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For centuries, shamans around the world have used dreams as portals to receive guidance, healing and transformation from all the levels and dimensions of reality.Ā 

Yet, you do not need to be a shaman to explore your dreams in this way. The capacity fo





Times of choice, is not a choice
Staying with the mind
of yours and mine
is not for the Devine.

Be always within one place
which is..the Heart space.
Choice of Unity and < ours >
is the reality of ego of ours.

Being with the mind for more
is not the


This is Reality

e45da-beings3-scaled500.jpg?w=216&h=135Written by Wes Annac


I find myself exponentially motivated and completely sure of what Iā€™m here to do, and the resulting metaphysical perception Iā€™ve been able to unlock has been nothing short of amazing.

I surfaced doubts surrounding my mission and s


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