Government trolls are on EVERY site.  Their purpose is to cause division and to push the government "line".  The most common way they cause division is through race.  They may even cause division through an OFFSHOOT of race - judging a person by where they LIVE.  As an example:  Let's say a person lives in Texas; therefore, they may be portrayed  as a gun-totin' Teapartier.  In addition, they may also be portrayed as a neo-nazi or KKK member.  I will call this OFFSHOOT of racism "localism".  If you say anything against the government line they will attack you.  They may call you a conspiracy nut, because, as we all know, the government NEVER lies.  EVER.  Therefore, if you are against the government, you are a "nut". They may portray themselves with a beautiful picture, (such as a picture of a flower).  They may portray themselves with a beautiful name (such as "Starlight").  They may APPEAR to be spiritual.  They may be a man posing  a woman, or a woman posing as a man,  They may be someone who PRESENTS themselves as a certain race and assign themselves a name that is popular with that race, but YOU CAN ALWAYS PICK THEM OUT by their NEED to cause division and their NEED to support the government line.


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  • Many people and all the time. Currently I think I only completely disagree with about 5 of the active users here. The rest seems to be on the road to Total Sync, which is nice. :)

  • ACUTE OBSERVER: do you agree or get along with anyone who posts on Ashtar?

  • Malcolm, then you and Drekx have something to seriously work out or agree to disagree about. ;)

  • ANYBODY WHO DECLARES ANY WEALTHY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE ((s)elected or not) AS "a light worker" IS EITHER A TROLL OR IN SERIOUS NEED OF PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT (or has taken too many prescribed psychotropic drugs).

    And I don't care how good the sex was.

  • The Human Labelmakers sure do themselves known to the public nowadays. I find that intellectually amusing. ;)

  • I think there is more than one Government troll in this website ... I have heard that indeed they use the term tea party as part of their ARSEnal ... they are also relentless in their desire to put others down, to make you feel crap ... and indeed, it seems the race card is a common favorite in the trolls ARSEnal ...

    I can think of a few people in this website who fit the catagory of Government troll ... usually to be found stoking fires in the political blogs .....

  • The biggest obstacle in knowing, is the elusion of knowledge. Trolls keep your mind full of knowledge, as long as your occupied with trivial pursuit, good or bad. Trolls keep your pot full.

    And this slides right under 99 percent of the populace.

    And the simple Moment go’s un-noticed. Hence the mole is never found out.

    When knowledge leave’s enlightenment swings open to all.

    Trolls do not want you to stop thinking. For in the moment all is perfect. Keeping you from this moment is a trolls quest.

    If you are looking for knowledge, then you’ve entered troll territory. Silence in the moment is like silence in Nature, beautiful and peaceful because it just is.

    Mind chatter, and listening to another’s chatter is not peace in the moment yet always present. Good or bad its all just chatter in the end.

  • Nancy A springs to mind when I heed this warning about government trolls... ;-)

  • The Worm on the Hook is Smaller than U think,,

    Look away and See the Sea  : )

  • STOP fear Mongering.,,,

    EVERThING is LoVe,,,,,,

    STOP acting like Fish,, and Grab everthing that moves...

    Anything that looks like someone is trying to cheat Us or Rip Us off,,, is an ILLUSION.

    It is an reflection of OUR Lower Self esteem.,, that is NOT Real.



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