Manifesting A Reality Shift

There comes a time when each of us sense that it is time to make a shift. Perhaps it is a shift in how we manifest our 3D life. Perhaps is time to bring higher frequencies into our day to day life. Perhaps it is time to move more deeply into Oneness.

It is vital to upgrade our energy daily for the purpose of bringing in more light as well as radiating more love to the world around us. Are you ready to prepare for a shift?

  1. Do you best to get to bed early for a restful sleep.
  2. Begin each day with the 5D meditation or 5D meditation video
  3. Bring 5D’s into the 4 Rings of Dreaming
  4. Simplify your diet eliminating foods and beverages that may affect your energy.
  5. Eat as much raw vibrant food as possible.
  6. Include fresh juicing.
  7. Steams, saunas, warm soaks will nourish and detox your precious body.
  8. Obtain energy balancing treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture and massage whenever possible.
  9. Meditate in the evenings when possible, at the same hour nightly.
  10. Activate 7D frequencies with the Mudra Dance whenever possible.
  11. Enhance your vibration with yoga, tai chi and chi gong.
  12. Avoid any socializing that drains your energy.
  13. Pray for others.
  14. Radiate 5D energy to others whenever possible.
  15. Gather with others to meditate.
  16. Gather energy while in nature.
  17. Engage in spiritual reading.
  18. Observe the New Moon and the Full Moon with special attention to meditation and activating 5D energy
  19. Upgrade your human programming (ego, personality, attitudes, addictions) to the Divine.
  20. Steer clear of TV and other media sources that tie you into the Platform of Control.
  21. Intend your shift into 5D consciousness.
  22. Approach your work as dharma and stay connected to your Self in your workday.
  23. Create an altar to remind you of your Intent to shift
  24. Share your 5D energy whenever possible through your heart and your eyes.

If you are interested in creating a 5D portal in your residence, town or office, please contact PHH as we will be increasing our efforts in the next two years to open as many portals on the planet as possible - through the cooperation of spiritual beings such as yourself.

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