Why work? --- we are all Aristocrats

Every one of us has a patrimony in the form of our share of the economic value of the cultural and technological achievements accumulated during past centuries.

This inheritance is unlawfully appropriated currently by a minority arrogantly claiming that the earth belongs to them and we, as the common people, are here to serve them like slaves in classical civilizations.

If this continues it is only because we are too lazy or ignorant to discover our rights and claim our rightful cultural heritage:

It is now possible to give every man, woman and child on Earth a standard of living comparable to that of a modern-day billionaire.

This is not an opinion or a hope -- it is an engineeringly demonstrable fact. This can be done using only the already proven technology and with the already mined, refined, and in-recirculating physical resources.

R Buckminster Fuller



There is a choice to be made...:



or Oblivion (Buckminster Fuller)




Our technology-driven economy is like a powerful engine. But, running without adequate load, it is on the verge of shaking itself apart and destroying the rest of society.

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  • Creator, Divine Source,Great Spirit has come up with how this can all be done, www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com    look for things with government and how to turn it around or use search engine. LOOK FOR TAKING BACK THE CONSTITUTION. ITS DESCRIBED IN DETAIL HOW IT CAN BE DONE. THIS IS THE WAY.


    Its good you talk! Now try spread this as much you can, and get more people involved. Its not impossible. Remember, everything that changed the world started with a thought. (which nobody usually never believed) But if the odds are so against us it must mean it can be so much FOR us. Its the same. we can get those assholes OUT! take back the constitution and the world MUST follow.

    Phoenix Journals, Contact Newspaper
    The OFFICIAL source of the Phoenix Journals and Contact Newspaper, documenting God's Plan, the Phoenix Project. Scribed for Sananda and Gyeorgos Cere…
  • you are SO right, this is what is going to happen if we dont WAKE UP and UNITE, TALK and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, and GET THE EVIL RULERS FROM THEIR POSITIONS(MADE TO MAKE IT RIGHT UNDER CONTROL,UNDER PEACEFUL MEANS. A RIOT IS N O T NECESSARY.)  WHEN SHALL PEOPLE WAKE U P!!! you say youre "awake",but how "awake" are you, if you ALLOW it to continue?? you cant awake yourself into it you must WORK FOR IT! WORDS WITHOUT ACTIONS AND YOURE L O S T!



    You say that it cant happen? well, look at Egypt and Irak,what happened there. Where are those rulers now.gone. Look at occupy your city movement. See, we can make it happen, together. Now,how. By people talking, and unite,as many as possible,make a plan, and if possible get some with influence with you, well if you are many you could storm the white house,under peaceful means, put those in jail where they belong until you come up with a plan, let them reverse it under strict control. It can be done.  If things are done before actual breakdown, and its getting reversed under control, it doesnt have to be s o bad,if things are done bit by bit.

    Phoenix Journals, Contact Newspaper
    The OFFICIAL source of the Phoenix Journals and Contact Newspaper, documenting God's Plan, the Phoenix Project. Scribed for Sananda and Gyeorgos Cere…
    • The second paragraph could be a reply to Unlabeled? (the firs post in response to this thread), although he is right to point out the nature of the "enemy"---"enemy" in quotation marks advisedly.---and promising movements have failed many times before.

  • ...great topic... and i totally agree of course with Bucky Fuller..

    ..we could have done this since the 50's (if not earlier)...

    a few years ago i could not believe of this.. but after done some homework, i can see how much feasible is to do such a thing, if we could just wake up, to what is possible...

    • Thanks for this endorsement. The best advocates are people who set out to disprove a possibility, and in the process find that it is a real and beneficial one.

      The question is how do we claim our share of the technological inheritance? I think we have to realize the moral and ethical weakness of the position held by those who seek to deny it.

      This is how I see it: A false "social contract" now tell us, individuals, that we have to earn the right to the means of life (the means being, in a fully capitalized economy, a living income---income, not wage ). In other words, the "right to life" is said to be conditional as determined by society.

      This is morally, ethically and by any other humanitarian standard is untenable. The poor, the homeless, the unemployed are the people most directly suffering from this morally bankrupt "rule" imposed by the current social system. They must be helped and encouraged by everyone (especially the better off) to be the first to demand the unconditional right to a living income. Conversely, this class needs to be discouraged from accepting to live within a culture of poverty---a culture that perpetuates the inability to escape from their "condition".

      Join the world-wide movement for basic income and put some "legal muscle" into the movement. The idea is not new; its pail shadow is the feeble and corruptible attempt by most "civilized" societies to maintain some kind of partial and conditional social security arrangement.

      • yes.. i agree again, and i support for sure a "basic income" concept as a first step to build a new society...

        but i dont see it to happen for the changes ahead, cause those who print the money will just not accept such a concept....

        ..what i see more likely to happen is that more and more people will start forming small communities, self-sustainable communities (for just the basic needs at first) so that they will become autonomous, and off the grid...

        this will grow in time, and thus destabilize the whole social construct... contributing this way also in its collapse...

        ..but thats just speculations for now... who knows how it will play out in the end...

        • Yes, I used to believe that we could change the world without having to confront "powers that be". I tried with communities, workers' cooperatives, non-violence movements.

          In the end I came to agree with Gandhi---we have to stand up to injustice, and learn to "speak truth to power".

          We can build promising projects while in prisons or POW camps as long as they do not, in fact, challenge the authority and control of the jailers.

          • ..sure its good to point out the injustices of the world, and speak out the truth... but i dont believe that we can accomplish anything significant by fighting the existing status quo...
            only by withdrawing our energies from their obsolete paradigm we will be able to crate something new...
            and again i will have to agree with Bucky Fuller's words:

            “In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.”

            ― Richard Buckminster Fuller

  • Marianinia, you may have misunderstood the reason why I started this discussion. The political drive for "full employment" is forcing economies.to strive for continuous growth.

    In this context I simply meant to use the word "aristocrat" as a figure of speech for anyone who does not have to work for a living. Thus she/he is free to follow the promptings that arise from her/his inner life.

    I am also thinking of the billions of people who barely manage to survive and the millions who actually die unnecessarily because of poverty.

    Do you disagree with the view that a relative minority in the world withholds our rightful "inheritance" from all of us?

    This is reality.

  • I always wonder...what would happened if WE ALL STOPPED PAYING TAXES.  Just stop.  How are they going to throw ALL OF US in jail?  Whatever we decide to do, it MUST be united so they can't make scapegoats and examples out of us.  What would happened if we all went on strike?  Just stopped working, stopped shopping, started relying on ourselves and each other.  I am done sucking off of the old woman's teet...luring me to buy more, work more to buy more, watch tv to buy more, look at this billboard, now buy more....just makes me wanna scream sometimes.  I think the best things we can do is keep waking people up, stop buying superfluous crap, basically stop playing their game.  Learn to self-sustain (and when I mean "self" I mean communities too).  Stop relying on the 1% for an income, stop relying on corporations for our food, clothes, and "accessories".  Basically, its time to go off the grid.  End rant. :)

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