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About once a month, I have a dream of living in this alternate universe.  I am desperately trying to understand why, as these dreams are truly, the most vivid, real, the most magical dreams I have ever had.  So, I guess the big question is, am I really dreaming?  Am I astral traveling?  Is it a lucid dream?  Any of these could be correct, as I am sure each one of us out there has our own personal reasons for believing in whatever we believe is the correct answer.  The colors are usually incredibly vivid, almost to the point of defining them as neon colors, but soft.  The feelings I have in these dreams are intensely emotional, as in when I wake up, the feeling of despair of no longer being in that realm can truly surpass any emotion I can have here on Earth.  Last night was no different:


The first thing I remember is the sky.  The sky itself was a powder blue, the same color you would see on an early summer morning.  What I thought were clouds, were in fact, ships, almost transparent in color, some as big as a planet, yet so close in the atmosphere one would assume they would land on the ground.  I think I was there all of a few days, because I do remember some of the nighttime.  There was some "meeting" going on in the skies, where several ships were surrounding one another in what looked like some council meeting.  I was on the ground looking up at these ships, and how extraordinary they were to see!  Brilliant colors of purples and pinks and silvers, glowing in the dark night sky.  I remember coming towards a ship that had landed on the ground.  The ramp was laid out for walking.  I looked up and saw a door open, and my 8 year old godson (who I happen to be very bonded to) comes running out and into my arms.  I feel happy and elated he is here, almost to the point on feeling completed.  I then proceed to walk up the ramp and into the ship.  It is very modern, with lots of steel, yet surround with tons of plants everywhere.  It almost felt like I was in a greenhouse conservatory.  I walked up the stairs and into a room, which I remember it to be "my" room.  The doors automatically opened, and I walked inside.  There, it looked like all the electronics I had in my room were now state of the art and brand new, some with the tags still on them.  I remember feeling so immensely happy.  My godson came inside my room and sat down on a chair, as I walked around the room slowly, touching all the pieces of equipment I now was able to call my own.  There was such profound peace.  Next thing I remember I was back in my bedroom, and I looked at the clock and it was near midnight. 

I realized I was out of that "dream" and I remember laying there in bed last night so incredibly sad and homesick.  And yet I was home. 


I love my life.  I am not depressed.  But I DO know that I am being called upon.  And these dreams are just getting more and more vivid.  I am towards the end of my awakening process, I can feel it.  I know I am being asked to help people awaken.  Yet, these "dreams".  These "visions".  Does anyone else have similar dreams?  Would anyone happen to know where I was?  Planet/galactic quadrant in particular?  It was definitely Earth-like, but I knew it wasn't Earth.  I felt that.  But the greens were so green and the blues so blue, if that makes ANY sense at all.


Would love to know your feedback!  Much love and Light!




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could be an other dimensional 4d planet/magic-you may have actually gone there in your dreaming body with your godson-sounds like little or no negative energy/entities -maybe where you lived before birth

Good points!  These "dreams" have been occurring more often in the last few years than anything.  I've been in the awakening process that started about 11 years ago.  Yet, the last (I want to say 2-3 years), these dreams have been more frequent and more vivid. 


My son and godson and I are soul family members.  The three of us share the same traits physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I feel very protetive of these two boys, so it almost seems natural they show up in these dreams.  Could they be alternate universes?  Valid thought, no doubt.  I even wonder if it's our "home base" so-to-speak?

that's what I've read over the years LadyAine-

Yes, still, my heartache remains everytime I wake up.

I don't think it's an astral projection, otherwise you'll most likely recognize your home, and your body, lying unconscious. Usually.

I haven't gotten any other memory from home, beyond the last one. I wouldn't be able to prove it real, hadn't been for my sister, and the ships which often come by. Also sky messages and the star signals.

Such a beautiful, clean planet. We could see a trail of distant lights, all across an indigo horizon. We had a nursery garden in between green pastures. Everything I could feel was her heartbeats.

I can't think too much about this, because it hurts inside, despite the clarity it brings about.

My home is located somewhere in Sirius, given my familiarity with ancient egypt and my natural comprehension of the light body and human mind, from early age. Masters of health.

We're one the most advanced cultures regarding frequency of sound, either it be for medical treatment or any other purpose.

Life has shown me already. I'm being asked to aid troubled people, despite my partial conflict with my ante-project's decision -Behavioural blueprint- Like an echo of many reflexes, which is the entirety of my being.

I can see what they've hidden from themselves and others.

Hey, a message from my team, just about now. Synchrony "Something is about to end"

I hope so.

My advice, look for ancient cultures, since most of them are product from different star homes. Since then, we were revered as gods by the natives, and as of today, you'll find depictions of our star ships in those ancient designs.

Thing is, humankind, as any rebellious child, partially wanted to experience by itself. This is the result, provided our handouts, brilliant minds throughout time.

They had to do it by themselves, there wasn't any other way to develop higher consciousness.



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