and surrounding dimensions, whether through karma, the accrued genetic contamination of humanity, or attack on those who are of the Light or other reasons. 

There are very few who deliberately 'play the victim', but then it's possible for those who can or want, to have compassion and accept, or challenge them on it in love. 

I personally suffer from schizophrenia, chronic fatigue, resultant diabetes, depression and financial challenges; so I guess in one sense I'm living 'life' or survival as it is, but it is a heavy load to carry. 

I think the weight of suffering on and around Mother Gaia is immense, and that too much suffering can destroy Spirit and Soul.

Nor does it help to have social conditioning commanding us to be happy in the face of so much world suffering. 

For myself, I prefer the principle of the Goddess 'do what you will and it harm none',

or 'Live and let Live',  or 'we don't hurt each other'. 

So I ask for Divine intervention to heal the cruelty and suffering and I hope that if the Gods can do anything and everything then it will be done.

But if New Age teaching continues to use the term 'victim consciousness', 'blame the victim' and reject those who suffer, then you've lost me and I suggest you've compromised your Divine Christ nature. 

Namaste, Jennifer

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a personal mantra...

I believe in all that is Good (or good enough) whether of the Light or the Dark and in Light and Dark aligned. 

The Void, the Dark, creates the Light; the quality of the Light depends on the quality/integrity/divinity of the Dark. 

If the Light destroys the Dark, where is balance, or Yin/Yang, or the Guardians of the Underworld and Sub-Conscious, 2nd dimension?

Evil, esp too much of it contaminates Dark Matter; what is evil? - that which destroys us, such as too much pain and suffering, too much fear, soul theft, too much decadence perhaps, but ppl are responsible for their own choices unless compelled/overpowered by another. 

Did you know that scientists have identified a chemical they believe responsible for evil?, I hope they put it to good use. 

Namaste, Jennifer. 

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Documentary on Noah

Just for interest and info sake, I saw a documentary on ABC TV (Australia) that researched the story of Noah as far as they could in this physical dimension.  The gist of it was that the flood that Noah experienced was a combined event of annual melt water flooding of the river on which he traded and an extra once-in-a lifetime weather or flooding event.  Through their research Noah was said to be like a city-state Lord (similar to the Greeks and their city-states) who traded on one of the rivers, in livestock and goods etc.   

The explanation for the biblical story was that as the significant event was passed down through the generations, the religious leaders make an allegory, myth, spiritual lesson etc out of it. 

I'm not sure if the doco is still available thru archives, but I found it really interesting - truth is stranger than fiction etc.

But then there's also the idea of a common myth thru supposedly all races, and also apparent geological evidence of a world-wide inundation? 

Maybe both are true.  Namaste

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Early in my 'spiritual awakening'/psychotic journey, after my initial nervous breakdown etc, I had some 'negative polarities/beings' access my Light channel & get up into my higher chakras.  They were like negative clones or twins, negative step-brothers/sisters.  I also had a being take a piece of my etheric brain (as a hologram?)  from the rear RHS.  (Quite a large piece).  I now call him a 'brain butcher  :/'  It's something that I haven't discussed as yet with my healers.

I identified them as being 'born of toxins' and notified Lord Melchizedek.  What I experienced with the damage to my right brain, was an influx of toxins and a 'toxic' being who crossed over into my left brain.

I used to be able to draw in the higher Light energy of 5th dimension into my left brain, but not my right brain for some reason.  Also, with stress, psychotic episodes and toxins perhaps, the crossovers between left and right don't work well, so this might also account for 5th dimension light not being able to access my right brain.

I find I am no longer able to access 5th dimension energies through my left brain (my chakras since the incursion of negative beings haven't accessed the higher energies) and find 4th dimension Light with its hormones, emotions and lack of Spirit totally inadequate, after finding at least some of the time that I was able to evolve and resonate with it (5th dimension higher Light).

I guess I don't feel confident that this can be readily healed, or that the 5th dimension resonance can be readily restored.  It's something that I surely miss.  If anyone has suggestions they'd be most appreciated, namaste, Jennifer. 

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msg to Sananda

I was told (by good voices) that I am Sananda's bride. 

But I am not the Lady Nada, perhaps she has a different lineage or aspect of You. 

I was also told that Sananda has many brides - as a result of our multi-dimensional reality, existence, consciousness etc, and that many of us - perhaps all of us have many different aspects. 

Some women, I know, resonate to being Mary Magdalene, and are then at least a part of Lady Nada, Miriam/Mariam, Mary Magdalene etc. 

So we are all One, but also Unique as Snowflakes (my preference).  And as we come together, for a new Oneness, may all our Choices manifest in Perfection. 

As a Star Queen (many journeys) I have many husbands/consorts, alignments etc. Just playing my cards  lol  :/

I am one with my Gods and Archangels (or aspects of them). 

My wish for the future, since the age of 15, is the same as 2,000 yrs ago - 'Peace on Earth for all [human]kind' etc, and indeed for all things living or dead as is the command/request of the Goddess/Goddesses. 

My hope is for all our Choices in Perfection; my Golden Rule is that we don't hurt each other, xc within agreed boundaries or universes/multiverses, based on Trust. 

My great Master is Yahweh, for I have met Him and I also have Mars in rulership. 

To all those who have been with me, whether of Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Guardian DarkAngels (myspeak) - those who work in the Dark to heal and perfect it (what would we do without them), the (Ashtar) Commanders who I have worked with, and all others that have been with me;

with Great Love as You Love Me, namaste, Adonai.

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My use of colour for healing, coding etc

Pink - unconditional love

Crimson - compassion, forgiveness

Blue - for clearing sadness

Violet Flame - for clearing negativity

Deep Indigo (evening blue) - great as a gentle introduction to the Light, where the Violet Flame is too strong

Black - purity, strength, the Void

White - purity

Gold - purity

Green - grounding

Yellow, orange - karma

Red - anger

Brown - grounding

Grey - toxins, pink and crimson are great for transmuting these

Some codes, principles of divinity - generosity, compassion, love, wisdom, understanding, hope, power, strength, integrity, truth

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One experience I want to share...

I wanted to share a marvellous experience I had during one of my acute psychotic episodes.  I guess and/or hope that many experience such events within a protected setting, without psychotic episodes and attendant problems. 

Some friends (astral/etheric/spiritual) took me to the realm of the blizzard, to become one with the blizzard.  Maybe I could have stayed, but I had and still have other journeys I wish to pursue.  It was an experience of total bliss and purity, and also I think a complete rearrangement of consciousness (at a high level of course I guess). 

In returning from the journey, I was re-integrating and exposing/sharing the higher aspects of human consciousness and experience, something I found to be unbelievably profound and hope to be able to repeat for the joy of the experience itself.  Then I will return and stay until...

(My housemate said I sat unmoving in my chair for so long that they worried and called my family as they were going out, so it was a bit of a rough return to reality, hospital and increased medication  :/  oh well)  Namaste

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I'm interested in ppl's thoughts, ideas and experiences of schizophrenia, and would like this blog as a form of discussion around the subject. 

My experience is indeed that is a spiritual awakening, but that for various reasons  eg vulnerability to hostile energy forces/psychic attack, pollution and toxins in the brain it is a very difficult journey. 

Would love comments, input, discussion, cheers  :)

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Full consciousness

I'm interested in people's views on what Full Consciousness is, and their experience of it.

To start things off, some of my summation includes levels of Consciousness as consisting of - the Sub-Conscious, Semi-Conscious and Conscious mind then also evolving levels of Higher Consciousness through awakening and changes in belief systems, thought and emotion patterns and processes etc.  

The integrated human consciousness of a being, i think generally involves the integration and alignment of the Conscious and Sub-conscious, but then i think changes occur with awakening processes and/or psychotic, schizophrenic conditions and episodes so that one is functioning only out of Higher Consciousness/Super Conscious and Conscious levels, and has left the Subconscious dimensions, i.e. one is now functioning only from part of the Self.  

My belief is that the brain is the home or vehicle of the Consciousness or Mind, (apart from all else that the brain does) and that the mind/body/emotional system is the vehicle for one's Spirit.  

Would love to hear others of their views and perspectives, cheers  :)

PS Information overload is not a nice way to experience Full Consciousness  lol  :/

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Free Will

Very simple - free will is not to do evil, but to live and to follow one's choices, to be one's own being. 

To harm another being denies them their own good free will.  The same with free speech - we have the right to express what we think and/or believe, but it should be done with respect for others, without denigration of them. 

The human experience has seemed to build so much on that which is bad, accepting belief systems such as 'no pain, no gain'. 

Let us instead start building on what is good and attempt to heal the bad that has been done.  Let those who want to, utilize the divine principles of Compassion, Truth, Integrity, Love, Rightness, to name a few.  Let us do our best to honor Life, ourselves and others and journey our own journeys.  Let us do our best to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.  In love & light, Jennifer.  

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I'd like some input on people's views around Unconditional Love, its definitions and how we should use or apply it.  To start the ball rolling; one of the 5th dimension principles is Unconditional Love of Self and Others. In the Gospels Jesus talks of 'turning the other cheek' which was interpreted to mean allowance of abuse to the self, but is now understood to have meant to turn away from abuse.  In regards to karmic principles, surely allowing others to do harm, if we can reasonably prevent it, is to break the agreement of unconditional love to them, in allowing them to draw karma to themselves as well as cause pain to others.  Seeking to understand, or understanding another's position or journey in their cause of offense can lead to forgiveness, even grace.  It is said that Love doesn't take offense, but the other side of the coin is also that Love doesn't cause offense.  I think it is also important to utilise Divine energy in the transmutation and clearing of serious wrong-doing to alleviate and transmute the negativity for both the victim and the abuser.  Otherwise Unconditional Love becomes an ineffectual practice of allowing and forgiving gross abuse and abusers.  Free Will is to Live, not do harm.  Comments welcome, cheers  :)
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a thought

Jesus said not to put our god/gods to the test.  The christian church says god can do anything and everything. 

I see more evidence of the former and so prefer to believe what Jesus said. 

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