I think that most people believe that we are living in the End Times.

Do you believe that Jesus is coming?  Do you believe that aliens are coming?  Do you believe that the gods are coming, or two, three, or none of the above?

I would really like your answers, opinions, etc


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  • I would say that we seem to be going through an energetic shift which some can feel. I think the shift is causing what you may consider extremes in behavior, unusual weather and so on. Superficially it may seem like a negative but I see it as just the opposite. It is a shedding of the old or a changing of the guard and the old guard doesn't want to let go of the old way of doing business. It is part of a collective conscious which is leaning strongly toward peace on earth and an end to suffering. I am happy to be the observer of all that is happening. I can see attempts at negative thought forms from the main stream media but they're just kind of fizzling out.☺️
  • From your beginning not at birth but the 49th day after inception. Your world began to evolve. You became aware of your surroundings. But then came the birthing process you rotated 180 degrees. And after much work and pain you entered a new world. 1/3 of everything you knew died. The placenta blood ran like a river. But instead of destruction you found the love of a mother and father. Our creator has a small part of itself in all the plants even the smallest of things. Find the creator part in yourself and you will see it in everything. You then will know the sum of all its parts is always one.
  • I also think the 'end of the world' is some sort of Archetype of some sort.....also it makes since to if you were living in a village and a volcano erupted, or an earthquake it would be (for you) the end of the world.....so to speak....

  • I think a lot of peoples soul break free, we're going to shift to an higher gear.

    This brings of course side-events (human, weather, nature,...) with it, the collective consciousness which represents the ionosphere of Earth changes.

  • we are definitely in a battle of light and dark-end of the piscean era and moving into the aquarian age where the vibes should be higher and the extremely evil spirits that are hiding in the 'shells' will be washed out-I don't think Jesus himself will return but Christ Light being applied by the Light organizations is intensifying 

  • Work on one's own self is crucial now, because the manipulation by 'dark forces' will be so very cunning it can still deceive most of us.  Even those of us here who think and believe they are aligned with the 'right side' can be deceived.  Again, work on one's own self is needed.  Stop looking to outside sources for help. 

    Many of the channelings very well come from 'the other side' too.  Many of these prophecies come from them as well.  How easy could it be for them to pretend to be beings of light while actually being minions of darkness?

    Our Primary Creator is always evolving, and as the negative gets wiped cleaned it will become more cunning and 'deadly' to the very end.  It will find new tricks to deceive the few, as well as the masses. 

    They have technology which will mimic the voice of god, so to speak.  It is not time to be on your toes or worry.  It is time to get right within Your Self, which is the very eternal source.  God literally is within.  And we are all literally One Being. 

  • In my opinion Jesus is not coming back in the flesh but it's the Christ consciousness that is here on the earth at this time. According to the bible it was said you will see him returning as he was leaving.  Acts 1:11 "They also said, "Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky? This Jesus, who has been taken up from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you have watched Him go into heaven."

    I believe Extraterrestrials are already here but not showing themselves to everyone 'yet'. They are our cosmic brothers and have a vested interest in what's happening here at this time.

    I believe we are gods but most do not realize it 'yet'. When we fully realize who we are we'll once again be reunited with our creator which has been the goal all along.

  • Jesus himself and the early followers thought Jesus was coming back in their lifetime, and they also believed in the end of times, which is still going on today. If the planet keeps going with global warming then yes we are living in the end of times which the prophets predicted, but then I have to keep the faith in the rainbow warriors. I agree with you rsolor about end of times for a certain present because back in the olden times when they where talking about the sons of light and the sons of darkness fighting in a battle what they meant was that they were going to fight the Romans. When they talked about the end of times they were most likely talking about the Romans rule over them......

    we have not  in any detail a recorded history while being traveling through this energy field of atomic mass till now.

    i saw a documentary on Cygnus the Swan and they believed energy or some sort of star material was coming down on the population at that time creating a leap forward in evolution......don't remember the name of it though but it is very interesting to consider....

  • Suirus:  Yes! Those lower dimentional forms are starving now!  Those BASTARDS!

  • hi Folks.

    please correct me if i state something that is fantasy, for i want the truth above else, i want to see it coming especialy these e.t. families stoping the silos and the ships from using the atom bombs, and bio- weapons bombs to be used on all of us 97%, for the number 500,000 is evil to try it on us all.

    1) the earth schuman resonnance reading WAS AT 7.83 HZ. now it is in the 12.0 hz range this has not happened in i truly believe NOW in 26,000 years cycles. what would cause this action other than the energy of the PHOTON BELT OF THE MILKY WAY. next what will happen to our nervous systems for starters and this energy around us now, how will our e.s.p. become more receptive than before. the earth's ring of fire is getting this extra energy and is absorbing it like a deep suntan, our sun as well has increase it 's energy signature as well, for the photon belt is real atomic mass and energy affecting our solar system behalvior.

    the statement of the end times, well i kind of believe it, yes i don't believe the popes but, seems they were told something by others not of this world, almost step by step action, and i shake it off, no choice.

    people can argue till blue, but the photon belt of the milkyway is real fact, just that we have not  in any detail a recorded history while being traveling through this energy field of atomic mass till now.

    end of times may be a figdure of speech meaning the end of times for the 1% elites lies and deception, because of our new e.s.p. power increase and we can know the evil of some of the 1% elites, without the elite opening their mouths to lie to us all for something they want..

    blessings to all of us for we are all one

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