One experience I want to share...

I wanted to share a marvellous experience I had during one of my acute psychotic episodes.  I guess and/or hope that many experience such events within a protected setting, without psychotic episodes and attendant problems. 

Some friends (astral/etheric/spiritual) took me to the realm of the blizzard, to become one with the blizzard.  Maybe I could have stayed, but I had and still have other journeys I wish to pursue.  It was an experience of total bliss and purity, and also I think a complete rearrangement of consciousness (at a high level of course I guess). 

In returning from the journey, I was re-integrating and exposing/sharing the higher aspects of human consciousness and experience, something I found to be unbelievably profound and hope to be able to repeat for the joy of the experience itself.  Then I will return and stay until...

(My housemate said I sat unmoving in my chair for so long that they worried and called my family as they were going out, so it was a bit of a rough return to reality, hospital and increased medication  :/  oh well)  Namaste

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