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October 22, 2015

An utterly weird video of a cloaked figure with purported hidden codes and imagery has baffled internet detectives trying to solve the mystery. WARNING: This video may contain graphic subliminal imagery.

After a Swedish tech blogger claimed he received a copy of it in the mail and posted it online, the folks at Reddit.com made a series of chilling discoveries, The Washington Post reported.

On the surface, the video shows a cloaked masked man in a decaying industrial setting making furtive hand gestures. He then holds a blinking light in his hand that may be emitting Morse code. Images that last for less than a second appear subliminally.

But by analyzing both the video and audio layers through a spectrograph analyzer, the hidden images became apparent, the bloggers claim. Along with the phrase, “YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD”, disturbing imagery of women allegedly being tortured or killed could be seen, multiple sources claim.

Worried that this might be the work of a new breed of serial killer, the internet detectives from the Daily Dot, 4 Chan and other social sites went into overdrive conducting a worldwide online investigation.

It was soon learned that two of the images hidden within the video originate from obscure low-budget horror movies while a third is said to be a real-life crime scene photo of one of the Boston Strangler's victims.

Another code that was allegedly discerned was said to be "RED LIPSLIKE TENTH", which Redditors claim is an anagram of "KILL THE PRESIDENT". Some theorists have claimed that the hidden video embed also contains the GPS coordinates for the White House.

The broadband investigators are said to have determined a possible point of origin for the video – someplace in Poland – purportedly an abandoned sanitarium.

Since law enforcement authorities have not officially commented on the video's contents – hidden or otherwise - speculation is rife that it may be part of a viral marketing campaign or an elaborate Halloween hoax.

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  • Look at this kind of information, missing coherence, again.

    Symptoms, a weak heart chakra means no magnetic center. Dissonant spin means information all over the place.

    Everytime I come across this kind of information, my focus is on the person, rather than the message itself.

    What a loveless life can do to people, it's saddening.

    • what are you talking about, Suiris?

  • Interesting, Pet Rock. Yeah, I actually kind of like creepy videos, you know, hauntings, ghost stories, "strange" bizzar stuff although the one you posted looks like it possibly arose from (or belongs on) the deep web, straight out of weirdsville. Some of the reddit stuff can be so strange, but dont we have a curiosity about such stuff, the weird, haunted side of life? Im talking about hauntings etc, but I do it from the safety of my bed, with the lights out, where I can under the duvet and as synchronicities abound, last night I was browsing Youtube and I came accorss one that oddly enough translates or echos the essence of the one you posted, have a listen to this ............

    • guys with nothing better to do-when one of my sons was 13 he showed me that vid that starts out with idyllic music and fields of flowers then a ghoul appears with screaming-almost gave me a heart attack--

      • ah yeah, I know that one .. the "jump scare" vids ..

        Im always looking for creepy stuff, out of sheer curiosity .. I think its an inherent aspect of all of us, well most of us ..

        but as Ghost stories go, this is one of my favorites, a short film (42 mins) from 1967, called "Whistle and ill come to you", best viewed with the lights off after midnight, when you are alone in the dark .. and with your computer on full screen.

        Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
        • ...I Watched....Just Out Of Interest......With The Lights Off.....But Not After Midnight.....Or Under My Duvet....:).....I Enjoy....A Good Ghost Story+ Horror Film..+ Books....Some Of The Old Black + White Films Are The Best......Loved The Character Of The Professor......There Is The Same Old......Stuff Going Round....Just Re-Hashed.......But Did Enjoy.......Woman In Black......With Daniel Radcliffe.....x...

          • Daniel is good in that but you need to see "The Woman in Black" from 1989, Sky ..

            Heres the first part .. the other parts are on Youtube, same channel .. enjoy.

            Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • ...How Very...Enjoyable........Gimme More........:)......

This reply was deleted.

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