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Does anyone have any knowledge of any Channel's in recent history that have actually said that something was going to happen, and it really did? If they can't at least do that, then why do people keep listening to them? Do the pretty words make you happy? As far as I'm concerned any that have failed in their predictions time after time need to be banned from posting. If they were really channeling, then they would be able to give out solid information, and not just flowery words that just make you all giddy and give you false hopes. Guess I'm just tired of all the phoney Channels misleading people.

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  • It would be nice for you if you had some dependable help with you when you are doing this.

  • Channels don't give predictions. Channels give clarification on questions in the Now. Using a channeling to tunnel information from one realm to another is rather meaningsless since it comes in text-form and the bandwith of spoken and written word is not big enough to encompass the stream of data that comes from a higher dimension.

    Only lower dimensions (or at least lower frequencies of the current one) are able to transmit complete blocks of information to the 3'rd dimension.

    Sending a whole info-block from 5D to 3D would be like using an old TV from the 80's and show an HD- or Blueray-film on it. You'll get a picture, but it'll lack about 90% of the picture-information the film actually contains, hence the picture will be HIGHLY distorted.

    + there's an unlimited supply of bodies in the universe. If a 5-dimensional being have something to say in 3D, they are free to incarnate here in a 3D body and SAY it. I did, and found out the 3D-world is waaay more complicated than what it looks like from 5D-perspective.. That lesson have been very painful to learn, so ..

    I think initially that We are here to learn that we can't meddle in lower dimensions unless we're there personally to do it, because if we do, we'd forget things that from our perspecitve would seem insignificant but from 3D-perspective is an integral part of reality, hence we'd cause more mess than we'd solve. ;)

    • That's why they had to make sure everything was in perfect alignment during the RA sessions, even her hair had to be just so, as it acts as an antenna of sorts when receiving info on such a small band width. So it has been done, albeit not an easy task, as they could only go maybe 15 min at a time during the RA sessions.

  • I prefer No.5

  • Hiya Bliss, I've been tuning in for a couple of years now, meditating several times a day and have yet to get the answers that I need. Yes my third eye is opening more all the time, I have lots of visions and feel real good when I meditate. That being said I have yet to be able to "connect" with any higher forms in any meaningful way. I did have a wild experience where I was upset and trying to calm myself while meditating. A form of a being formed in my 3rd eye, it did not say anything, but it sent some kind of charge that shocked my auric field, I felt it and heard static in the head phones I was wearing. It scared the crap out of me. But ever since that incident I have felt much calmer at all times! This is the truth to. I never seen that being again, but it actually helped me.

  • I think that a lot of these Channel's are plants by some part of the Govt that does not want us to know the truth about things. They have these people put of bogus info, with just a little bit of truth mixed in. So as to make us believe them, but then get discouraged (like we are now) after nothing predicted ever comes to fruition. This I'm guessing is so that we will stop in our hunt for this knowledge and truth. But I would think that someone has got to have a good connection and knows the truth. People say, you don't need to look any farther than to look within your self for the answers. Well I've meditated several times a day for the last couple of years and still don't have the answers. Sure I enjoy meditating very much and have pretty visions and the like, but no one to ask questions to as of yet. I guess that it will come when it comes. Just saying there has got to be someone that can truthfully fill in the blanks for us that would like to know about future events and the like.

    Look at what many of us are believing about ascension and 5D. Where did that info come from as well. It was channeled, by whom? See what I am saying. I do believe that something is happening, that much I have first hand experience with, but is what is happening going to be that which we are believing? God I sure hope so, that would really suck if nothing at all happens. I know in my heart that something awesome is going to take place, I can feel it every time I meditate. I guess that we can all hope for the best and keep searching for a real Channel that spits out more than pretty words.

  • I for one do believe in the channeling's of RA in the Law of One series. I will attach a link to it below. I feel that it is true. If you are not familiar with it, I highly recommend you read it. There are a total of 5 books, that you can read for free. It is basically RA answering questions given to him. A woman is in a trance and RA speaks through her. Lots of great information too.

  • I would need to have a personal experience with them to know they are real. I'm sure that there must be some type of an organization out there like them, it just makes too much sense. But I still want more proof than going off what someone else swears by. Yes I know there are tons of UFO's out and around Earth. All you need to see them is a "Real" IR scope, not the ones on a camcorder either. People would believe with a look at the night skies after looking through one. That is why they are hard to come by, TPTB don't want everyone to know this.

  • I'm channeling right now.... I channel that more and more people will continue to complain about channelled messages not coming through as they might expect...


    So + 1 for me!  :P


    If you want a channel that is more reliable.... BASHAR is the ONLY channel, I personally have not had much to dispute.  Take channeling in general w/ a grain of salt.  There is a lot of interference channlers deal w/ as well as disinfo/false channeling.  Or they may be channeling an entity they don't necessarily know they are channeling.  Change the CHANNEL!!  :P

    • I have followed Bashar for years now. He concentrates on giving information on self betterment for the most part. Very, very intelligent being. Either the guy channeling Bashar is a Genius in all areas or he is legit. I tend to believe him. I also like what Delores Cannon puts out, the info from deep trance states. Besides them RA (The Law of One) and Barbara Marciniak with her channeling's (Earth Book) from the Pleadians are some I believe in. As they took hundreds of hours of channeling's to complete these books. Not just that but my gut tells me they are legit. Gotta go with your intuition, that little voice inside of you. It's these Channel's that put out a couple of pages of channeling's every other day that I have a problem with.

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