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Fake News doing its best to drum up hysteria amid pandemic...some just making money out of this 

Keep you distance...stay at home ..Load of nonsense just to put fear in you so you are easy to control. Looks like 95% of the people are fooled and that is good for the elite as they want to knock out 95% of the population. People with common flu are being put down as virus positive.

Plus :

China Gave Faulty, Contaminated Covid-19 Equipment to Several Countries-List of countries complaining about protective equipment, testing kits, and medical devices from China

Read @


Put together weather muniplution, chemtrails, pollution and common flu and FEAR and PANIC in people and it all adds up to bad health for all as it is ..then they make you do the virus test and most are declared positive ( remember there is no virus and their tests are not accurate ) ..the end result that they want is reduction of population


Adding more weight that the virus does not exist:

Adding more weight 

Adding more weight :

This Video Will “Rock-The Boat” Of Coronavirus! The Statistics They Don’t Want You To See!

Building A Bigger Picture

Adding more weight 

Adding more weight 

Adding more weight 


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I agree with these blogs, its all and I repeat-all of us even the new age movement including this site is being fooled.! Its all another FAKE FLAG but this time around it is aimed at the people. It is not the cov.#19 but the Sars virus that everyone has in a small amount if tested. They have done this before many times and they are still putting it in the chem-trails that they are spraying on us all the time. Yes ,I do believe the White Hats are going to use this to go after the Deep State. We the light  warriors must tell our people this is not real its a False Flag, nothing to worry about, unless it goes wrong but we must not get caught up in this but spread the Truth to the people including this site !!!!

Adonai, rev. Joshua

There is a manmade virus Krishna , but the biggest issue is gamma radiation that is affecting those with low vibrations and bad dna.

We are right now in a belt of strong gammaradiation that comes from the center of our localuniverse.

It upgrades dna for those with higher vibrations.

Hey that's explains it, nice work

Put together weather muniplution, chemtrails, pollution and common flu and FEAR and PANIC in people and it all adds up to bad health for all as it is ..then they make you do the virus test and most are declared positive ( remember there is no virus and their tests are not accurate ) ..the end result that they want is reduction of population 

we need to setup a resistance like on madmax and the termintaor

This is the truth but millions are already screwed up by the governments and million's more will follow the millions already screwed up by the governments. ..CONCLUSION: THE CHOICE IS YOURS

  Money,Vacines, Chipping people with nantechnololgy sending thousands of satillites into space and replacing workers with robots and lets not forget 5G.

“We are not witnessing viral epidemics; we are witnessing epidemics of fear. And both the media and the pharmaceutical industry carry most of the responsibility for amplifying fears, fears that happen, incidentally, to always ignite fantastically profitable business. Research hypotheses covering these areas of virus research are practically never scientifically verified with appropriate controls. Instead, they are established by “consensus.”

This is then rapidly reshaped into a dogma, efficiently perpetuated in a quasi-religious manner by the media, including ensuring that research funding is restricted to projects supporting the dogma, excluding research into alternative hypotheses. An important tool to keep dissenting voices out of the debate is censorship at various levels ranging from the popular media to scientific publications.”

Excerpt from foreward to Virus Mania, Etienne de Harven MD Professor Emeritus of Pathology at the University of Toronto and Member of the Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, New York (1956 – 1981)

Covid19 means cover op.

Trump and his team is draining the swamp right now , and has began to take back the lost children from the satanists (800 000/year only in the US)

How these children have been treated makes my heart bleede , but the good thing is that the dark is check mate.

The children is taken to the two ships that is prepared to help them.

The ship in NY is US Navy Hospital Ship 'Comfort'.

''WOW'', desperate. thank you for sharing.

The dark forces may fight for control of earth's resources but they have tentacles beyond this solar system. The plasmas technologies that surround the earth's atmosphere control the weather's jet stream and there are CERN,HARRP,and spaceships loaded with various products to be delivered to off-world being's home planets. Corey Good has mentioned that the clean up beyond this solar system is still ongoing but they have mentioned this process is nearly complete. Cleo Loki mentioned in the past of palmas tubes surrounding the earth and Cobra of has said they wanted to dismantle these tubes. There is a lot going on both in space and on earth. I have seen these invisible tubes in 2016. And the black helicopters.MIBs, Drones Laser Beams destroyed much the Australia forest and animals and communities and this includes California redwood forest areas and many people's homes. There are three weather systems according the Dr.Amitak Stanford the hybrid weather technology was used to create large catastrophic damage to the earth's enviorment and for depopluation  control.   



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