RA: This sphere… has not made an easy transition to the vibrationswhich beckon. Therefore, it will be fetched with some inconvenience…This inconvenience, or disharmonious vibratory complex, [i.e. thedisharmony of the peoples creating Earth Changes] has begun several ofyour years in your past. It shall continue unabated for a period of approximately thirty of your years
QUESTION: In 30 years this will be a 4th density planet. Is this correct? (1981 + 30 = 2011)

RA: This is so. (B1, S6, 93) [This session was held in Jan. 1981.]

QUESTION: Our planetary population has only a certain amount of time toprogress. This time is divided into three 25,000-year cycles.

At the end of 75,000 years the planet progresses itself. Why is this so precise?

RA: The living flow creates a rhythm which is as inevitable asone of your timepieces. Intelligent energy offers a type of clock. Thegateway from intelligent energy to intelligent infinity opensregardless of circumstance on the striking of the hour. (B1,  S9, 105)

If by next year nothing happen, RA and others are complete wrong and nothing will happen and the new age and Ashtar will mean nothing. :)

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  • Love to you in this vibration.
  • ...well James..nice story, but i dont know how truth it holds.... its nice for someone to believe that he/she had created all this "illusion" eons ago... gives some boost to the ego, and self esteem rises up.....
    ... who wants to believe that he/she is just a small speck of light among the billions and billions of stars in the vastness of the universe???.... and that he/she has no control or dont play any significant role on the unfolding of life in the cosmos... it would be a big let down for the ego to accept this... No!!!...look at me!!!..i am important....i have created all this... this illusion is my work...it has to be me....i am the center of it... there cannot be other way... i am God!!!...(lol..well, are u really???)....just some thoughts... ;)
    • But who is the one thinking of ego? Certainly it is not those of us who believe we are all god & everything, ego is something contrived through perception of image. You speak as if ego is part of who we are, when it is merely another perception of outside circumstance, it is how you feel others view you in the world. It is looking outside of yourself for answers, surely nobody who thinks they are one with all even considers ego.

      Everyone looks at the world as if they are the center of the universe, because they are. Everything you do in your life you do for you, to get where you want to get. Even those of us looking to enlighten others and help gain clarity in life, we don't only do it for others, we do it because it pains us to see everyone living in the box. I know that's a big part of why I do it, I love opening people perspectives because I hate seeing people struggle. In that way even when I give it is for me. I want peace within you and everyone else and within our world truly not for you but for me, I want to live in a peaceful world. I just understand in order to do that I must help others. That doesn't take away my kindness or compassion and make it fake, it just makes it real because it was born from something real, me!

      We are small if you still hold yourself to your body, we are a small speck of light among the universe if you still see yourself in your cage. Realize your body is just a manifestation inorder to live out this gift, a vessel in order to look around in awe at our smallest creation and out into the cosmos at the even greater ones.

      I suggest you look inside yourself for some time and re read your approach to his belief, see that you're response was a negative one, you put down someone elses believe, look at the sarcasm, look at the tone. Now ask yourself if your belief is the true one? Would the truth be cruel and judge others in that manner? Call someones belief a story? It is not a story it is a belief derived from experience & as such you should respect it, because that is someone, it isn't just there words you disagree with and put down, but the person. Live in love, express love, you don't have to agree with someone on belief systems, but you certainly do have to respect them.

      Also it is of my belief that our words are a reflection of our thoughts, it seems to me your judgment of his ego is actually your own. So how is your ego? I assure you that James is without one, but it is evident in your words that you are not.

      This is not me judging you, merely my observation without a rude wink at the end.
  • Thank you James, you are truly wonderful and grounding. You said just what I needed to be reminded of. Love and peace to you and all.
  • Nicely put.
  • lol
  • I believe that people eventually get what they want. A lot of people wanted the Cold War to end. It didn't immediately, but it came in bits and pieces, after the short-term decision makers got their way. Even now, it is ending, with global nonproliferation treaties. So if a LOT of people want an ascension to happen...it will happen. But only gradually. Again, short term policy will rule in the short term, and long term wants will operate in the long term.

    Now, people who want power who see this can try to manipulate the masses to make them want something to happen. I return to the Cold War. After WWII, a lot of people wanted to spread American ideals... but a lot of people also wanted to spread Russian ideas. I think that WWII and thus the Cold War might have been orchestrated by "the powers that be"; but it's just my personal opinion. However, if this is so, then that would show how they could control people. Anyway, so it;s down to America vs. Russia for a lot of people, right? They WANTED to conflict. And so it came to pass, in the form of the Cold War.

    Once again, I see those in power wanting to control us... so they came up with: 2012. If you tell a whole bunch of people that, on or by December 21, 2012 (12/21/2012!), the world will be in chaos, and that maybe, maybe something or somebody or some deity is going to save us, and then make it look like it's going down the tubes so it'll LOOK real, then you might get a whole bunch of people to want to give their control over their destiny to some savior, then you can control them!

    So, I think that 2012 is a positive thing, but not an end of the world doom destruction thing. They want us to think that, so it'll happen.

    Food for thought
  • I believe you will see change, but only if you believe it. The universe works in calculated ways, nothing is coincidence, nothing is without reason, because the individual finds reason. Those who believe will keep believing regardless, wether the details of your belief or mine are different, the key is belief. It binds us in its essence. That belief brings it, because when you believe and I mean truly believe without doubt of any kind you spend your moments bringing your life closer to what you want to happen, and as you do that you bring this asencion closer through your own actions.

    Are we on a time schedule no, but we are held within evolutions grips and as you look around the universe patterns emerge, cycles can be seen, and order is found within the most divine and beautiful of things. Truly look around you, and realize what you are apart of. History has not seen such movements towards peace. Aid & financial help for Haiti, New Orleans, Pakistan, the list can go on. The world is learning to care withotu prejudice, are we perfect no,but we are certainly getting there, and the balance is shifting. The balance is shifting becasue we believe, more and more people are realizing that change does not happen without belief and without action.

    It is happening all around you, look at the huge AGAPE spiritual center movements, look at Earth Hour, the awareness of global warming (regardless of belief or not), It is the governments and the majority of corporationg that don't do enough to manage our resources and care for hte planet not the people. That is changing, the tide is growing larger everyday because people are believing and speaking up about the issues they see around them.

    Not everything people channel is right, not everyones complete opinion is right, not everyones perception is perfect, we are all influenced somewhere along the lines, and are all imperfect thus none of us have the complete answer. You only know what you have experienced in your life, that is what you will shape perception around, so not even divine inspiration or channeling will be perfect. In the end it will always be fltered through your perception built upon your individual experience. We are divinity, we are god, thus the aswers to our lives are our own, we create our world.

    Our ancestors were plagued by the believe that life had to end inorder to live in peace, they viewed heaven as a place unattainable by man in the flesh. They feared the world, they feared god, they feared judgment and hoped for death inorder to live a peaceful life. Most didn't get what they read in all teh holy books, they didn't put it together, by now most holy books are metaphors to the answers of our life. They talk about being good while you are alive, mostly being compassionate, loving, caring, honest individuals, then we will die and go to heaven. They do not see the link, if you are a good, loving caring individual in your lifetime, you will influence others to be the same. Eventually through your many lifetimes in the flesh you will come to a place in our evolution where we will haev peace. Not because God made a place for us calld heaven, but that we did! We are god, we are everything, we are the universe expressing itself and learning lessons, we are one concious energy each here experiencing what we have created over billions of years. We just lose our way every now and then & forget who we are. Just be yourself, be the person that brings everything that they love into there lives, go after your dreams & aspirations, treat people well, show people what you can do when you have passion & go after love.

    You all want ascension, then be it,then bring it because no one else is going to. Realize we make this world, just as we can destroy it. Balance will come, it grows every day. If you want the proof go to Burning Man next year. This movement, this beleif, this desire to realize our full potential, to bring peace on earth and finally claim heaven as our own, it is growing it will not stop. As older generations die off so will there misconstrued beliefs and government systems, it is our time, it is our generation. It will be fully realized by the mass in 2012, the shift will happen in conciousness and it will gain speed. That is not to say we wll attain peace in 2012, but it wil be more evident then ever that we are closer to it then ever before at this time.

    Society in mass will fully realize the importance of Einstiens theory of relativity. They will see through the cloaks of money & power, and that antichrist, that venom of society will seize to exist. It will happen, I can not explain to you why I know or why I am so sure but I am & I trust in it. I've had enough experiences happen to me where my faith is no longer faith,it is beyond that it just is. I know that we are everything because I feel it, I feel all things, I understand us.

    I'm rambling and getting off topic a bit I apologize, regardless believe what you want to, but I will tell you to find the believe within yourself in any way you can because that is how we manifest it. Do not put the date on it, just strive for it. It will happen, trust me you just need to belief it with the awareness that it comes from you, "god" creates it & you are "god". Bottom Line is if you beleive you will not be dissapointed because you will see it. I see it now, because it is always now and we are always getting closer to peace.

    P.S. God can be substituted for most anything it is merely a label to try and understand everything because it is everything. I prefer to call God; me (and you).

    I love you all so very much. Be safe.
  • I don't either. I guess I read too much, lol. I am with you on this.
  • I agree with you Mastiel, that things are not going to be a big whoopdela like everyone wants to see, gradual changes will slowly appear. That is how I see it. I pay no heed to dates and predicted timeframes, that is too frustrating..I don't see 2012 as a magic transformational date, would be nice, but just do not see it.
This reply was deleted.

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