I'm an older person (not going to tell you how old I am) and I believe things have changed. 

The reason why I'm writing this is because:  1.  I want to know if things have changed and  2.  I feel comfortable with the people on this site since I have been here for 6 years. 

I am going to write this in a list because I think it may be quite extensive, and if I don't do so, it may be hard to follow.    A lot of this (or most of it) is personal information, and even though I am a very  private person, I would like to write this because I would like information above and beyond my friends


The last two guys I dated (and unfortunately I was in love with them) were psychopaths.  The second one did a real NUMBER on me.  He was the most DECEPTIVE person that I've ever met in my whole life.  (Not going to go into it, but believe me, it's true).  I lost ALL trust in humanity, then I began to trust women, (in the beginning) but I don't know if I could EVER trust a man again.  Actually, I used to be the most GULLIBLE person you'd ever want to meet, and now I am the most SUSPICIOUS person you'd ever want to meet. 

My ex-boss LIED to me and about my wages and cut my wage in HALF.  (Don't work there anymore.  From now on, I'm getting my salary IN WRITING).

I had a physical problem, two of my girlfriends DUMPED ME over it.  (Fair weather friends.  I also just had to dump ANOTHER fair weather friend just recently). 


Why are people so damn RUDE, especially over the Internet?  I think that they are a bunch of COWARDS for they'd never say what they say to you over the Internet to your FACE.

Whatever happened to civility?

Have PEOPLE changed, or have THINGS changed?

Thoughts/comments appreciated. 

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  • Well friend I know how you feel, as it seems that, whoever we are, and whatever our station in life, there will always be someone out there, that is rude towards us.....It is really distasteful, to be the subject of it......I will say that anyone can be rude, given the right circumstances, but most do so out of habit, frustration, arrogance, pride, control, callousness, mischief and many other psychological factors..

    Yes I can see that you are a very private person, so thanks for opening up here..You are among friends, with discretion...

    And yes, you are not alone...

  • Michael: Well, I don't mind the truth (but SOME people do!)  Some are EXTREMELY rude, they swear, etc. call you stupid, etc.; to me, that is OBVIOUS rudeness. 

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