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I assert that you are psychic. For those who're prepared to countenance this statement I have some practical suggestions.

In our culture the notion of psychic abilities is weighed down by great negativity. From a religious perspective it's often thought of as an act of demonic magic. From a secular perspective its a delusion beyond the mechanistic mainstreams ability to believe. Either way people who seek their psychic self are commonly disparaged and in turn discouraged.

To experience and expand your psychic abilities you must embrace the heresy. Like a goat amongst sheep, you must think for yourself as you explore the boundaries of your reality. 

To counter the weight of anti psychic denial it's of value to surround yourself with thinking that fits with your intention. Keep the company of some souls who think as you do. Do your own research. There's plenty of information collated over millennia's of human experience and fascination.

In your research you'll notice that one of the main directives is to engage in meditation. At a basic level meditations power is to still the immature sense of self that is your ego. The less your ego does the driving the more you can see what actually exists, as distinct from merely seeking and so seeing what the ego desires.

A more advanced meditative direction is to focus your attention upon your subtle light body, specifically your famous third eye.  Placing your attention with increasing regularity on this part of your existence will empower it. Just like a physical body, if exercised it gets stronger and if you don't it contracts.

Finally I ask why you want to expand your psychic abilities? If its power over your material environment and other people you're after your awareness is informed by a fear and loathing that will ultimately shut you down.

If instead you seek an expanded vision of yourself, if your intention is oriented towards the growth of wisdom, kindness, and service, you will find your psychic self will grow exponentially.

We mostly live like a gold fish going around and around inside our tiny world. When you seek your psychic self you'll find that the little bowl you live in is actually connected to an infinite ocean where the marvellous and miraculous constantly dance.

Martin Hunter Jones is an honorary member of the Australian Counselling Association

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True, life gently nudges us along when we pay attention to the moment and go with it, not worrying about the future or the past, just focussing on Now... and magic seems to happen, we find ourselves in the right place at the right time, with the right people who give us messages that are pertinent to the moment.

Constantly resetting the brain, from judgement, to non-judgement , love and acceptance, minute to minute, helps.

My dear love died, and the minute I found out, he was here in spirit, sitting beside me calmly, to help me through the trauma. Now he has moved in with me. We watched Ghost the other night, Ghost Hunters the next day, and so on. Funnily enough, this area of research is my passion, so it is kind of appropriate... if you are good with weird!

Psychics who were brilliant and who helped me to no end, inspired me to develop my own psychic powers, so for the past 16 years I have been meditating, trying to just eat vegan food, using bicarb soda/salt (3:1 ratio) as toothpaste instead of paste with fluoride, to help enhance the connection. Choosing to explore spirit world was the best decision I ever made. Life suddenly became 1000 more beautiful, fascinating, and magical, and to find out that it is all REAL! still blows me away!

I know that there is just a fine veil that separates us from other dimensions, and it is my mission now to do what I can to remove this veil.

Thank you Hunter <3





...<3 ....x....:)....



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