msg to Sananda

I was told (by good voices) that I am Sananda's bride. 

But I am not the Lady Nada, perhaps she has a different lineage or aspect of You. 

I was also told that Sananda has many brides - as a result of our multi-dimensional reality, existence, consciousness etc, and that many of us - perhaps all of us have many different aspects. 

Some women, I know, resonate to being Mary Magdalene, and are then at least a part of Lady Nada, Miriam/Mariam, Mary Magdalene etc. 

So we are all One, but also Unique as Snowflakes (my preference).  And as we come together, for a new Oneness, may all our Choices manifest in Perfection. 

As a Star Queen (many journeys) I have many husbands/consorts, alignments etc. Just playing my cards  lol  :/

I am one with my Gods and Archangels (or aspects of them). 

My wish for the future, since the age of 15, is the same as 2,000 yrs ago - 'Peace on Earth for all [human]kind' etc, and indeed for all things living or dead as is the command/request of the Goddess/Goddesses. 

My hope is for all our Choices in Perfection; my Golden Rule is that we don't hurt each other, xc within agreed boundaries or universes/multiverses, based on Trust. 

My great Master is Yahweh, for I have met Him and I also have Mars in rulership. 

To all those who have been with me, whether of Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Guardian DarkAngels (myspeak) - those who work in the Dark to heal and perfect it (what would we do without them), the (Ashtar) Commanders who I have worked with, and all others that have been with me;

with Great Love as You Love Me, namaste, Adonai.

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