Everyone in human form on Earth at this time is receiving major encouragementfrom the spiritual realms to help them recognize the illusion for whatit is, and to nudge them towards wakefulness.  No one has been passedover but many still remain deeply asleep and are resisting the call toawaken.  However, the example you holy light-holders are demonstratingby intensifying your loving patience in every situation is having amost remarkable effect planetwide.

The energy surrounding you, which you extend and share at all times, isextremely powerful, and when coupled with additional divine energy, asit always is, it harmonizes and melds with it.  Thus, humanity has nooption but to awaken.  And even those who are resisting the call andattempting to remain in a state of deep sleep will be unable to holdout for very much longer.

Love is enveloping the planet and all the life forms she supports with apower and intensity never before experienced here, and that energy isseeping into every individual — regardless of any beliefs they may haveabout the impossibility of such an energy existing — and melting awaytheir fear, anxiety, and disbelief.  As the first stirrings of thatloving flame within them are felt, they find themselves experiencingstrange and mysterious sensations which are quite shocking, almostmystical, and they start looking for someone with whom they can talkand who will not think them insane.

You, dear Light Holders, are here to listen to them, encourage them, andoffer them loving support, as they begin to accept the inevitability ofthe changes that are occurring within them.  This resultant opening oftheir awareness allows hope to well up from deep within them for a lifefilled with meaning and joy.  Very many had given up on hope andsettled into a routine that allowed them to live basically unaware oftheir true feelings, and desires, and of their divine, permanent, andunbreakable connection to their Creator.  This rising sense of hope isunsettling yet irresistible, and information that confirms its validitykeeps coming to their attention.

This vast welling-up of hope is spreading across the planet like wildfire,as more and more people admit to themselves that their present way oflife on the planet is insane, unsustainable, and must therefore bechanged for the good of all.  It truly is a wonderful moment to bealive on Earth as the divine plan for the planet and all the life formsshe supports approaches its glorious fruition.

You have all been working very hard, even when you were unaware of it, tobring all the loose ends together in a magnificently choreographedfinale, leading to eternal peace, joy, and infinite freedom for you inthe divine realms.  What is to occur cannot be delayed or preventedbecause God’s Will is always achieved precisely as planned.  The deeppain and suffering that so many have been experiencing is coming to anend, as more and more of you start to express the compassion and lovethat you really feel for one another, but have kept hidden beneath thefear and anxiety that you have allowed to rule your lives for so long. The moment of transformation, when immense happiness and greatcelebration will break out spontaneously all over the planet as youawaken into your Father’s Reality, is approaching with the absoluteinevitability of the divine Will.

You are bringing this about; you are making this happen; because God’s Willis your will and no other outcome is remotely possible.  Unbridled joyis about to burst in upon the lives of every one of you. So prepare forjubilation and revelry!

With so very much love, Saul..

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  • This awesome, really uplifted my day. Thanks for sharing this...really really inspiring.
    • YOU are so welcome my special sister !
      happy it made YOU happy!

      thank yuo for sharing that!
      love to you! and to all of you
      • one more for You!

        HEAVEN #3610

        Twice Blessed,

        October 13, 2010

        God said:

        May you know that you are blessed always. What a difference a little knowing makes. I take an interest in you, and I bestow blessings upon you. You are My sign that I sent to Earth. You are the sign of spring, and you are the sign of God. You are My signature. There is a sword of love that goes straight up and down your spine, and so you love and bless the world in My Name. There simply is nothing else for you to do. Whether you go to the hair dresser or play golf, you are circulating Me. You have been blessed with this. Do not think of it as a weight on your shoulders that you represent Me. Think of it as a blessing, for blessing it is. You are blessed, and so you have the blessing to bless. You are My blessing on Earth. You I bless, and so you bless.

        Now that it is established that you are a blessing on behalf of Me, you just are. You don’t have to think about it except once in a while when I remind you. You don’t have to demand anything of yourself because you are My blessing. Anymore than you have to go around remembering that your Earth name is Joe or Alice, you just naturally know, you give your given name without effort.

        Now you can demonstrate Me just as easily because you are My representative. That is who you are. You are not really Joe or Alice or Sweetheart or Dear. You are, and yet you are so much more. You are God visiting on Earth in human form. You are wearing a different suit, that’s all. The halo of the costume you wear is invisible. And now you make the goodness of your heart and of life visible. You silently communicate to one and all the beauty of their nature. Through you, others begin to feel the wealth of their very Being, and they begin to feel the value of their existence on Earth. Make joy visible. Make love on Earth visible. You don’t do this with loud smacking kisses. You do this silently from your heart. Then the renewal you give is received. The bell you ring is heard all over the Earth.

        You have always wanted to be important. Now I am telling you how very important you really are. You have an opportunity too good to miss. See a cherub shooting an arrow of love from the stillness of your heart.

        Love yourself first. Be aware of your Truth, and it will radiate. You will be the light of the world that you are. There is no pretense or effort here. It is just your natural light shining, and so you light up the world by lighting hearts. One heart at a time is good. Just think if you can light up more than one heart at a time. Just think if your love inspires other hearts to bare themselves, how many hearts do you then light? Who can count? Who needs to count when he or she walks on My behalf?

        You do not have to wear royal robes. You just have to accept your royalty. How can you, the light of My heart, possibly dim your light? Be noble. It’s best that you know that you are to shine your light and not keep it under a mushroom.

        The time is now. Light up the light of yourself and be the sign that ushers Me into the mainstream of the conscious world.
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        • hahaha keep it under a mushroom ,what a humorous loving God we have!
          • Wonderful, I love this, fills my heart with laughter and joy ...

            ... and James, I will practice more, I promise..:)..
            • yes! bingo! one more happy what a great day!
              thank you all for reactin to this post and share your light!
  • True, true, specially compassion, alway seems to need working on....:)..
  • thank you for telling Marion, i didnt know that, but like James Rian said, it can never be too much of such enlightende words!

    thank you James, for sharing your feelings about this post. i love it too!
  • ...this has already been posted earlier today..:)..
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