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8108974488?profile=originalSummer Solstice marks one of the most ancient of holidays. Through the millennia, ancient shamans drew attention to this auspicious moment when the Sun began its journey from its highest point to its lowest point that occurs at Winter Solstice.


This enabled the ancients to track Time, to establish a path of renewal through the Earth cycles and brought attention to the celestial bodies that reigned above them.


Summer Solstice 2013 occurred within the bloom of a looming Super Moon, rising on the most northern aspect of the East. With it came an injunction for each meditator to track their ensuing journey around the Sun with consciousness and intention. The suggested intention was none other than to establish awareness of our immortal and eternal nature. In other words, we were directed to intend immortality and eternal renewal.


To say I AM IMMORTAL should ring true for each being who connects to their Soul Self through meditation and prayer. To get an experience of this, perform a meditation where you consciously “disappear” your body, one area at a time….first feet, then legs, trunk, head then arms. Then notice what is left… . your consciousness. This expression of the One consciousness will remain upon death, carrying you beyond this realm. This is the consciousness that says truthfully, “ I AM IMMORTAL, I AM ETERNAL, I ONE WITH SOURCE.”


In this way, your consciousness remains in the present NOW, outside the confines of the Time construct. Your nature is eternal, evolving and renewing, under the laws of expanding consciousness. Immortal denotes enduring continuity. Eternal denotes the ability to evolve while delaying the entropic effects of Time and gravity. One with Source reminds us that we are but manifestations of the one true Source.


Your consciousness is quite adept at this. Yet your body does not understand that it has the ability to renew and restore infinitely. Your body and mind are programmed to die. Humans rarely experience an immortal or eternal being. They have only witnessed illness and dying, therefore believing only in the ravaging effects of Time and the construct of Death.


Death is the result of decreasing function of life sustaining organs in the body. This happens due to genetic tendencies, external toxins, lack of proper nutrition and fuel as well as the introduction of infectious agents and bodily injury. Cells are replaced on a regular basis within the human body and yet even humans with good genetics and proper nutrition usually face death before they have lived 100 years.


Hormones, breath, pure fuel, hydration and enzymes are the necessary components of renewal in the body. In addition, the brain must be functioning in its fullest capacity to regulate these life-sustaining components. These components must not be burdened with injury, toxins or infectious agents. In addition, they must be sustained with energy from any number of sources.


These sources include energy from food of course. But more importantly, it includes energy from more esoteric sources.


The Avatars have already detailed how to extract energy from the Dream and bring it into the etheric body. We have learned how to program the etheric body to be able to receive energies from other sources and to resist external electromagnetic disturbances that render it incoherent. We also learned how to bring up earth energy and energize the meridians of the body that in turn sustain the physical organs. In addition, we have opened up channels from the Divine Mother to bring renewing frequencies into the body.


All of these techniques and more must be practiced on an ongoing basis to reprogram the physical genetic capacity of the body to regenerate and to live and evolve into beings of love and light. This reality is an unconscious dream. Our participation in the agreements of entropy and death are no longer necessary. To change these agreements, we must change our minds.


It is our thoughts and the emotional reactions that follow these thoughts that create the degradation of the body. So many of our thoughts are not chosen, conscious thoughts. As a default, we allow the ticker tape of unconscious, often negative thoughts to run our physiology, our lives and our decisions. This must change for our evolutionary process into becoming awake and conscious beings.


Our thoughts must be conscious and chosen, moment to moment to not only reflect our desire to awaken but also to reprogram the degenerative thought-forms that flow through our minds. Negative thoughts and the ensuing emotions of reaction in day-to-day interactions are toxic to the physiology of the body. To combat this ongoing barrage, we must engage with life affirming thoughts through meditation, prayer, mantras and affirmations. Every moment that we interrupt the barrage of thoughts with one of these conscious thoughts is a moment that diverts the degenerative process.


Now we return to the injunction from the Avatars: I AM IMMORTAL, I AM ETERNAL. These injunctions link you directly to SOURCE through the words, I AM. In addition, it initiates the awareness of your immortal presence. You must first realize and remember your immortal nature as a soul. These affirmations, repeated over and over while in meditation, can confer distinctive shifts in energy to the physical/energetic body.


Now that you realize that you are an immortal/eternal being, you must begin to contradict the death programming about your body that is installed in your subconscious mind. In addition, the self-destructive nature of the ego must be overcome. Humans on the whole, engage in daily actions that actively shorten their life span. While actions such as over-indulging, ingesting toxic substances and overworking the body take their toll, the negative thoughts about the body and about life are far more destructive to the energetic aspect of the body that gives it life.


One must first choose the path of committing to caring for your physical/energetic vehicle. Then one must choose to actively change the thoughts that are self destructive and degrading to the energy system. A simple way to contradict this programming is this is simply to affirm that your body is eternal and able to regenerate itself daily. “My body is eternal, my life is immortal” can be thought or recited verbally while performing simple tasks such as daily care, yoga or while exercising.


There is a story about the woman who had an essential oil company called Forever Young. When people noted how youthful she appeared, she laughed and remarked that she repeatedly answered the phone daily with, “Forever Young!” Her body was responding to her thoughts and proclamations.


The yogic sciences have offered detailed practices that are regenerative. For many people who are householders and who must work to live, these practices may not be available. There are many practices available and these will be offered at a later time. You may however, begin with the simplicity of changing your mind, one affirmation at a time.


Begin this trip around the sun with the intention of activating your true, divine immortal nature, one thought at a time. Renew your body with diet, yoga and pure thoughts. Interrupt the ticker tape of Time and lift your vibration to one of resonating with the realms of Light and Love. Your focused actions will bring great rewards and elevate those around you hundredfold. Perhaps…thousandfold.




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