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OK, everybody, it's March 21st, and we were supposed to get some ENERGY or some GREAT LIGHT or something or go into the 5th dimension. Some said that space ships were going to show up.   Anybody notice anything different?  Not me.

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03/26/2018 - HEY EVERYBODY

Hey everybody, I usually don't post articles on Ashtar Command (or I haven't in a long time) but I just need somebody to talk to who may  understand me. 

There have been some weird things that have happened to me in my life and I would like to make note of them here:


When I was 7 years old or so, a LIGHT BEAM came through my window at night.  I thought that it was a MOON BEAM.  On this "moon beam" came an alien (I thought he was the Man in the Moon because I didn't know anything about aliens back then and that's why I wasn't scared).  He went right THROUGH the window like it wasn't even solid.  I wanted him to go to school with me so I could show him my drawings (I was quite into art throughout my school years).  We walked to my school, and I remember it was fall, because I could hear the leaves rustling, but THERE WAS NO OTHER NOISE AND NOTHING WAS MOVING.  No cars were moving.  I had a feeling that we shouldn't be seen, but this "guy" didn't seem too concerned about it.  They put my mother in suspended animation or something. ( She was standing but looked really "zoned out".)  They said something like "She's coming out of it".  (I do not remember if this happened before or after we left).


When I was 17 years old I had a 23-year-old boyfriend (naughty me!),  There was an "incident" that happened at this time.  This is all that I can remember:  We were parked at the side of the road at night and to my right was a circular UFO with multi-colored lights.  (I was SCARED SHITLESS!)  I told my boyfriend to drive as fast as he could without getting us killed, and we drove 90 miles an hour through country roads.  I was two hours late in getting home.  (Somehow, these two hours just 'disappeared").  We thought that we may have fell asleep, but neither one of us remembers sleeping.  When I told my mother why I was late in getting home, SHE DIDN'T BELIEVE ME.  (And why should she?  What an EXCUSE!)

I have seen at least 10 UFO's since then.

Here's the rub:  I DON'T FEEL LIKE I BELONG HERE.  I HAVE NEVER FELT LIKE I BELONGED HERE.  I feel like I am just here to OBSERVE people.  I feel so ALONE and I don't know who to talk to (but I feel that the members at Ashtar Command may be able to help me).

All comments welcome - but BE NICE!


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I am writing this as a just woke up, so it might be a little foggy (And no, I'm not going to change it).

I have had the strangest feeling lately like a living in a dream/walking in a dream, etc. and nothing is really REAL.  (Of course I've always felt like this, but now it feels very INTENSE.)  Is anyone else getting these weird feelings? 


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I'm an older person (not going to tell you how old I am) and I believe things have changed. 

The reason why I'm writing this is because:  1.  I want to know if things have changed and  2.  I feel comfortable with the people on this site since I have been here for 6 years. 

I am going to write this in a list because I think it may be quite extensive, and if I don't do so, it may be hard to follow.    A lot of this (or most of it) is personal information, and even though I am a very  private person, I would like to write this because I would like information above and beyond my friends


The last two guys I dated (and unfortunately I was in love with them) were psychopaths.  The second one did a real NUMBER on me.  He was the most DECEPTIVE person that I've ever met in my whole life.  (Not going to go into it, but believe me, it's true).  I lost ALL trust in humanity, then I began to trust women, (in the beginning) but I don't know if I could EVER trust a man again.  Actually, I used to be the most GULLIBLE person you'd ever want to meet, and now I am the most SUSPICIOUS person you'd ever want to meet. 

My ex-boss LIED to me and about my wages and cut my wage in HALF.  (Don't work there anymore.  From now on, I'm getting my salary IN WRITING).

I had a physical problem, two of my girlfriends DUMPED ME over it.  (Fair weather friends.  I also just had to dump ANOTHER fair weather friend just recently). 


Why are people so damn RUDE, especially over the Internet?  I think that they are a bunch of COWARDS for they'd never say what they say to you over the Internet to your FACE.

Whatever happened to civility?

Have PEOPLE changed, or have THINGS changed?

Thoughts/comments appreciated. 

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I weird thing happened to me last night:  I woke up at about 2:30 in the morning, by a loud STATIC noise (the kind of noise you used to hear on the old TV sets when the TV went off).  Believe me, this noise could not be from ANYTHING around here.  (I live in a very quiet building and there is NOTHING that could of made that noise).  I've heard that frequencies are increasing, etc.; does anyone have any information or ideas on this? 

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I feel so GOOD!  Just read the article that Panacea posted entitled "Kharzarian Mafia Takedown" etc.; we are near THE END!  THANK YOU WARRIORS!  THANK YOU LIGHT WORKERS!    We have all had our differences in the past (and a lot of  fights) but I DO  believe that we are all on the same PATH!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

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WHAT'S GOIN' ON? (September 23 - 28, 2015)

Some say that the days between September 23 - 28, 2015 hold great significance.  Here are some of  the theories/ideas that people will believe will happen during these dates:  The Pope meets with the President (09/23/15), WWIII?  Going into 5D?  Ascention?  Planet X?  Asteriods?  New World Order?  World Wide Economic Collapse?  Tsunamis  off the coast(s) of America?  CERN opening doorways to other dimensions? 

Thoughts, ideas, please.

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I think that most people believe that we are living in the End Times.

Do you believe that Jesus is coming?  Do you believe that aliens are coming?  Do you believe that the gods are coming, or two, three, or none of the above?

I would really like your answers, opinions, etc


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I don't know if you've heard about this particular app on an iPhone named Siri:

When you go to July 27, 2014 it says:  "It's Sunday, July 27, 2014 - OPENING GATES OF HADES."

When you go to September 3, 2014 it says:  "It's Wednesday, September 3, 2014 -  CLOSING GATES OF HADES."

Now what this all means, I have no idea.  Could it mean (as it's says in the Bible) that the Devil/Satan will be loosed on the earth a second time?  (I just think of those beheadings by ISIS).

I would really appreciate any info, suggestions or ideas you may have on this.

Thank you.

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Disclaimer:  I know that you might not think that this is an appropriate subject for Ashtar Command, but I believe that it is, and I will state my reason:  There seem to be some "arguments" on Ashtar Command. These seem to be revolved aroung political issues.  I believe that we are all SPIRITUALLY awake on this site, but I do not believe that we are all POLITICALLY awake; therefore, I have decided to have an imaginary class in re to PSYOPS 101.

Imaginary Class:

Hello.  I am your new teacher, Ms. Darkstar.  I will be teaching the class PSYOPS 101.  This is a very easy class.  Even a three-year old could figure this stuff out.  The government like to CONTROL people through EMOTION, because it is the easiest way to CONTROL people. The word PSYOPS stands for psychological operations.   I will list some examples:

Example # 1:  The "Border Crisis"

The "Border Crisis" is to DESTROY this country - to make Mexico, America and Canada ONE COUNTRY.  (There are other reasons, but since this is a one page class, I do not have the space  to go into it).  How to achieve the desired end:

1.  Work on peoples emotions by saying:  "Oh, the CHILDREN!"

2.  Call illegal aliens "undocumented immigrants".  (You can't be against immigrants, can you?  We are a nation of immigrants, blah, blah, blah.)

3.  When all else fails, you can always use the "r" word.  MOST PEOPLE do not like being called the "r" word.  lt is INTIMIDATING.  (This will shut most people up.  Ever wonder why they made the "r" word WORSE than murder? - PSYOP!)

Example # 2:  911 Scam

George W. Bush said:  "If you are not with us, you are with the terrorists".  Well, NO ONE wants to "be with the terrorists".  That will shut people up. 

These are just two examples.  ALWAYS look for what EMOTION they're trying to CONTROL you with.

Class dismissed.

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Government trolls are on EVERY site.  Their purpose is to cause division and to push the government "line".  The most common way they cause division is through race.  They may even cause division through an OFFSHOOT of race - judging a person by where they LIVE.  As an example:  Let's say a person lives in Texas; therefore, they may be portrayed  as a gun-totin' Teapartier.  In addition, they may also be portrayed as a neo-nazi or KKK member.  I will call this OFFSHOOT of racism "localism".  If you say anything against the government line they will attack you.  They may call you a conspiracy nut, because, as we all know, the government NEVER lies.  EVER.  Therefore, if you are against the government, you are a "nut". They may portray themselves with a beautiful picture, (such as a picture of a flower).  They may portray themselves with a beautiful name (such as "Starlight").  They may APPEAR to be spiritual.  They may be a man posing  a woman, or a woman posing as a man,  They may be someone who PRESENTS themselves as a certain race and assign themselves a name that is popular with that race, but YOU CAN ALWAYS PICK THEM OUT by their NEED to cause division and their NEED to support the government line.


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Does anyone remember who posted some success affirmations awhile back?  They were on a video and very helpful.  (I think they WORKED!)  Could the person who posted this please re-post it, or could someone contribute some success video affirmations that might be helpful?  Thanks.

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