The Platform of Control


The defining aspect of the Fifth Dimension is spirituality. Spirituality is a measure of goodness. One would wonder why the whole world would not gravitate towards and foster this element of deep connection to the Oneness and experience in return the flow of goodness in their lives.


However, this 3D world exists under the limitation of polarity, gravity, entropy and evolution. These elements force the hand of survival and greed. Many struggle to stay alive. Others have acquired the power to manipulate others for their own benefit. The world operates as a hierarchy. We fit in somewhere in that hierarchy of wealth, status and power.


With this in mind, we look around and see those who aspire to do well in the world and to make a difference. We also see people who go to extreme ends to elevate their status and wealth. We know what it feels like to do good things for others, especially those in need. We may not always have the resources to do all that we would like to do for others, yet our intent for the world is that no one suffers.


While it is hard enough to see those with extreme wealth want more wealth and power, it is even harder to see that there are those in the world that wish harm on others. It is even more difficult to imagine that there are people in the world who aim to stop spiritual beings with an intent goodwill towards the planet. Yet, these beings exist, in this reality and beyond.


If one were to gaze down upon the Earth’s reality from the perfect observation point, one would observe a battle between “good” and “evil”. I have always wondered why the ONE would allow so much suffering to happen as well as abuse upon others by those in power. We live in a 4D world (3D + Time) that is a playground for experience and growth that cannot be found in most other realities. These negative elements are free to exist here, no one is forced to believe in or experience the true nature of the ONE.


We do have a choice that is not offered in most religions and that is to evolve into 5D. The reason that most religions keep this precious secret is that they might lose control of their adherents and thus an income if they were to steer people towards their own divinity. Instead, they are steered towards a God that may judge and punish for lessons learned.


Although it is difficult to conceive, there is an energetic influence that pervades this planet. We only perceive the results of this influence and rarely the players. While we see that there is too much power concentrated in the hands of a few, we are too busy paying off our couch and car to speak up.


The key element that we are tuning into here is the element of Control- with a capital C. Control exists behind the scenes in every power structure. In most religions or political expressions, there is a hierarchy. The beings at the top legislate those at the bottom and in return control their fate. This control exists on the most insipid levels.


In addition, there are forces that wish to slow down the evolution of the masses. Their level of evolution allows them to see the potential for power over others without seeing the choice of power for the good of all. There are purveyors of this control that exist in the secular and religious factions. They know that they cannot abolish the Light and Love in the world. Their game is to slow it down or to oppress those who wish to bring forth the dawn of a new age. While it is difficult to believe that anyone would go to the trouble of suppressing Planetary Light workers, it is indeed a fact.


The Avatars note this energetic mass as the Platform of Control. They do not judge it. They indicate that it has been amassing over centuries and millennia as a way of a small number of beings amassing power and wealth.


In order to bring 5D reality forth, this suppression must be recognized by Light workers. The field of energy has been created on several dimensional planes, including this 3D, 4D and 5D. It is deliberate and for millennia, effective in controlling the masses.


As we go to create our reality, we only see a limited possibility in what can be accomplished. We are constantly creating through the sludge that is emitted by the Platform. The sludge places an oppressive element over our consciousness which then keeps us from moving directly into heightened awareness. Do you recognize any of these elements in your life?







Sex distortions



Need to control


Esteem issues


We have amassed enough consciousness now to see that we have a choice to recognize our selves as Divine beings and to wake up. To do this, we must disengage from the platform that is laid out for humans. Light is streaming fourth onto the planet. We must take this opportunity to align with the Light and thereby detach from the false creation of the Controllers.


To do this we enter into meditation to observe how the Platform of Control is embedded into our lives. This is really helpful if we can tune into and see or feel how we are engaging with the energetic constructs of the Platform.


Here are some of the constructs:



2. Unconscious


4.Consume to be happy

5.Us Vs. Them


7.Don’t Feel

8. Not Supported

9.Must Always Work

10. Not Enough Space 

11.Must Be in Control 

12. Aging is inevitable

13. Death is inevitable

14. Not Enough Time 

15. Resist change

16. Everyone is Separate

17. Unsafe to reveal Self

18. Appearances Matter

19.Must have Power Over

20. Life is Hard


Perhaps you will come up with other manifestation. Pick one or more to tune into how the Platform has limited you in this life. Feel how this showing up in your life currently.


The PanHarmonic practitioners may move or meditate to resolve their attachment to this phenomena. You may visualize three specific symbols, each associated with a specific cosmic frequency embodied in an Avatar Presence. You may also use the mudras pictured to bring that cosmic frequency through your energetic body.


To begin, note the manifestation of the Platform in your life. Then visualize an X overwriting the feeling of the construct. Perhaps you will assume the Eyend mudra associated with this symbol. 8108700097?profile=originalSurround the feeling of the construct with this X. This contains it so that you can begin to see it is not you.


8108699901?profile=originalNow to detach from it, we use the equilateral cross or the symbol of the Christos. If you hold this mudra as well, you will find that a feeling of clearing begins to form inside of you. The Christos emanates a high love frequency that contradicts the very nature of the Platform.


8108700460?profile=originalNow we visualize the curved triangle that appears to rotate to the right. This is the symbol of Tara. She is a conduit for more and more light. We want to separate out reality from the control reality. It is like separating the chaff from the wheat. Tara spins your vibration to be a match for 5D reality. You simply move out of the influence of the Platform. You become a clear conduit for the Light.


When I saw the Platform energetically, it appeared as an large irregular platform of energy with a thickness related to how many beings are linked in. I focused on that thickness and wrote the aforementioned code vertically on the sides, over and over, all the way around. First I wrote the X, under that the †, followed by the swirling ∆ over and over again. This produced great distancing and subsequently relief and followed by a notable shift in life. Each being that notices and then detaches from the Platform weakens it substantially.


This experience frees you to move more freely on the planet. You observe without judgment and follow the signs that appear at every step of the way. You follow your instincts and your intuition. Your inner knowing is your guide. The illusion of the external world ceases to be your master.


For more information about this work, you may join us on the  Ascension Highway. We are under the guidance of the twenty Christalis Avatars, a group field of Cosmic Presences that includes the Christos, Buddha, Gaia and Tara, each emanating a specific coded frequency. You may join our work and access numerous missives that are succinctly directive to accelerate your ascension path at this most unique moment in our human history.


Love and Blessings,

Dr. Valerie G

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  • I was able to add more specific information for those who liked this missive. You will find this information at the end, with illustrations, if you too would like to detach from the Platform. Please spread the word......
  • Very amazing write up Valerie, a lot of what you say here is "spot on" in my opinion!

    Thanks for passing along the extremely valuable information! :-)

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