My use of colour for healing, coding etc

Pink - unconditional love

Crimson - compassion, forgiveness

Blue - for clearing sadness

Violet Flame - for clearing negativity

Deep Indigo (evening blue) - great as a gentle introduction to the Light, where the Violet Flame is too strong

Black - purity, strength, the Void

White - purity

Gold - purity

Green - grounding

Yellow, orange - karma

Red - anger

Brown - grounding

Grey - toxins, pink and crimson are great for transmuting these

Some codes, principles of divinity - generosity, compassion, love, wisdom, understanding, hope, power, strength, integrity, truth

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  • tnx for that Eve, much appreciated.  Concerning black, I find it useful as a colour of support, strength, balance and also purity, namaste, Jennifer. 

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  • Green: balance, harmony, love, communication, social acceptance, nature, healing :-) This one is yours from Feb 18 when I finished my book :-D


  • Thanks for this celionjim! Feather you have excelled yourself! haha :D I thin the world needs crimson right now to forgive the past so we can move on into a brighter future and allow those in need of healing to step aside and get some LOOOVE :-D somewhere safe far away until they are better <3



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