a personal mantra...

I believe in all that is Good (or good enough) whether of the Light or the Dark and in Light and Dark aligned. 

The Void, the Dark, creates the Light; the quality of the Light depends on the quality/integrity/divinity of the Dark. 

If the Light destroys the Dark, where is balance, or Yin/Yang, or the Guardians of the Underworld and Sub-Conscious, 2nd dimension?

Evil, esp too much of it contaminates Dark Matter; what is evil? - that which destroys us, such as too much pain and suffering, too much fear, soul theft, too much decadence perhaps, but ppl are responsible for their own choices unless compelled/overpowered by another. 

Did you know that scientists have identified a chemical they believe responsible for evil?, I hope they put it to good use. 

Namaste, Jennifer. 

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  • I guess it's a combination of Spirit, Great Spirit, Source/s, Matter, (also known as Mother, Mather etc), Creation, Light, Purity, Colour, Choice/No Choice, Consciousness,Awareness/Thought, the Self, Soul, Creator God/s and Goddesses, Integration and then the Will as motivator.  Everyone's an individual, unique as snowflakes, but then there is also Oneness, the Power of One and the Power of Many, 'a triple-braided cord is not easily broken'.  Then of course Perfection, but evry1's perfection, or perfect enough is always different.  Diversity is also a good thing.  It's said that the Feminine focuses on big picture, where as the Masculine is more lineal in thinking, but there's balance where the Feminine rests in the Masculine, or maybe vise-versa if that works.  I find it interesting to note/express that I found a greater experience of the Light outside the Church, but then that's part of the Matrix/Control system. 

    Fragmentation is from explosion, and apparently implosion of the brain is part of the psychotic experience. 

    But then Schizophrenia/Psychosis is a brain dysfunction/ disease,  courtesy of Stress - emotional, physical, toxins, spiritual etc which becomes a limitation to creating your own reality. 

    I wish to remain with suffering Gaia at least for a while, but when I'm tired of all this, of this Consciousness I'll return to the absolute Peace I found in the snow.  It looks like a violent Universe out there in 3D land. 

  • In dimensions where you create your own reality it is quite possible you would not need yin & yang. You would simply keep the mock up going through your own intention. 3rd dimension needs opposites to maintain its solidity at a sub awareness level. The dark and the light are part of the Matrix system. Some level of static source point created both light and dark at an aware level of consciousness and it is kept maintained at a sub awareness level of collective fragmentation. The spiritual being is always the first cause that sets everything in motion. Science believes nature is the creator through evolution and that is why they are always perplexed when it comes to prime motivator. So there are two levels of thought put forth. One is that the creation is also  the creator of other creations and two, the creator (static source point or conscious awareness) created the creation and set replicating machinery in motion through fragmentation of beingness.

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