The Revolution of Evolution in Spiral Time

We have been speaking of spiral time as the new format for our evolving consciousness into Oneness. Linear Time, a convention of duality and an aspect of Ego Consciousness, maintains a constant stream of conflict and the creation of Karma through the interchange of opposites and polarity. Spiral Time enables evolution through alignment with the natural flow of consciousness and the interchange between the Sacred Polarities of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

8108910096?profile=originalI was happy then to run across a scientific explanation of Spiral Time. In a video, Nassim Haramein explains the physics behind Spiral Time. He explains that we, on the Earth, are moving in an continuous spiral through space, as we spin around the sun and follow it as it hurtles through the galaxy, around galactic center.

What Nassim illustrates in his talk is that as the earth revolves around our sun moving through the galaxy, its path forms a spiral that completes on full cycle yearly. He points out that in fact, we do not return to the same position in the heavens but in fact have moved forward through the larger cosmology of the heavens, some 11 billion miles away from where we were a year ago. To simply move around the sun, always returning to the same spot after a year's duration would be, in his words, "boring, like Groundhog Day, over and over again." This would be a linear 2D reduction, not a revolution.

8108910668?profile=originalOur consciousness has been trained to follow a linear path when tracking energy. In our mind's eye, the "past" is straight behind us, the future appears before us. Truthfully, there is no time, only the present moment and our mind's perception of what has happened and our intention of what will be. Yet, there is a possibility of tracking the flow of energy as we release our entrainment to Linear Time and relax into Spiral Time. This perception comes naturally and effortlessly when we breathe and allow the flow of love and wisdom that is encoded in Spiral Time. As we train ourselves to lay aside our judgements and projections and flow with the perception of what is in this moment, it is actually possible to perceive a spirally movement of the components of this reality.

I truly noticed this in my meditation this morning. I allowed my mind to stop and I let go to the flow of energy coming through my being. Emotions and perceptions whirled through me and the more I let go the more I perceived my molecules tracking reality in a spiraling movement. By surrendering to the present moment, and allowing what is to be, I glimpsed the movement of heavens through my relaxed perceptual mode.

8108910281?profile=originalThe ancients had a sense of this spiral movement and included the symbol, in its 2D version, in many of their petroglyphs.These symbols were often included in observations by traveling shamans, who were able to disassociate from the body and observe the inner workings of reality. They used these symbols to keep themselves linked to their awakenings, for in observing the true nature of reality, there is an accompanying revelation.

I continue to notice that when I am in spiral time, there are miracles, synchronicities, affirmations and insights into the true nature of reality. I feel connected and joyful. I see the path of now unfolding, right before my consciousness. Yes, in those moments, I am spiraling through the galaxy on a wild ride with the Sun.

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  • Love all the spirals, truly...

  • Yes, I am spiralling behind you somewhere!
    Those ancients were so clever, I have been looking at these spirals for a while knowing they mean so much more than is written about them in books xxx
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