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Unity is the Best Policy

Dear One,

8109353261?profile=originalI hope your heart is okay and that you are seeing that the light in you will carry you through to every next step of your journey.
The country is, at this moment, grappling with huge emotions and expectations. There are feelings of loss and triumph, fear and expectation, disbelief and jubilation and emotions that only you know in your heart.

Families are divided, the nation is divided.

I too woke up Tues eve to discover things had not gone the way I wanted. LIFE!

I thought about where to move to. ESCAPE.

I thought about my arguments to the winner: PROJECTION ABOUT WHAT WILL COME.

I pointed out flawsI I AM RIGHT!

I felt despair I WANTED A SOLUTION!

Then I went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and asked what can I do?

The Avatars were clear:
Be the life you wish to manifest.
Be the love you wish to unfold around you.

This all is an Illusion, yes? the worst thing that could happen is??????

I have decided not to project the worst scenarios.

I have decided to morn and grieve and discuss for a few days….in other words, process.

But my intent every day……….to invoke CHEYA (who holds the yoke of UNION)

and to engage in that energetic process that calls for


My question to myself: can I live it?

Moment to Moment.

This may end up me living in an alternate reality!

My focus over the next four years:

To seek UNION through healing,teaching, art and writing.


Pledge UNITY within yourself.
Decide what feels good to you.
Live it, then share it.

I know you can do it.
I want to do it with others.

LMK what you are feeling about the days going forward.

Then, let us focus on our DEAR MOTHER, who truly is the way to SHIFT to a better world.

The DIVINE FEMININE holds an egalitarian vision for Her beings….where everyone has a purpose and a life to live and evolve.

Join with those who share you vision and LETS BE THE CHANGE WE SEEK.

Be a channel for the DIVINE FEMININE in whatever way calls to you.


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Albert Einstein and the Universe


Albert Einstein once wrote: “ A human being is part of a whole, call by us the “Universe”- a part limited in time and space”

Albert Einstein thoughtfully offered this observation, which many years ago would have been an illuminating thought…considering it came from a scientist. Yet to me, it is now interesting to say “part of the whole”. I see that we are now waking up to the realization that this observation is itself is limiting, for we are realizing that we are that very being that we call The Universe. A spot on a wall may be a spot, yet it is still “wall”. I like thinking about the marvelous creation called Time-Space, as it seems like a gorgeous gift that “we” as the “One” have given to ourselves… to experience definition, individuality, polarity, duality, gravity, remember-ance, beauty with edges, vision, sense and limitation. For me, every limitation can now be a gift from the “Me” to the “me” towards understanding and reveling in the intricate, expansive, cohesive, ordered yet random immensity of it “All” – Wow! I so love our quest as seekers and scientists to witness, explain, experience, ponder and rejoice in the expanding acceleration we call “God”, that continues, without limitation, to include “Us”

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8109302677?profile=originalThis Angel heralded the gateway to Ascension at the time of the Super Harvest Blood Moon. She rose in the Western sky as we gathered and She graciously faded when the last being had arrived to our half moon circle to view the event which would open consciousness to the new frequencies rolling through our Solar System since early 2015.

This Wave has rapidly accelerated the force of Evolution, thus the name Ascension Evolution Wave. Yet the question remains:
Is the Ascension Evolution Wave rolling through our Solar System or is our Solar System moving through a highly charged phase of our Universe?

Are we expanding, spiraling, away from the "Big Bang Moment" towards a new destiny or
Are we deepening towards a strange attractor, possibly dark matter, the 9th dimension?

These are questions I am asking the Universe.

Right now there are a number of planetary events happening throughout our Solar System which gives us pause to reflect.

The Sun's magnetic field has increased 230%
The Moon is growing an atmosphere that is 6000 KM high
Polar ice is forming on Mercury
Polar ice is melting on Mars
Venus 2500% increase in its atmosphere
Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus have registered increases in brightness in their atmospheric fields up to 200%
Earth: 410% increase in natural disasters, magnetic field dropping erratically, huge increase in electrical activity

Adaptability is the key to staying in the moment, which always leads us to the next step in our personal evolution.

Do you have a daily practice that brings you into the moment, whether spiritual, artistic or seva? Read on for one simple practice.

8109302481?profile=originalThe evening of the Blood Moon, we were blessed with Blessed Holiness, instructed to experience-express-emanate this hallmark of the 5th Dimension which, by nature, includes along with space and time, the spiritual force that acts as the connecting link to the Oneness. We were asked to activate this 5D hallmark with one simple mantra. AK NAR. Be the Blessed Holiness that you look for in your spiritual leaders. AK NAR is but an energetic utterance that activates the flow of spiritual activation through Blessed Holiness.

Enhance that which keeps you in the moment, practice kindness and rejoice in gratitude for all that we have within us and around us…
You may be tempted to succumb to Controlling Interference's which will historically and energetically discourage your from owning your ability to Bloom in Blessed Holiness.

Smile at others. Speak kindly. Access Joy, Love yourself. Look for the divine in others, in all beings.

That is a start. Become a 5D mini portal. Remember. This is why you are here now.

Love Love Love
Dr. Valerie Girard
Kenja Ma

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The Ascension Evolution Wave, part 2

I first experienced the impact of the Wave on February 8, 2015. Initially, I saw the Wave in a deep meditation and was pulled onto it by a force of generated gravity. The Wave appeared to move from left to right - the experience was one of riding it, much as one does while surfing. Having surfed as a younger person, I recognized the profound feeling of being propelled by a force of nature.

 The first time that I was picked up by the Wave, it initiated me into being totally present. This was required in order to stay centered on the Wave. To maintain my place on the Wave, I was required to resolve all immediate issues in my consciousness. When I was able to accomplish this, I immediately found my energy body surfing the Wave. I learned the state of mind required to be on the wave. It taught me to be centered and in no mind. While in that state, I would experience this as being  "the new normal". Daily, I would engage in a clearing practice so that I could get on the Wave.

 My life shifted. Flow, abundance, ease and grace manifested more readily. Intentions manifested. Any "lessons" produced worthy benefits and an increased ability to maintain inner silence in adversity. It increased my healing abilities and desire to help others.

One day, while riding the Wave, it suddenly changed direction, carrying me with it. In a brief moment, the Wave now curved from right to left. I found myself facing the Wave, at one with it on it's energetic roll through the Universe. My connection to the Wave felt more intimate, more real. Energetically, I reached out to touch it, to more fully experience its force. Day after day, I was able to easily find myself on the Wave in my meditation, without much effort.

 About the time of the shift in direction, a plague of symptoms began, that at times were disheartening. My lower back was painful and at times, it felt as if there was a knife in my upper back, just behind my heart. My allergies flared, for weeks at a time. I could not bend over to pick up anything. The low back pain shifted from area to area as I was forced to address deeply held issues.

 Then I got the big "cold" unlike any I have ever experienced. I was urged to get antibiotics. While I did not feel "sick", I experienced a sore throat, bronchitis, ongoing cough, sinusitis and fatigue. Yet I was able to function and enjoy my life and know that this was part of a deep clearing. My deepest issues arose with vivid clarity, originating from off planet lifetimes.

 Upon reflecting on the timing of the initiation of these physical symptoms, I realized that it coincided with receiving guidance that it was time to share the 5D energies on a larger scale and to begin to open portals to ground the incoming energies permanently. The first portal opened in Mexico, quite unexpectedly. Soon after, a portal was opened in Santa Barbara and expanded its area of influence with work from on ongoing group. One morning, upon waking, I was given the directive to go to Santa Fe to open a portal. In one hour, all arrangements were made and a very conscious group of beings gathered to open a very expanded 5D portal. Within weeks, the 5D frequencies were introduced to New Hampshire, where each being activated the frequencies in their energy fields.

 Four years before, the Santa Barbara group was able to bring in and ground all 12 5D frequencies onto the planet. This was the first time that non-initiates not only given access to these energies, but were trained, over 6 years, to be able to ground these incoming frequencies. The result again was life changing. Those who consistently participated in the six-year process, were afforded life changes that were in themselves, upgrades of their present reality configuration. Changes included upgrades in health, partnership, work situations and living arrangements. The effect appeared to give them access to 4.5D, or enhanced manifestation possibilities through focused intention, fueled by the increased vibration of the 5D frequencies.

 Personally, I experienced an initiating impulse to upgrade work and living situations, as well as relationships and health. One by one, as layers of lower vibrating consciousness contrary to the new frequencies lifted, I was required to initiate actions that would bring my awareness more into alignment with the 5D Wave. When I had finally cleared enough layers and taken appropriate action, I was initiated onto the Wave. The Wave changed direction for me when it was time to initiate others to Wave.

I also had a variety of experiences of being on the Wave.

 When the lessons were more challenging, I would find myself in the bottom of the trough of the Wave. In order to stay with the Wave, I had to track the more intimate implications of the challenges occurring at that time. Another time, I was propelled up the Wave and over the top of it for a 360˙ view of infinity - a truly exhilarating experience, which was a gift for my continuing efforts. A third time, I lifted off the Wave, which had the effect of lifting me out of a current configuration that I was having difficulty navigating through with my then limitations.

 Finally, at one point, I was able to open and connect both chest and heart to the Wave. This had the effect of initiating a process of releasing a deeply held emotional trauma that were aeons old, originating from a lifetime experienced well before incarnating on Earth. The Wave IS and everyone will experience it in their own evolutionary way.

You may invite your consciousness to experience the Wave. Whether you do or not, it will roll through your Universe and activate an acceleration of your evolutionary and spiritual awakening. Are you ready to handle it? Click here for part 3.

More to come....


Many Blessings to you and your beloveds,

Dr. Valerie Girard

Kenja Ma

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The Ascension Evolution Wave and 5D, part 3

Being asked to actively participate in the awakening process of Earth has challenged many unconscious beliefs.

First, I was uncertain why I had been asked to bring through these frequencies. Everyone asks, "Why me?"

Next, I wondered if I was capable of carrying out these directives. I have decided to ask for help and to listen within daily for guidance about taking each 'next step.'

Thirdly, I remembered other scores of other times when I had attempted to assist a planet in its evolutionary efforts and had failed. It turns out that planets come and go, which makes our planetary dilemma more real and more heart-breaking.

The fourth and most searing pain was remembering when my efforts were rejected, resulting in my demise and the separation from those very beings I had so loved and nurtured.

I share these experiences for several reasons. The first is to open you to the possibility of experiencing the Wave on a personal and intimate level. The second is to activate a memory that you came here to participate in bringing through the Ascension Evolution Wave into consciousness. The third is to reassure you that any blow-back or symptomology is transitory and if approached with consciousness, will reveal the deepest issues that have kept you from realizing your full potential here in 4D. This release of energetic blocks will then provide you access to the 4.5D stepping stone necessary to activate, embody and radiate 5D reality - both in your personal reality sphere and on this planet.

It is going to take many individuals who can hold one or more these 5D frequencies to ground them into our reality and truly live them. It will also take group of eight or more individuals who will gather to open and then nurture a portal in their town, city or region.

I have been instructed to open as many 5D portals as possible. This project has been named the PanHarmonic Portal Project or P3. We will go where we are invited, provided resources are available to get to these specific locales. Opening a portal will activate your locale as a sacred spot on the planet or, if it already known as such, to provide easy access to these incoming frequencies.

In addition, I have been given the details of how to fully initiate the Wave and the 5D frequencies into individual lives, without taking four years to fully upgrade their energetic configuration.

Once we have a substantial network, we will link these portals together through connective media. Once linked, these networks will gently uplift humanity until there is a significant mass that will live in and function through 5D reality.

This is not to say that this project is the sole proprietor of bringing through 5D reality. This method will attract certain soul groups who will easily adapt to this work and live the reality of it through their practice.

The 5D practice, like any in 4D reality, is merely that: the practice of choosing more and more 5D moments then 3 or 4D moments, thoughts, feelings or manifestation. I have been given a series of practices to activate these frequencies into the lives of those who are called. Activating them daily in meditation will gradually shift your reality into one that becomes more magical, fluidly loving, abundant, sacred and alive.

We invite you to consider this possibility and to go within to sense if you wish more information or to invite the P3 to your locale. We will be discovering ways to bring this to as many places as possible. I have been assured that this will all unfold in divine accordance.

thanks to all for your interest,

Please contact us at

Blessings and LOVE LOVE LOVE

Dr. Valerie Girard
Kenja Ma

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The Ascension Evolution Wave, part 1

The Ascension Evolution Wave or The Wave is a configuration of energy that is a collaboration of frequency and light. The frequency is a wave impulse that has been light-encoded with specific information formulated to awaken lower frequencies to a higher vibratory expression.

 The Ascension Evolution Wave that is currently rolling through our Solar System, was set in motion millennia ago by an intention to accelerate and upgrade the consciousness in our sector of the Universe. It was initiated by a single thought-form from an intelligence system that is beyond the Central Spiritual Sun. It is now just hitting planet Earth and its affect will be in force for the next five months until early February of next year.

 The Wave has multiple implications with its target intent. First, it means to initiate a smoother evolutionary process in our sector of the universe. Second, it intends to lessen the effect of incoming energies on lower frequencies of expression, as is noted in 3 & 4D worlds. Thirdly, it will initiate non-human forms to a higher frequency so that there will be increased ability for communication between humans and other planetary forms such as mammals, birds, marine animals. fish and insects. There will also be breakthroughs from the microscopic world where communication with single cell organisms will reveal possible reality upgrades through biology.

 Some beings have begun to realize this enhanced communication between humans and animals. I am personally experiencing interesting lines of communication with mammals, birds, fish and insects. Using a clear mind, open heart, clear intention and respect, I have personally interacted recently with bears, Canadian geese, loons, hawks, perch and ants, not to mention dogs and cats. In each experience, I have made a request and they have responded with interest and immediate action.

 Our current 4D world is actually incorporating 4.5D frequencies into its consciousness base. While few realize access to this vibratory level, those who do, create a stepping-stone for beings who aspire to be initiated into 5D reality. Each of us must repeal indoctrination to limitation thought-forms imposed upon us by dominating and controlling forces (think government, religions, corporations and media). To do so means reconfiguring these thought-forms so that they embrace a truer reality based on love, truth and integrity. This requires that we actually observe our thoughts, especially when they reflect and create negative emotions. There are a number of techniques for acquiring the energy to observe rather than unconsciously participate in this lower expression of life.

At this time, it is impossible to increase every human’s basic configuration to 5D. Instead, a few will hear the call, step into the Wave and acclimate to its increased speed and vibration. The Wave itself recently accelerated, as it will do at certain intervals, which will increase the symptoms felt by sensitive beings. Those beings who are multi-dimensional in their awareness have already begun to feel the expression of the Wave in their fields and are acclimating to it’s frequency upgrade.

 The process of Ascension increases and accelerates one's vibratory rate, changing and harmonizing the harmonic tone of each individual that it impacts, which is in effect, a harmonic chord that is resonates multi-dimensionally. Your personal chord attracts those of a similar or harmonic vibration. Resonating groups are beginning to gather together with the specific intention of Ascension-through- Evolution. Make no mistake - there can be no ascension without evolution.

Ascension does not mean lifting off the planet. At times, however, it will feel as if you are lifting out of your body. More accurately, you will be lifting out of your limiting energetic configuration. During these times, you may feel the lessoning affect of gravity. This feeling may leave you feeling disoriented or that something is 'amiss' in your reality.

As the Wave hits, your incongruently held vibrations will be pushed to the surface of your consciousness. You may feel ill or actually fall ill. Your body may exhibit detox symptoms such as a cold or the flu. Your body may ache with pains migrating throughout your body as you shift through your limitations. Do your best to move through these manifestations by looking inward to see the root and origins of this experience.

More to come.....go here!

Love love love,

Dr. Valerie Girard

Kenja Ma

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8109286287?profile=originalI am putting the call out to all of you who might see this or pass it on...

Could you please join us energetically on Thursday night, 7:30 PDT to call upon multiple energetic streams to assist us in ending the drought? It is epic drought time here and this is the year that it needs to shift for the balance of consciousness in this precious land.

Every time we have meditated, it has rained within  50 miles and usually over our meditation pavilion. This has been happening since November of 2014. The rain has been noticeable but has not been enough.

SO! will you join us....and let us know that you are joining us sometime in the 24 hrs before or after. Its a Blue Moon, a special one and we want to build the energy for El Nino to come and work some magic here.

Special thanks to all who will join us.....

Blessings to you!

Dr. Valerie Girard

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Manifesting A Reality Shift

There comes a time when each of us sense that it is time to make a shift. Perhaps it is a shift in how we manifest our 3D life. Perhaps is time to bring higher frequencies into our day to day life. Perhaps it is time to move more deeply into Oneness.

It is vital to upgrade our energy daily for the purpose of bringing in more light as well as radiating more love to the world around us. Are you ready to prepare for a shift?

  1. Do you best to get to bed early for a restful sleep.
  2. Begin each day with the 5D meditation or 5D meditation video
  3. Bring 5D’s into the 4 Rings of Dreaming
  4. Simplify your diet eliminating foods and beverages that may affect your energy.
  5. Eat as much raw vibrant food as possible.
  6. Include fresh juicing.
  7. Steams, saunas, warm soaks will nourish and detox your precious body.
  8. Obtain energy balancing treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture and massage whenever possible.
  9. Meditate in the evenings when possible, at the same hour nightly.
  10. Activate 7D frequencies with the Mudra Dance whenever possible.
  11. Enhance your vibration with yoga, tai chi and chi gong.
  12. Avoid any socializing that drains your energy.
  13. Pray for others.
  14. Radiate 5D energy to others whenever possible.
  15. Gather with others to meditate.
  16. Gather energy while in nature.
  17. Engage in spiritual reading.
  18. Observe the New Moon and the Full Moon with special attention to meditation and activating 5D energy
  19. Upgrade your human programming (ego, personality, attitudes, addictions) to the Divine.
  20. Steer clear of TV and other media sources that tie you into the Platform of Control.
  21. Intend your shift into 5D consciousness.
  22. Approach your work as dharma and stay connected to your Self in your workday.
  23. Create an altar to remind you of your Intent to shift
  24. Share your 5D energy whenever possible through your heart and your eyes.

If you are interested in creating a 5D portal in your residence, town or office, please contact PHH as we will be increasing our efforts in the next two years to open as many portals on the planet as possible - through the cooperation of spiritual beings such as yourself.

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The Art of Meditation

Meditation is a discipline of taking time for self in a world of information overload - to go inwards. Those who do meditate have discovered worlds within worlds. Consider the inner worlds as the greatest frontier that lies ahead of the human race.

Many of us are being forced to multitask to keep up with the world. Yet we need time to process and let go of the emotional aspects of everything we experience throughout the day. A daily practice lets you reset back to the real "you".

During the day we operate in Beta consciousness. To maintain our health, it is important to alter our brain waves to both Alpha and Delta waves. There is a particular sense of well-being that comes when we are able to enter into a deep alpha wave through meditation.

Meditation can be:

• A spiritual practice or a processing practice.
• Very specific spiritual practice - Buddhist chanting.
• Time with yourself to come into the present moment.
• Useful for inspiring creativity.
• Useful in promoting marvelous health benefits of lowering blood pressure. slowing heart rate, balance p.H, reducing cortisol.
• Helpful in inducing a more profound sleep.
• Helpful in organizing intentions for optimum performance.
• Useful in improving memory, mood and energy!
• Useful in reducing depression, fatigue, anxiety, over eating, pain.

Remember this: thoughts create feelings, so letting go of negative thinking can brighten your day and focus your mind on what is important.

Finding the right meditation is like finding the right exercise program. You want to find what works for you and also what fits in with your lifestyle. There is no right or wrong way to meditate – only the way that best works for you. The goal? To feel more connected to yourself, to nature, to your community and to our spiritual Source. Add that to experiencing more energy, focus and creativity and you will want to begin with a meditation practice immediately!


Using even respiration equal inhalation and exhalation is rejuvenating and calming-as when we sleep. The yoga breath

Inner Silence connects us to a force that rejuvenates and energizes anti aging Circular mind –Shutting off the mind allows a creative flow of energy to drop in. discoveries made transcendent quality to dropping into deep silence.

A powerful way to release stress at the end of the day is to scan the body for sensation, pain, tension or vibration. Breathe with and through the vibration, releasing pain and matching vibration. If emotions come up, breathe through those feelings with a gentle mindfulness. If scenes from the day come up, feel free to re-dream them

Hand positions that activate physiological, emotional and spiritual response. Ever notice the hand positions of the statues of saints? Mudras are instant link-ins to specific energy flows in the body.

Mudras may work when other forms of meditation may not. It is lovely to combine these hand position and movements with deep even breathing and silencing the mind. To learn the twenty Christalis Mudras click here.

A single sound like OM, Love, Peace chanted out loud or silently interrupts the inner chatter. By shutting off the mind, we are able to allow the body/mind to transcend into a higher state of awareness. Transcendental Meditation focuses on one sound which is repeated a transcendent state occurs where all thought disappears. This state is a powerful medium for creativity and problem solving.

A mantra is chant that may be in another language that transmits a powerful and transcendent experience. OM MANE PADME HUM is a well known Buddhist chant to purify all aspects of being.

An affirmation is a statement that entrains the mind into a positive state of being."The Universe always supports me" or "I love myself unconditionally" are two powerful statements.

Some find that if they pray to their Spiritual Force as they sit quietly, they enter into a state of reverie and reflection leading to inner silence.

Listening to ambient music can focus you out of the left and into the right brain. Breathing deeply while listening to the music not only helps silence thoughts, but may give you insights into what is happening in your life.

Moving at a slightly slower speed and being mindful of the world that unfolds around you and within you is a powerful way to still the mind. walking, eating, listening to others, breathing while exercising.

Some people meditate better while moving! Choose a mantra and walk in nature. Breathe, Clear. Reset! Others use movement as in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Christalis Activations or even flow yoga to move into a transcendental state. Moving and then sitting can be an effective combination.

Having trouble “dropping in” on your own? There are many guided meditations available on the web, in spiritual and religious stores. Most have music behind them and gently lead you into meditation and then back out.

Focusing on the positive in your life creates more positive outcomes! Positive thoughts bring positive feelings that then move out into your life. Expressing appreciation and gratitude opens the heart. End your meditation time with something you are grateful for in your life to keep your heart open and attracting even more lovely manifestations.

There are many inspirational spiritual, religious and secular texts that will inspire a flow of spiritual energy. Take time to read one of your favorites, and then contemplate the meaning for you for just a few moments – at the beginning or end of your day!

Meditating with others can enhance your experience. Many people gather to meditate weekly for inner peace or for world peace. A group field is so much more powerful than one field of energy. Crime goes down when groups meditate in a city.

It is lovely to sit quietly by a stream and close your eyes. Or have that special chair that you sit in. Some people create an altar that focuses their intentions or prayers. Others like to walk through a forest or find silence in a church or a shrine where others have gathered. The trick is to be anywhere, close your eyes and go within and find silence…even if for a few moments.

Long-Term Effects Of Meditation
• Building skills to manage your stress
• Increased self-awareness
• Focusing on the present
• Reducing negative emotions
• Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations

Begin your meditation practice today even if it is for fifteen minutes at some point in your day. You will be rewarded with more focus, peace and energy as well as participate in the greatest exploration of all time - into your inner being!

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8109213265?profile=originalAs I watched the sun sink slowly away for it’s last moments in 2014, it occurred to me that our marking of time based events, like the new year, is both observational and arbitrary in terms of its relation to the passing of cosmological events. While celestial bodies spiral through space, there is no beginning and end of any cycle of movement.

What makes time-based events such as New Year’s Day of interest to us? Agreement. Sentiment. Memory. Time unconsciously defines us. It is a construct that allows us to record our relationship to consciousness in 3D. Time is resonance.

We appear to need time to measure the expression of consciousness as it expands. It would be difficult to accept each moment without the reference of time and previous experience. Time, as a construct does not go two ways, it only appears to move forward…or does it?

If we consider time as resonance, while it appears to unfold in one direction, our ability to move both forward and backwards remains possible. How?

Lets say that as a child, you experienced a traumatic event. Further more, this event went unnoticed by attending adults and when you ran for help, you were ignored or the trauma you felt was ridiculed or downplayed. In this moment, you stop the expansion of consciousness through time and the feeling and experience of trauma becomes imbedded in your experience of who you are. In fact, you encode that it is not safe to ask for help, express your emotions or properly process one of life’s traumas. You then carry this residual feeling and your assessment of safety through your life.

Through proper awareness, you indeed are able to travel back to that moment – in fact you remember it as if it happened moments ago. Yet, now you have awareness that parents do not always attend to their children, as they should. Instead, you are able to attend to the child-self that is hurt, traumatized, emoting and unable to heal by his or herself. You are able to be THERE observing the child and giving the child a listening ear, a comforting hug and a feeling of protection along with some wisdom and understanding.

As this unfolds, the trauma unwinds deep within your nervous system….perhaps tears come to your eyes, perhaps you feel a strangling hold on some part of your consciousness unwinding. No matter – you have traveled back in time to heal that part of you that was injured without subsequent nurturing. With the proper steps, that trauma resolves and that long held resonance, associated with that trauma, flattens and dissipates. You feel freer. Your possible future shifts as your continuum shifts in a new direction of evolution.

By the same respect, you often travel forward in time. You place yourself into situations and feel what might happen. Sometimes you experience your awareness moving into a possible future without consciously projecting yourself there. You experience the future moment as if it is happening now (which it is, because all time is NOW feeling the emotional impact of your choice. You make a decision to move in a particular direction based on this experience. Synchronistic events unfold and you realize that by traveling into the perception of the future that you created a pleasing outcome or averted a problem. Thus you traveled “forward” on the continuum of time.

Let’s say thaI am feeling/perceiving an emotion or energetic response to a current situation. Perhaps I am feeling anxiety. I allow myself to register this feeling consciously, wondering if it is something in my past being restimulated by a current event, something currently emerging from my subconscious or something that I may be worrying about in the future. I may be even feeling apprehension about an unknown event that has not happened. When I tune into this feeling, I can time travel from this perceived moment into the perceived past or tune into the possible future to allow my consciousness to register a “hit” regarding its origins. That feeling of anxiety is actually vibrating throughout my continuum of consciousness that includes:

  • The past while not embodied in a tangible reality
  • The past experienced in other lives, planetary or in parallel universes
  • The past of this life
  • This moment,
  • The  possible future
  • The future of others that I am tuned into (like the collective unconscious)
  • An ancestral lineage of vibration either physical or spiritual.

The past while not embodied may include registered frequency memories that anchor a specific feeling. Many beings have had cosmic and galactic experience in their soul history that does not include time of earth.

Vibrations may originate as “past memories” in planetary or parallel lives that resonate with current life experiences. Parallel world memories may seem like past lives but be different in its reality expression compared to earth reality.

The current past is more easily accessed. Unresolved vibrations are either suppressed due to their painful nature or relived through memories that are re-stimulated by current events. (Those who have suffered childhood abuse may find themselves in a abusive relationship.)

This moment may generate emotions from the situation at hand or because we are tuned into the collective unconscious. (9/11 events generated fear and anxiety across the US)

Future premonitions are merely time traveling forward on the continuum, consciously or unconsciously. A possible future event is registered and responded to, often preventing calamity.

We may know ahead of time of a catastrophe that will affect others. I can often feel ahead of time when an earthquake will happen in another region of the world.

Inherited feelings may register in our continuum, especially if we are in a position to assist in resolving the vibration to a higher frequency.

Our ego self is the sum total of all unresolved resonances. These resonances drive us to recreate events or life circumstances which are similar because they are familiar, however unpleasant. Think of the child who has a father who is abusive. How often will this child find himself or herself in a relationship with someone who mirrors this experience?

On the other hand, we could surmise that the ego is injured and is drawn towards a similar resonance in an effort to relieve, with consciousness, the event, so that it may be resolved or healed. The unconscious/soul participates in the drive to evolve, thus creating attraction to those life experiences that will allow evolution and healing. However, without the proper tools, these resonances may be repeatedly recreated and relived until a lesson is learned, a wrong forgiven or a vibration upgraded to love.

Think of a tree. The top of the tree is the future with the branches representing various possible future experiences. The middle of the tree is now and the bottom of the tree is the past. If you travel through the grain of the tree lengthwise, you will see a connection top to bottom. Slice horizontally through the tree and you will see a cross section of all those grains. This represents all the frequencies that make you who you are both as an ego and a personality.

In other words, while being present in the vibration of this moment, you may extend your attention both into the past and forward into the future. The vibration remains the same now, then and in the future. This is because the past and future are only happening now. It is merely perception that allows us to create a past and future.

With this in mind, we can now perceive that we can time travel and actually change the past to influence the future. Numerous times, I have traveled into the past to the child I was, nurtured that child I was by giving my “child-self” what I did not receive. Old redundant feelings dissipated. More importantly, resolving the past aberrant frequency directly changed the direction that my “future” took.

The world we perceive is an illusion - we truly exist in non-ordinary states on an evolutionary path that is dictated as much by these unseen aspects of ourselves as the decisions we make day to day. We are evolving our consciousness to resolve duality and to merge into conscious oneness. Learn to time travel through the continuum and you will gain mastery to your evolution, renewing your essence to its prime potential. Then will be able to join those in the Immortality Club.

For more information on the Immortality Club, contact

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The Platform of Control


The defining aspect of the Fifth Dimension is spirituality. Spirituality is a measure of goodness. One would wonder why the whole world would not gravitate towards and foster this element of deep connection to the Oneness and experience in return the flow of goodness in their lives.


However, this 3D world exists under the limitation of polarity, gravity, entropy and evolution. These elements force the hand of survival and greed. Many struggle to stay alive. Others have acquired the power to manipulate others for their own benefit. The world operates as a hierarchy. We fit in somewhere in that hierarchy of wealth, status and power.


With this in mind, we look around and see those who aspire to do well in the world and to make a difference. We also see people who go to extreme ends to elevate their status and wealth. We know what it feels like to do good things for others, especially those in need. We may not always have the resources to do all that we would like to do for others, yet our intent for the world is that no one suffers.


While it is hard enough to see those with extreme wealth want more wealth and power, it is even harder to see that there are those in the world that wish harm on others. It is even more difficult to imagine that there are people in the world who aim to stop spiritual beings with an intent goodwill towards the planet. Yet, these beings exist, in this reality and beyond.


If one were to gaze down upon the Earth’s reality from the perfect observation point, one would observe a battle between “good” and “evil”. I have always wondered why the ONE would allow so much suffering to happen as well as abuse upon others by those in power. We live in a 4D world (3D + Time) that is a playground for experience and growth that cannot be found in most other realities. These negative elements are free to exist here, no one is forced to believe in or experience the true nature of the ONE.


We do have a choice that is not offered in most religions and that is to evolve into 5D. The reason that most religions keep this precious secret is that they might lose control of their adherents and thus an income if they were to steer people towards their own divinity. Instead, they are steered towards a God that may judge and punish for lessons learned.


Although it is difficult to conceive, there is an energetic influence that pervades this planet. We only perceive the results of this influence and rarely the players. While we see that there is too much power concentrated in the hands of a few, we are too busy paying off our couch and car to speak up.


The key element that we are tuning into here is the element of Control- with a capital C. Control exists behind the scenes in every power structure. In most religions or political expressions, there is a hierarchy. The beings at the top legislate those at the bottom and in return control their fate. This control exists on the most insipid levels.


In addition, there are forces that wish to slow down the evolution of the masses. Their level of evolution allows them to see the potential for power over others without seeing the choice of power for the good of all. There are purveyors of this control that exist in the secular and religious factions. They know that they cannot abolish the Light and Love in the world. Their game is to slow it down or to oppress those who wish to bring forth the dawn of a new age. While it is difficult to believe that anyone would go to the trouble of suppressing Planetary Light workers, it is indeed a fact.


The Avatars note this energetic mass as the Platform of Control. They do not judge it. They indicate that it has been amassing over centuries and millennia as a way of a small number of beings amassing power and wealth.


In order to bring 5D reality forth, this suppression must be recognized by Light workers. The field of energy has been created on several dimensional planes, including this 3D, 4D and 5D. It is deliberate and for millennia, effective in controlling the masses.


As we go to create our reality, we only see a limited possibility in what can be accomplished. We are constantly creating through the sludge that is emitted by the Platform. The sludge places an oppressive element over our consciousness which then keeps us from moving directly into heightened awareness. Do you recognize any of these elements in your life?







Sex distortions



Need to control


Esteem issues


We have amassed enough consciousness now to see that we have a choice to recognize our selves as Divine beings and to wake up. To do this, we must disengage from the platform that is laid out for humans. Light is streaming fourth onto the planet. We must take this opportunity to align with the Light and thereby detach from the false creation of the Controllers.


To do this we enter into meditation to observe how the Platform of Control is embedded into our lives. This is really helpful if we can tune into and see or feel how we are engaging with the energetic constructs of the Platform.


Here are some of the constructs:



2. Unconscious


4.Consume to be happy

5.Us Vs. Them


7.Don’t Feel

8. Not Supported

9.Must Always Work

10. Not Enough Space 

11.Must Be in Control 

12. Aging is inevitable

13. Death is inevitable

14. Not Enough Time 

15. Resist change

16. Everyone is Separate

17. Unsafe to reveal Self

18. Appearances Matter

19.Must have Power Over

20. Life is Hard


Perhaps you will come up with other manifestation. Pick one or more to tune into how the Platform has limited you in this life. Feel how this showing up in your life currently.


The PanHarmonic practitioners may move or meditate to resolve their attachment to this phenomena. You may visualize three specific symbols, each associated with a specific cosmic frequency embodied in an Avatar Presence. You may also use the mudras pictured to bring that cosmic frequency through your energetic body.


To begin, note the manifestation of the Platform in your life. Then visualize an X overwriting the feeling of the construct. Perhaps you will assume the Eyend mudra associated with this symbol. 8108700097?profile=originalSurround the feeling of the construct with this X. This contains it so that you can begin to see it is not you.


8108699901?profile=originalNow to detach from it, we use the equilateral cross or the symbol of the Christos. If you hold this mudra as well, you will find that a feeling of clearing begins to form inside of you. The Christos emanates a high love frequency that contradicts the very nature of the Platform.


8108700460?profile=originalNow we visualize the curved triangle that appears to rotate to the right. This is the symbol of Tara. She is a conduit for more and more light. We want to separate out reality from the control reality. It is like separating the chaff from the wheat. Tara spins your vibration to be a match for 5D reality. You simply move out of the influence of the Platform. You become a clear conduit for the Light.


When I saw the Platform energetically, it appeared as an large irregular platform of energy with a thickness related to how many beings are linked in. I focused on that thickness and wrote the aforementioned code vertically on the sides, over and over, all the way around. First I wrote the X, under that the †, followed by the swirling ∆ over and over again. This produced great distancing and subsequently relief and followed by a notable shift in life. Each being that notices and then detaches from the Platform weakens it substantially.


This experience frees you to move more freely on the planet. You observe without judgment and follow the signs that appear at every step of the way. You follow your instincts and your intuition. Your inner knowing is your guide. The illusion of the external world ceases to be your master.


For more information about this work, you may join us on the  Ascension Highway. We are under the guidance of the twenty Christalis Avatars, a group field of Cosmic Presences that includes the Christos, Buddha, Gaia and Tara, each emanating a specific coded frequency. You may join our work and access numerous missives that are succinctly directive to accelerate your ascension path at this most unique moment in our human history.


Love and Blessings,

Dr. Valerie G

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Chose to THRIVE

Recently, my dear mother went through the giant pink door to the other side. You will see why I say pink door, when I relay the following story to you.

8109109672?profile=originalAt the end of a meditation one morning, my guidance indicated that they wished to speak to me regarding my mother. After informing me that she was not long for this world, they indicated that she would have a choice: stay in the astral domain to be around all of her family or to go through a door that would be presented to her. They let me know that it would be in her soul’s best interest to go through the door.

As it turns out, my mother was in her final days. I was able to speak to her about the door. A few days later, she left her body to transition to the other side. She apparently did not hang around the astral planes, for we did not feel her much for the next two weeks.

On the day of her memorial, she came back. Many people at the memorial experienced her in an expanded state, high above the congregation. I felt her joy and her wonderment at having lived a life so full of highs and lows, each experience offering an expansion of presence. She felt like a giant net, now accumulating all the love being radiating up to her from those at her memorial.

A few days later, my mother appeared to me in a meditation and wanted to communicate to me her new state. She felt like a recharged, evolved version of her former self. She wanted to show me the door that she had chosen to go through.

Yes, it was a giant double pink door, arched and with embellishments. It took a few moments to realize that it was indeed the very door she chose to open and go through. With this realization, the doors swung inward and my gaze was directed to a scene below where many people sat conversing at tables in an animated fashion. My mother looked at me and said, “ This reality is very similar to earth-except here, we do not have to survive.”

That phrase stuck me deeply. Suddenly it put our whole reality structure in a different light. I saw in a moment, that our daily construct is centered on “surviving”. We awaken each day and resign ourselves to work so that we can avoid the suffering of not having food or shelter. We are consumed with the business of surviving. Those that have enough worry about keeping it or getting more. Others who do not have enough often suffer physically and emotionally.

The energy that we gain from sleeping and eating all goes to surviving another day on earth. For many, there is little time to focus on practices that would allow them to evolve to become free. They are too busy caught up in the dream of survival. It is this very dream that controls most populations around the planet.

Survival is our greatest instinct – it is literally programed into our DNA. To “survive” means to avoid death – and death is something to be feared. Death is absolute, unless you believe those who communicate with us from the other side. It is better to suffer and survive, rather than pass to the other side, according to the mandate of survival. Get the picture? Survive at all costs, even to your evolution.

From birth, we are indoctrinated into this particular dream, until such a moment that we remember, “this is but a dream.” The practices of freeing oneself from the dream of survival are available, but until recently, kept secret. Because the dream of control and survival is so inherent in every reflection on the planet, we relinquish our freedom to be and our freedom to co-create our reality. Perhaps it is time to shift from the instinct to survive to the choice to thrive!

How can we interrupt this overpowering instinct? We can begin by realizing, through affirming often, that the Universe continues to support us. Take notice of just how perfectly this support occurs in your daily life. Stop noticing the lack and affirm the abundance. Realize that if this is a dream, then the dream can be altered. It takes energy to alter the dream. Find energy gathering practices and make it a top priority to engage with them daily. Meditation, yoga, the mudra dance, Christalis Code activations, mantras, breathing practices, affirmations and Tai Chi are just some of the energy gathering practices known and shared. Click on the links to find those that best suit you.

 The upside? Mental clarity, more energy, better sleep, a calmer spirit, better health and emotional balance are just some of the benefits. As you shift your inner paradigm to flow, grace and abundance, the world around you shifts. As this happens, you will find that you want to help others thrive. It is through this simple shift in consciousness that our world paradigm will evolve to one of freedom and co-creation. Isn’t it time to choose to thrive?


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8108988275?profile=originalThroughout the year, astrological configurations serve as a focusing agent for humanity. Some of these configurations serve as portals, so those who are perceptive may access them inwardly with meditation and contemplation. I have always realized a shift in my personal energy when I am able to align with the higher frequencies that are accentuated during these esoteric holidays.

When I was enlightened about the August grand sextile, (August 24-26),I was struck by the timing of this event. Only days before, we gathered at the exact time of the Leo Blue Moon. At this moment, we were guided to energetically reconfigure our energy bodies through the art and science of Declarative Energetics. Through this very simple process, we were guided to attune to our current human configuration and to reformate our consciousness in this reality.

During this process, we were guided to extend our crown and root chakras into the higher and deeper dimensional fields while opening our hearts with the breath. We were then guided through a series of declarations. These are power statements that align us, as Sovereign beings, with Source consciousness. They often begin with, “I AM” followed by a divine quality or state of being.

We have previously discussed the human configuration missives that detailed aspects of the Corridor. To review, we can observe five main features of the human consciousness that are accessed in the Corridor: the ego, the id, the personality, the base self and the circular mind. These five elements succeed in keeping most humans enslaved to a life of reaction rather than conscious actualization. Of these five, the circular mind is the most detrimental to our sovereignty, for it constantly judges, ridicules, creates separation, is suspicious and undermining, confirms inadequacy while obsessing about how to control life. The circular mind issues a constant ticker tape of dialogue that has little value in the co-creation of life on earth. It creates negative feelings and victimhood while affirming, then creating the negative aspects of life that arise moment-to-moment.

The higher mind, has three actions: observe, intend and awareness. If the higher mind is functioning, it will actually let go of thought and acquiesce to pure awareness via inner silence. One of the greatest feats for humans to accomplish is to turn off the internal dialogue to allow the experience of pure awareness to actualize within the being.

Because this is not always possible in the life of householders, so we must look to other ways to actualize awareness. One way to participate in conscious creation of your reality and the reality here on the planet is through the practice of Declarative Energetics.

This process is simply opening the energetic field (as instructed during the Full Moon meditation) to reprogramming and then issuing declarations that install a reality upgrade both personally and globally. These declarations may be repeated silently or proclaimed, with authority, out loud, personally or in a group setting.

The Avatars once issued a list of declarations that were specifically designed to reformat the human configuration.  This list of declarations is referred to as the Litanies. They were initially issued in the format of YOU ARE because the Avatars wanted to direct and affirm for us our inherent potential as spiritual beings in human form. Specifically, these declarative statements contradict the accepted reality that we submit to as humans, no matter how detrimental they are to our well-being. An example would be, YOU ARE FREE, to which you would reply, I AM FREE.

With this in mind, the Avatars have begun the process of offering a step-by-step process for releasing the human configuration, using the process of Declarative Energetics. They may seem like affirmations, however, know that by declaring, as manifestations of Source (I AM) you are drawing on the power of the ONE to co-create.

Now we look to the Declarations issued in the Full Moon meditation and observe their order. You may read and then apply to your meditation.

 The first declaration offered was, I AM FREE. We have examined the necessity of this in one of our last missives. This is the point of origin for releasing the constraints of human enslavement. This frequency can be uploaded through the extended Root chakra.  I AM FREE may also be declared for all of humanity…imagine living in harmony with all embodied beings.

The next declarative was I AM TRUTH. This was brought down through the Crown chakra. Establishing your reality as TRUTH enables future declarations to have more power. I AM TRUTH also shifts the consciousness to an exquisite alignment that paves the way for understanding Truth on a deeper and deeper level.

Now you are ready to co-create. We followed the previous two declarations with I AM LOVE, allowing this vibration to emanate through the activated Heart chakra. We extended our fields to include each other and the global community. You may choose from a wealth of declaratives, such as I AM LIGHT, I AM DIVINE or I AM AWARE. Carefully choose your own Litanies, writing them down as I AM_______. Choose as many as you want, being clear and specific.

8108988056?profile=originalOnce activated, you may now align with the grand sextile portal, placing yourself in its center. Align with the Central Spiritual Sun. (NASA reports that three days ago there was a large solar burst, whose protons are now headed towards Earth and slatted to arrive today.) Open and extend both Root and Crown chakras. Breathe deeply into your heart and open to receive the Truth of who you are.

Begin with I AM FREE. Say this out loud many times and then repeat it internally. Follow this with I AM TRUTH. Breathe this in deeply through the Crown and allow it to filter through your whole nervous system. Let it reprogram your consciousness to align with what only is truth.

Now choose from your Litanies. Align with the truth of who your are and intone your declarative out loud, with authority. Then, whisper it quietly, followed by a repetition of it thought silently in the depth of your being.

Finally, align with the global community and offer the truth for the good of all. You are now an official co-creator. Now you understand the meaning of I AM THE WORD. Please use your power wisely, with heart and wisdom. Bless you. WE ARE ONE!

For more information, go to or join our free online community by clicking here. Feel free to share.

Blessings to All,

Dr. Valerie Girard

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Initiate Sovereignty Now

8108986297?profile=originalIn our last missive, you were able to see the power in declaring, that indeed, you are free. I AM FREE sets forth a vibration, that resounds throughout the universe, that you ARE and you CREATE, moment to moment. For those that were able to read Reconfiguring Reality, you were challenged to declare this as often as possible, observing the manifestations of your declaration. Interestingly enough, this week, everywhere I went, I was privileged to hear songs that declared this freedom, over and over. In still moments, when my mind wandered, I was prompted to repeat this declaration, with authority and resonance. With each passing moment, this idea of freedom expanded as I attracted in information from inner and outer sources that clarified this expression of freedom.


Yet, the question arose: what does it mean to be FREE? Are you FREE from something? Freedom is not “just another word for nothing left to lose.” Are you FREE to do as you please or FREE from gravity or the need to sustain your body? In the context of maintaining order in a society of beings, FREEDOM becomes a concept that is tempered and tethered by laws that were made to regulate man’s inclination was to infringe on the FREEDOM of other beings.


So then, what do you accomplish by declaring that you are FREE?


So many on this planet have attached themselves to the idea of GOD without having a direct experience of that being. GOD becomes a concept of FAITH. These concepts of GOD come in many forms, many religions. Interestingly enough, the concept of GOD has caused many a being to infringe on the FREEDOM of beings who do not hold sacred their same beliefs about GOD.


In fact, this concept of GOD, especially one of a wrathful, judging, warlike GOD, has wholly negated the FREEDOM for a multitude of beings in our million years of being homo sapiens sapiens on this planet. Religions, through their leaders, have used this concept of a one GOD, legislating us from the heavens, to control the masses through fear of judgment. In doing so, the innate FREEDOM of each being existing on this planet, is negated. The masses have complied.


This has occurred because specific information has been withheld from the masses. They have been led to believe that a source outside of them is responsible for creating their reality. They have been configured to uphold that they are mortal, controlled, finite, separate beings. Although humans are spiritual beings in a physical body, their awareness has been configured (by those who have a controlling interest in having unawakened beings at their disposal) to remain asleep and unaware of the true nature of their being. This information and ways to reconfigure the nature of our humanity has been consciously withheld from the masses. What is maintained is a paradigm of control – and deceit.


Beings have come forth who are willing to share the necessary information for humans to wake up to their true nature. It has been offered in many forms, yet the process of awakening the entire planet is slow, as so many beings struggle to overcome the primary effect of their configuration - being destined to suffer. Humans are programmed to toil –with the instilled hope of possibly being rewarded with the kingdom of God - upon death. It is difficult for most to break through the programming and the incessant chain of thought that streams through mass consciousness: you are weak, insufficient and undeserving. Unconscious negative thoughts, restimulated by daily trials, construct a large part of this stream of thoughts.


Our world is the result of thought. Thoughts create things: intentions, emotions and actions. If most of the masses’ daily thoughts are negative, self-deprecating and separatist, then the reality that is co-created on earth is a jumble of chaotic intentions. It is a wonder that reality is as cohesive as it appears.


This leads us to our next realization: you can choose your thoughts! You knew that! The catch? You have to remember to choose conscious, free, accurate thoughts! However, if you are logged onto the default human configuration, it will be difficult to remember to choose, as the mind readily defaults to the barrage of unconscious thoughts (just watch them sometime) that filters through the human mind. This default setting eliminates the awareness that you are FREE to choose your own thoughts, thereby FREE to create your own reality in the most positive, abundant, loving manner possible.


If you can remember to repeatedly say I AM FREE, thereby interrupting the default setting, your unconscious mind will gradually realize that it is FREE to choose its own thoughts and - it will begin to remember to do so. In addition, this declaration brings you to the realization that you are a SOVEREIGN BEING, just as SOURCE BEING is sovereign. This allows you to realize just how deeply you are the SOURCE of your reality. This one realization shifts you into SOVEREIGN consciousness.


Now you are ready to step beyond the concept of predetermined reality, such as “I am going to get old and die”. You consciously choose thoughts that create more freedom and a more desirable reality. You realize that when you say I AM, you are the ONE, the very ONE who creates the universe, creating by THE WORD: I AM LIFE. I AM LIGHT. I AM LOVE. These are all declarations that shift consciousness from a default controlled state to one that is SOVEREIGN.


The declaration, I AM FREE, then, is the key that unlocks the door to the reality states that you may desire, such as I AM LOVE, I AM ABUNDANCE, I AM GRACE. As your reality shifts, you will begin to realize that you are the very consciousness that graciously creates reality here on earth – and beyond.


Then, when you become free, the net of control for all beings weakens. So wake up…YOU ARE - a SOVEREIGN consciousness – now! So BE! Or, at least declare it out loud, as often as possible, “I AM, I AM FREE!”

Blessings to All Beings,

Dr.Valerie Girard

copyright 2013

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Reconfiguring Your Reality

8108980077?profile=originalThe most important question I can ask you is: “ ARE YOU?”


What is your answer? Close your eyes and answer that question.


What was your answer?


You may have answered, “Am I what?”, thinking that I did not ask a complete question. Yet the accurate answer to this question is simply, “I AM”.


Everything that we add beyond this statement is a merely qualifier of either 3D, 4D or divine consciousness, such as “I am hungry, irritated, bored, sad, angry etc.” These are conditional answers, reflecting on our response to our 3D environment. Though not exactly TRUE, we allow the language of experience often take precedence over the language of consciousness.


In the last month, the Avatars have asked me to pay special attention to the ticker tape of thoughts that trollop through my consciousness. In addition, I have been guided to choose very empowering thoughts that reflect the true nature of our being, “I AM.” Originally, these thoughts were offered as the Litany or declarations of true consciousness. This Litany was offered to counter the many limiting thoughts that define our reality day to day.


To contemplate this further, consider that any thoughts that describes our true nature as hunger, thirst, anger, separate, sadness, fear or polarized dilutes the truth of your beingness, whether embodied or in spirit form. To get a clearer picture of the nature of your consciousness, close your eyes and disappear your body parts one by one until gone. You will notice that there is now an observer without a body! You simply “are” and can now answer the question above with “I AM”.


This is the declaration of Source consciousness itself, “I AM.” Source may clarify this as “I AM, I AM”.


Beyond this simple statement of “I AM”, we may now choose to qualify our consciousness with how we wish to manifest our 3D and 4D reality. While our thoughts and verbal declarations will affect and create our personal reality, certain choices affect the structure of limitation we currently witness here on planet Earth.


One of the most powerful declarations that serve us as individuals will eventually serve the planet as more and more beings log onto this state of beingness. Quite simply, it is, “I AM FREE.”


Now, I do not mean free from value or free for lunch or even free from disease. I mean, “I AM FREE from the stipulated responses of separation, greed and self-destruction as their resulting emotional states of fear, anger and grief. I AM FREE indicates that you are stepping out of the human 3D reality format and opening heart-mind-soul BEING your divine consciousness. It means you are FREE to observe the events unfolding around you with compassion and detachment. You are then FREE to choose the thoughts that create your reality.


Somehow this is infectious. This thought, I AM FREE expands your field to ten, fifty, a hundred feet out from your physical body. Animals, plants and other humans respond deeply to this thought…especially when held for minutes at a time. My animals enter into very deep states when I affirm this thought and other declarations repeatedly. They evolve, changing into more conscious beings, able to listen and communicate their thoughts. The field around us then takes on a coherent vibration, allowing higher frequencies to take hold and guide our lives.


How to remember to make this simple declaration? Creating triggers to remember have been very helpful. Whenever you look in the mirror, substitute any evaluation of your looks with I AM FREE. Before you go to sleep or upon awakening, declare "I AM FREE" over and over. Driving, eating or working out can be powerful times to make your declaration. In the midst of a disagreement, say to yourself, I AM FREE. If you find yourself judging another or resisting what is showing up in your reality, anchor in I AM FREE.


The result is that you will be a great boon to others in times of turmoil. You will become a calm ocean that will allow you the inner silence to receive guidance and divine grace. You will breathe more freely, love more deeply and like a sunflower, turn your radiant countenance towards the SOURCE OF ALL, I AM. And, when enough of us have anchored in this declaration of FREEDOM, the grid of separation, greed and self-destruction will crumble to be replaced by pure consciousness. In this freedom, I may now choose to intend this reality for myself-and all sentient beings. Can I hear an I AM FREE?!


How many people can you pass this missive or message to? We do not have to wait for a revolution to be FREE. Decide and declare! Proclaim FREELY! Let me know how it goes!

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Your Next Trip Around the Sun

8108974488?profile=originalSummer Solstice marks one of the most ancient of holidays. Through the millennia, ancient shamans drew attention to this auspicious moment when the Sun began its journey from its highest point to its lowest point that occurs at Winter Solstice.


This enabled the ancients to track Time, to establish a path of renewal through the Earth cycles and brought attention to the celestial bodies that reigned above them.


Summer Solstice 2013 occurred within the bloom of a looming Super Moon, rising on the most northern aspect of the East. With it came an injunction for each meditator to track their ensuing journey around the Sun with consciousness and intention. The suggested intention was none other than to establish awareness of our immortal and eternal nature. In other words, we were directed to intend immortality and eternal renewal.


To say I AM IMMORTAL should ring true for each being who connects to their Soul Self through meditation and prayer. To get an experience of this, perform a meditation where you consciously “disappear” your body, one area at a time….first feet, then legs, trunk, head then arms. Then notice what is left… . your consciousness. This expression of the One consciousness will remain upon death, carrying you beyond this realm. This is the consciousness that says truthfully, “ I AM IMMORTAL, I AM ETERNAL, I ONE WITH SOURCE.”


In this way, your consciousness remains in the present NOW, outside the confines of the Time construct. Your nature is eternal, evolving and renewing, under the laws of expanding consciousness. Immortal denotes enduring continuity. Eternal denotes the ability to evolve while delaying the entropic effects of Time and gravity. One with Source reminds us that we are but manifestations of the one true Source.


Your consciousness is quite adept at this. Yet your body does not understand that it has the ability to renew and restore infinitely. Your body and mind are programmed to die. Humans rarely experience an immortal or eternal being. They have only witnessed illness and dying, therefore believing only in the ravaging effects of Time and the construct of Death.


Death is the result of decreasing function of life sustaining organs in the body. This happens due to genetic tendencies, external toxins, lack of proper nutrition and fuel as well as the introduction of infectious agents and bodily injury. Cells are replaced on a regular basis within the human body and yet even humans with good genetics and proper nutrition usually face death before they have lived 100 years.


Hormones, breath, pure fuel, hydration and enzymes are the necessary components of renewal in the body. In addition, the brain must be functioning in its fullest capacity to regulate these life-sustaining components. These components must not be burdened with injury, toxins or infectious agents. In addition, they must be sustained with energy from any number of sources.


These sources include energy from food of course. But more importantly, it includes energy from more esoteric sources.


The Avatars have already detailed how to extract energy from the Dream and bring it into the etheric body. We have learned how to program the etheric body to be able to receive energies from other sources and to resist external electromagnetic disturbances that render it incoherent. We also learned how to bring up earth energy and energize the meridians of the body that in turn sustain the physical organs. In addition, we have opened up channels from the Divine Mother to bring renewing frequencies into the body.


All of these techniques and more must be practiced on an ongoing basis to reprogram the physical genetic capacity of the body to regenerate and to live and evolve into beings of love and light. This reality is an unconscious dream. Our participation in the agreements of entropy and death are no longer necessary. To change these agreements, we must change our minds.


It is our thoughts and the emotional reactions that follow these thoughts that create the degradation of the body. So many of our thoughts are not chosen, conscious thoughts. As a default, we allow the ticker tape of unconscious, often negative thoughts to run our physiology, our lives and our decisions. This must change for our evolutionary process into becoming awake and conscious beings.


Our thoughts must be conscious and chosen, moment to moment to not only reflect our desire to awaken but also to reprogram the degenerative thought-forms that flow through our minds. Negative thoughts and the ensuing emotions of reaction in day-to-day interactions are toxic to the physiology of the body. To combat this ongoing barrage, we must engage with life affirming thoughts through meditation, prayer, mantras and affirmations. Every moment that we interrupt the barrage of thoughts with one of these conscious thoughts is a moment that diverts the degenerative process.


Now we return to the injunction from the Avatars: I AM IMMORTAL, I AM ETERNAL. These injunctions link you directly to SOURCE through the words, I AM. In addition, it initiates the awareness of your immortal presence. You must first realize and remember your immortal nature as a soul. These affirmations, repeated over and over while in meditation, can confer distinctive shifts in energy to the physical/energetic body.


Now that you realize that you are an immortal/eternal being, you must begin to contradict the death programming about your body that is installed in your subconscious mind. In addition, the self-destructive nature of the ego must be overcome. Humans on the whole, engage in daily actions that actively shorten their life span. While actions such as over-indulging, ingesting toxic substances and overworking the body take their toll, the negative thoughts about the body and about life are far more destructive to the energetic aspect of the body that gives it life.


One must first choose the path of committing to caring for your physical/energetic vehicle. Then one must choose to actively change the thoughts that are self destructive and degrading to the energy system. A simple way to contradict this programming is this is simply to affirm that your body is eternal and able to regenerate itself daily. “My body is eternal, my life is immortal” can be thought or recited verbally while performing simple tasks such as daily care, yoga or while exercising.


There is a story about the woman who had an essential oil company called Forever Young. When people noted how youthful she appeared, she laughed and remarked that she repeatedly answered the phone daily with, “Forever Young!” Her body was responding to her thoughts and proclamations.


The yogic sciences have offered detailed practices that are regenerative. For many people who are householders and who must work to live, these practices may not be available. There are many practices available and these will be offered at a later time. You may however, begin with the simplicity of changing your mind, one affirmation at a time.


Begin this trip around the sun with the intention of activating your true, divine immortal nature, one thought at a time. Renew your body with diet, yoga and pure thoughts. Interrupt the ticker tape of Time and lift your vibration to one of resonating with the realms of Light and Love. Your focused actions will bring great rewards and elevate those around you hundredfold. Perhaps…thousandfold.




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The Installation of a New Configuration

8108974462?profile=originalWhatever in the world is happening to the world? In every sector of the planet, unrest, starvation, poverty and corruption filters through the daily life of humans. How is it that we do not have the insight to stand back and observe our actions and see the inherent greed, self destruction and separation that is programmed into the daily actions not only of the masses but into the actualizations of rulers, leaders and politicians both secular and spiritual?


For an insight into the human configuration, let us consider the source of these anomalies of conscious behavior.


During the incubation of the human race in the cradle of civilization, certain factors were actually programmed into the human configuration. We will examine these now as a prelude to discerning how to attain freedom from the components of the human enslavement. There are three installations into the human ego that render it at effect of its moment-to-moment reality.


The first of these installations or configurations is separation resulting in a perception that we are separate from God/Source, each other and the expression of reality on this plane. This separation relays to humans that they are mortal and doomed to a life of struggle and pain. This breeds a deep-seated fear: that the thread of survival is tenuous and that death, always imminent, means total annihilation. This web of fear is programmed into the very fibers of our nervous system.


The second of these installations is self-destruction. This configuration stems from a perception that we are not divine and not worthy of a life of divinity. Humans were engineered to be a slave race and to serve a small ruling class. A web of subconscious sadness encases most humans, as they perceive that they are not worthy to “have” abundance, health, immortality and love. In this sadness, they gravitate towards external factors that make them feel better, such as material “things”, food, alcohol, caffeine, drugs and other addictions that are self-destructive. If that is not enough, this installation influences the care of their environment and their community, inciting a careless attitude towards nature and the life of other humans, even their own.


The third installation is greed, which is generated by desire. This desire breeds continuous discontent and a perception of lack. The perception that power and domination are the keys to quashing the pain of separation and low self worth instigate an endless cycle of desire, struggle, conflict and the need for acquisition of wealth. When desire is thwarted, anger arises. The web of anger is deeply instilled in many humans and also erupts when survival is threatened or self-worth challenged.


The three emotions of anger, fear and sadness are the original emotions or installations. They appear energetically as distorted webs of dark and chaotic energy. They populate the underlying formation of this reality. Humans are “logged on” to these reality webs by default and driven to negative and unconscious actions. These impulses sadly are leading the human race in a dangerous direction. It is indeed the very moment to take action and to wake up and claim personal freedom.


Anger, fear and sadness can be very conscious responses to moment-to-moment experiences in 3-D reality. To become conscious of these emotions in the past or present indicates an elevation to a 4D reality mode. Yet, as humans gets more conscious of the installations and choose to “log off”, they are able to remain present in their experience the Oneness. Separation begins to fall away and the intrinsic divine nature of each being begins to be revealed. Fear and sadness diminish and joy erupts vivaciously, in random moments. Acceptance replaces anger and an experience of contentment blossoms. Gratitude becomes the new common dominator and the only desire is that all beings realize their Oneness. More light pours into the 3-D reality field and beings begin to realize their 4D nature on the continuum of Time. Past, present and future are linked as a single vibration that resonates as blessing or lesson.


In other words, logging off creates personal freedom. It allows you to be less reactive and to remain present. Logging off of the three installations has global implications. Each human being that logs off of the installed emotional grid (thereby reclaiming their energetic and emotional freedom,) weakens of the global enslavement installation.


How to do this? You can start by affirming daily, hourly, moment-to-moment, “I AM FREE!”


This then leaves the door open for higher frequencies to emerge through the human being, creating the next evolutionary jump. This will be addressed at our next juncture.


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8108914693?profile=originalThere was a time in the distant past where our reality was more malleable and dreamlike. The veils were thinner and magic was used to mediate the harsh offerings of forming reality. Evolution progressed at a slow pace over billions of years. One million years ago, mankind began its journey towards who we are today.

There are many mysteries to be explored when considering the evolution of mankind. Strong leaps of development occurred at key moments in our history. Many have theorized, through archeological records, that other civilizations were able to make it to Earth and share knowledge and technology.

Matriarchal rule promoted egalitarian societies. The Goddess, as a source of life, was honored as divinity. Nature provided a backdrop of wonder, order and alignment with the heavens. Priestesses initiated collective ceremony to create harmony and beauty.

Suddenly, in archeological terms, a specific matrix of reality was established here on Earth. In this matrix, reality was fixed to one that was ego based and unchanging in its base structure. It was constructed to pull participants into patterns of duality, self- destruction, survival, greed and separation, making them controllable. The ultimate goal was to elevate oneself to a controlling position in one of the hierarchies of religion, government, work/corporations or organized crime. This is called being successful.

Today, most humans are unconsciously hijacked into logging on to this reality structure. Our egos flare moment to moment as we encounter the world of duality. By agreement, humans must be policed and legislated through authoritative structures. We submit to being controlled. Through our uncontrolled egoic impulses as humans, we make choices that then increase the need for more control. Laws are made every day to combat the inclination of humans towards survival, greed and power.

Who initiated this matrix that promotes duality, hierarchical rule and a reality of survival, suffering and illusion? Who maintains it to this day? These forces of influence are called controllers, existing on both the energetic and physical planes. They exist behind the scenes, yet are also placed in areas of government and religion throughout the world. They initiate the structure and laws of this reality to most often suit their personal needs and to keep the masses under control.

The most dangerous aspect of this reality grid is the controllers’ mind. The installation of the controllers’ mind into human consciousness has turned humans into ego-based organisms. While humans have developed the ability to reason, they largely use this reason to create separation and to initiate self-destructive actions. It is noted that we are the only species on this planet that knowingly engages in activity that leads to our destruction on a mass level.

The controllers’ mind is able to easily infiltrate unaware minds and influence the thoughts of the masses to be self-denigrating, suspicious, judgmental, delusional, obsessed and indulgent.  Just watch your thoughts for an entire afternoon as you interact with the world.

Human’s only recourse against this instillation is to interrupt this thought programming with specific mantras, positive thoughts and the vibration of love. Many of the world’s spiritual leaders observe this and offer humans the keys to interrupting this influence.

I was introduced to the actual underlying façade of the grid one afternoon after using a mantra supplied to me by the Avatars. During this meditation, I repeate8108914470?profile=originald this mantra with no intention in mind. Suddenly, a linear grid appeared before me, moving out in all directions. It was vibrating, alive.

I continued reciting the mantra. Now the mantra consolidated into a vibration, opening up the grid. This vibration then began to infiltrate the lines of the grid, appearing to weaken it. Over and over I repeated the mantra, one by one the lines of the grid disappeared before me. New lines appeared, awaiting the attention of the mantra. I continued repeating the mantra, breaking it down into phrases and observing its effect on the dissipating grid.

Soon, I found my attention traveling down the grid as the mantra was absorbing the linear lines of control. There was a feeling of liberation, of seeing and of purpose.

After that session, I used the mantra and visited the grid several times. I wondered what effect this would have on my life or the world around me.

At first, I experienced a period of flow, abundance, power and joy. I thought my reality into being, making choices that aligned with my moment-to-moment purpose.

Yet soon, the piper had to be paid. I had to be exposed to the truth about my own control issues: resistance to control by others as well as my inclination to control situations and other beings.. The Ego flared and issues erupted. Suddenly I was sucked into a vortex, begging resolution of my instincts of control. I wanted to react, defend and counter-control. Suffering ensued and I could find no peace.

It soon became clear that I needed to put worldly attention on these matters while seeking a solution energetically.

With great fortune, we happened to gather on the night of a Full Moon. In one meditation, we were asked to contemplate current matters that were disturbing our field. We were then directed to employ the Encode of Loving Kindness, through the Christos, Gaia and Buddhic mudras and direct these invoked energies to ourselves, via our heart center.

The Avatars are very clear that it is difficult to love or be loved if one does not love one’s self. So many of our thoughts and beliefs are self-denigrating. So many negative thoughts are not those of the true Self, but instead, the emanations from the controllers’ mind, manifesting as our ego. If we can but interrupt their flow through perception, we are on our way to interrupting the controller’s matrix.

In addition, The Avatars added, merely thinking or repeating the word LOVE is an interruption to the controller’s mind. This mantra, repeated over and over, trips the signal of the controller’s matrix, much as a circuit breaker. Every time one feels love for another or the self, they break the flow of ego, i.e., the controllers’ mind. Every moment you spend intending love or using Love as a mantra, it breaks the circuit. In addition, time is not a factor and love can be directed through the grid to past hurts, unloved childhood moments and future anticipated stresses. Since all moments in our consciousness are happening simultaneously, any moment in our timelines may be mediated by LOVE.

One could say that our evolution depends on resolving duality with LOVE. One could also extrapolate and say that the future of the planet depends on our resolve to dissipate the lines of the egoic grid with LOVE. Whatever your evolutionary intention is, begin by invoking the power of self-love whenever the negative voice sounds off in within you.

The mantra for disassembling the matrix must couple with one that creates a fabric of LOVE to take hold in this reality. These must be taught in a certain order, with attention to resolving our aberrant timelines. This technology will be offered in the near future to those who are ready to participate in ushering in a free world for all beings.

Yet the power to initiate this shift is already in your hands and in your heart. There are several ways to interrupt the flow of the controllers’ mind into your consciousness.

First, turn to the mantra LOVE, in any language. It is as simple as saying or thinking the word LOVE. Repeated over and over, this simple word will quiet the controller’s mind that seeks to keep you from your inherent freedom. You may clarify this: “I LOVE myself” or “I LOVE you, unconditionally.”

Secondly, engage with the encode mantra sequence for Loving Kindness. Simply hold the three mudras shown below, in this sequence while you direct this loving kindness towards your most precious self.8108915064?profile=original8108914483?profile=original

8108914897?profile=originalThirdly, offer LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to anyone and everyone that instigates judgment or resistance in your mind or body. Without any other effort, you are upgrading the vibration of the planet, with a single thought. How marvelously powerful and brilliant of you…..

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The Revolution of Evolution in Spiral Time

We have been speaking of spiral time as the new format for our evolving consciousness into Oneness. Linear Time, a convention of duality and an aspect of Ego Consciousness, maintains a constant stream of conflict and the creation of Karma through the interchange of opposites and polarity. Spiral Time enables evolution through alignment with the natural flow of consciousness and the interchange between the Sacred Polarities of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

8108910096?profile=originalI was happy then to run across a scientific explanation of Spiral Time. In a video, Nassim Haramein explains the physics behind Spiral Time. He explains that we, on the Earth, are moving in an continuous spiral through space, as we spin around the sun and follow it as it hurtles through the galaxy, around galactic center.

What Nassim illustrates in his talk is that as the earth revolves around our sun moving through the galaxy, its path forms a spiral that completes on full cycle yearly. He points out that in fact, we do not return to the same position in the heavens but in fact have moved forward through the larger cosmology of the heavens, some 11 billion miles away from where we were a year ago. To simply move around the sun, always returning to the same spot after a year's duration would be, in his words, "boring, like Groundhog Day, over and over again." This would be a linear 2D reduction, not a revolution.

8108910668?profile=originalOur consciousness has been trained to follow a linear path when tracking energy. In our mind's eye, the "past" is straight behind us, the future appears before us. Truthfully, there is no time, only the present moment and our mind's perception of what has happened and our intention of what will be. Yet, there is a possibility of tracking the flow of energy as we release our entrainment to Linear Time and relax into Spiral Time. This perception comes naturally and effortlessly when we breathe and allow the flow of love and wisdom that is encoded in Spiral Time. As we train ourselves to lay aside our judgements and projections and flow with the perception of what is in this moment, it is actually possible to perceive a spirally movement of the components of this reality.

I truly noticed this in my meditation this morning. I allowed my mind to stop and I let go to the flow of energy coming through my being. Emotions and perceptions whirled through me and the more I let go the more I perceived my molecules tracking reality in a spiraling movement. By surrendering to the present moment, and allowing what is to be, I glimpsed the movement of heavens through my relaxed perceptual mode.

8108910281?profile=originalThe ancients had a sense of this spiral movement and included the symbol, in its 2D version, in many of their petroglyphs.These symbols were often included in observations by traveling shamans, who were able to disassociate from the body and observe the inner workings of reality. They used these symbols to keep themselves linked to their awakenings, for in observing the true nature of reality, there is an accompanying revelation.

I continue to notice that when I am in spiral time, there are miracles, synchronicities, affirmations and insights into the true nature of reality. I feel connected and joyful. I see the path of now unfolding, right before my consciousness. Yes, in those moments, I am spiraling through the galaxy on a wild ride with the Sun.

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