I wonder if I could have some help with this pls...

Early in my 'spiritual awakening'/psychotic journey, after my initial nervous breakdown etc, I had some 'negative polarities/beings' access my Light channel & get up into my higher chakras.  They were like negative clones or twins, negative step-brothers/sisters.  I also had a being take a piece of my etheric brain (as a hologram?)  from the rear RHS.  (Quite a large piece).  I now call him a 'brain butcher  :/'  It's something that I haven't discussed as yet with my healers.

I identified them as being 'born of toxins' and notified Lord Melchizedek.  What I experienced with the damage to my right brain, was an influx of toxins and a 'toxic' being who crossed over into my left brain.

I used to be able to draw in the higher Light energy of 5th dimension into my left brain, but not my right brain for some reason.  Also, with stress, psychotic episodes and toxins perhaps, the crossovers between left and right don't work well, so this might also account for 5th dimension light not being able to access my right brain.

I find I am no longer able to access 5th dimension energies through my left brain (my chakras since the incursion of negative beings haven't accessed the higher energies) and find 4th dimension Light with its hormones, emotions and lack of Spirit totally inadequate, after finding at least some of the time that I was able to evolve and resonate with it (5th dimension higher Light).

I guess I don't feel confident that this can be readily healed, or that the 5th dimension resonance can be readily restored.  It's something that I surely miss.  If anyone has suggestions they'd be most appreciated, namaste, Jennifer. 

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  • tnx for that Crystalai, will do

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