Victim Consciousness?

One of my great concerns with New Age thinking/teaching is the concept of victim consciousness.  From the outset it goes against the Divine principle of Compassion, and degenerates into 'blaming the victim'. 

The requirement for us to be our own 'God Beings' and to be responsible for what manifests in our own life is similarly problematic for that is not everyone's journey. 

For sure, it might be a requirement in higher dimensions to have the ability to manifest, but after two thousand years of suffering (since the time of Christ), and certainly the continued present day suffering of wars and torture, animal and child abuse, toxicity, pollution and clearing collective Karma from the 20thC world wars there's certainly a lot to be cleaned up. 

It also may be necessary for those who would ascend to the Light to let go of the suffering, I appreciate that but it certainly doesn't help to be labelled a victim and blamed for what manifests in one's life.

Suffering still is on Gaia and surrounding dimensions, whether through karma, the accrued genetic contamination of humanity, or attack on those who are of the Light or other reasons. 

There are very few who deliberately 'play the victim', but then it's possible for those who can or want, to have compassion and accept, or challenge them on it in love. 

I personally suffer from schizophrenia, chronic fatigue, resultant diabetes, depression and financial challenges; so I guess in one sense I'm living 'life' or survival as it is, but it is a heavy load to carry. 

I think the weight of suffering on and around Mother Gaia is immense, and that too much suffering can destroy Spirit and Soul.

Nor does it help to have social conditioning commanding us to be happy in the face of so much world suffering. 

For myself, I prefer the principle of the Goddess 'do what you will and it harm none',

or 'Live and let Live',  or 'we don't hurt each other'. 

So I ask for Divine intervention to heal the cruelty and suffering and I hope that if the Gods can do anything and everything then it will be done.

But if New Age teaching continues to use the term 'victim consciousness', 'blame the victim' and reject those who suffer, then you've lost me and I suggest you've compromised your Divine Christ nature. 

Namaste, Jennifer

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  • As the wounded healer, Chiron would be part of the Christos. I resonate to the quote that those who are too good for the world, those who are angels, or like angels, suffer.  But if we are to co-create Heaven on Earth, then it's no good for 5D teaching to blame the victim and those that suffer, otherwise you've lost Compassion and the Good Samaritan.  Also, if the Self is perfect, then there's not the need for suffering, or to idolise it.  Too much suffering destroys us, and is not very constructive anyway, apart from being against Christ principles.  So part of co-creating Heaven on Earth is to start afresh and keep it all good, Namaste, Jennifer

  • tnx Feather Winger for all your input.  I guess the stage I am at is to do what I can and trust beyond that.  I find with schizophrenia that it is very damaging to the consciousness, also chakras.  Aside from astral interference, if indeed that's what happens, I think the mercury from vaccines and silver amalgam fillings causes problems similar to autism, information overload etc so I'm focusing on transmuting the toxins and also parasites that seem to have attached themselves.  Since I don't experience 5D Light anymore, or for a while, I'm not focused on ascension xc ascension after death - sometimes the journey's too hard.  I think, also since I'm in 3D/4D consciousness, there's value in sitting down with those who suffer, sharing the suffering if one can - something that's part of Christ consciousness, but then I'm not a believer in the value of suffering itself so I trust to Love and Compassion to transmute it.  Namaste  :)

  • I agree with you completely. Very well said.

  • My experience has been that early in my journey, because of (suspected) astral interference, only the left side of my brain was able to access 5D Light, and which was further broken by an astral being getting in and doing damage, so I'm no longer able to access 5D consciousness or get reprieve from the negativity in 3D and 4D consciousness.  So after 20 yrs of schizophrenia which is a form of PTSD, aggravated by toxins, pollution and allergies, and manifests as constant spiritual/psychic attack, I'm very broken and battered.  I have experienced states of ascended consciousness, and been pulled out of ascension by misinformed/uninformed 'christians'.  There's also an area of my consciousness/brain that doesn't seem to receive Universal Christ Light, and that's where I have problems. 

    I guess I don't like being labelled a victim because I suffer and can't manifest better in my life, but i no longer have access to 5D consciousness and it is certainly hard work.  My main point is to give a 'heads up' that it isn't appropriate to use such labels as victim or victim consciousness, but rather have compassion and attempt understanding rather than judge the victim.  That only compounds the suffering in 3D (and maybe 4D or the astral) and 5D Light and Divinity will perhaps have to work hard to break through the toxins and negativity until ppl can learn to do no harm.   To a certain extent I don't mind aspects of the journey, as a Light Being experiencing that which I am; as it informs the 5D Lords and Masters of potential problems/what is happening, but my power is destroyed and I rely completely on my Gods and Guardians who often get taken out  :/ , so there's a bit of a battle going on somewhere.  Namaste, Jennifer

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