Disclaimer:  I know that you might not think that this is an appropriate subject for Ashtar Command, but I believe that it is, and I will state my reason:  There seem to be some "arguments" on Ashtar Command. These seem to be revolved aroung political issues.  I believe that we are all SPIRITUALLY awake on this site, but I do not believe that we are all POLITICALLY awake; therefore, I have decided to have an imaginary class in re to PSYOPS 101.

Imaginary Class:

Hello.  I am your new teacher, Ms. Darkstar.  I will be teaching the class PSYOPS 101.  This is a very easy class.  Even a three-year old could figure this stuff out.  The government like to CONTROL people through EMOTION, because it is the easiest way to CONTROL people. The word PSYOPS stands for psychological operations.   I will list some examples:

Example # 1:  The "Border Crisis"

The "Border Crisis" is to DESTROY this country - to make Mexico, America and Canada ONE COUNTRY.  (There are other reasons, but since this is a one page class, I do not have the space  to go into it).  How to achieve the desired end:

1.  Work on peoples emotions by saying:  "Oh, the CHILDREN!"

2.  Call illegal aliens "undocumented immigrants".  (You can't be against immigrants, can you?  We are a nation of immigrants, blah, blah, blah.)

3.  When all else fails, you can always use the "r" word.  MOST PEOPLE do not like being called the "r" word.  lt is INTIMIDATING.  (This will shut most people up.  Ever wonder why they made the "r" word WORSE than murder? - PSYOP!)

Example # 2:  911 Scam

George W. Bush said:  "If you are not with us, you are with the terrorists".  Well, NO ONE wants to "be with the terrorists".  That will shut people up. 

These are just two examples.  ALWAYS look for what EMOTION they're trying to CONTROL you with.

Class dismissed.

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