8108988275?profile=originalThroughout the year, astrological configurations serve as a focusing agent for humanity. Some of these configurations serve as portals, so those who are perceptive may access them inwardly with meditation and contemplation. I have always realized a shift in my personal energy when I am able to align with the higher frequencies that are accentuated during these esoteric holidays.

When I was enlightened about the August grand sextile, (August 24-26),I was struck by the timing of this event. Only days before, we gathered at the exact time of the Leo Blue Moon. At this moment, we were guided to energetically reconfigure our energy bodies through the art and science of Declarative Energetics. Through this very simple process, we were guided to attune to our current human configuration and to reformate our consciousness in this reality.

During this process, we were guided to extend our crown and root chakras into the higher and deeper dimensional fields while opening our hearts with the breath. We were then guided through a series of declarations. These are power statements that align us, as Sovereign beings, with Source consciousness. They often begin with, “I AM” followed by a divine quality or state of being.

We have previously discussed the human configuration missives that detailed aspects of the Corridor. To review, we can observe five main features of the human consciousness that are accessed in the Corridor: the ego, the id, the personality, the base self and the circular mind. These five elements succeed in keeping most humans enslaved to a life of reaction rather than conscious actualization. Of these five, the circular mind is the most detrimental to our sovereignty, for it constantly judges, ridicules, creates separation, is suspicious and undermining, confirms inadequacy while obsessing about how to control life. The circular mind issues a constant ticker tape of dialogue that has little value in the co-creation of life on earth. It creates negative feelings and victimhood while affirming, then creating the negative aspects of life that arise moment-to-moment.

The higher mind, has three actions: observe, intend and awareness. If the higher mind is functioning, it will actually let go of thought and acquiesce to pure awareness via inner silence. One of the greatest feats for humans to accomplish is to turn off the internal dialogue to allow the experience of pure awareness to actualize within the being.

Because this is not always possible in the life of householders, so we must look to other ways to actualize awareness. One way to participate in conscious creation of your reality and the reality here on the planet is through the practice of Declarative Energetics.

This process is simply opening the energetic field (as instructed during the Full Moon meditation) to reprogramming and then issuing declarations that install a reality upgrade both personally and globally. These declarations may be repeated silently or proclaimed, with authority, out loud, personally or in a group setting.

The Avatars once issued a list of declarations that were specifically designed to reformat the human configuration.  This list of declarations is referred to as the Litanies. They were initially issued in the format of YOU ARE because the Avatars wanted to direct and affirm for us our inherent potential as spiritual beings in human form. Specifically, these declarative statements contradict the accepted reality that we submit to as humans, no matter how detrimental they are to our well-being. An example would be, YOU ARE FREE, to which you would reply, I AM FREE.

With this in mind, the Avatars have begun the process of offering a step-by-step process for releasing the human configuration, using the process of Declarative Energetics. They may seem like affirmations, however, know that by declaring, as manifestations of Source (I AM) you are drawing on the power of the ONE to co-create.

Now we look to the Declarations issued in the Full Moon meditation and observe their order. You may read and then apply to your meditation.

 The first declaration offered was, I AM FREE. We have examined the necessity of this in one of our last missives. This is the point of origin for releasing the constraints of human enslavement. This frequency can be uploaded through the extended Root chakra.  I AM FREE may also be declared for all of humanity…imagine living in harmony with all embodied beings.

The next declarative was I AM TRUTH. This was brought down through the Crown chakra. Establishing your reality as TRUTH enables future declarations to have more power. I AM TRUTH also shifts the consciousness to an exquisite alignment that paves the way for understanding Truth on a deeper and deeper level.

Now you are ready to co-create. We followed the previous two declarations with I AM LOVE, allowing this vibration to emanate through the activated Heart chakra. We extended our fields to include each other and the global community. You may choose from a wealth of declaratives, such as I AM LIGHT, I AM DIVINE or I AM AWARE. Carefully choose your own Litanies, writing them down as I AM_______. Choose as many as you want, being clear and specific.

8108988056?profile=originalOnce activated, you may now align with the grand sextile portal, placing yourself in its center. Align with the Central Spiritual Sun. (NASA reports that three days ago there was a large solar burst, whose protons are now headed towards Earth and slatted to arrive today.) Open and extend both Root and Crown chakras. Breathe deeply into your heart and open to receive the Truth of who you are.

Begin with I AM FREE. Say this out loud many times and then repeat it internally. Follow this with I AM TRUTH. Breathe this in deeply through the Crown and allow it to filter through your whole nervous system. Let it reprogram your consciousness to align with what only is truth.

Now choose from your Litanies. Align with the truth of who your are and intone your declarative out loud, with authority. Then, whisper it quietly, followed by a repetition of it thought silently in the depth of your being.

Finally, align with the global community and offer the truth for the good of all. You are now an official co-creator. Now you understand the meaning of I AM THE WORD. Please use your power wisely, with heart and wisdom. Bless you. WE ARE ONE!

For more information, go to www.panharmonic.com or join our free online community by clicking here. Feel free to share.

Blessings to All,

Dr. Valerie Girard

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