I want to share a new channeling from the Pleiadian Council on why the rumors of the alleged Olympics landings are not true, and why humanity is not ready for official landings yet.


Excerpt of the channeling:

"We will not perform a public landing on Earth during the Olympics. Nor will any of our enlightened friends. It is due to the simple reason that humanity is not ready for it, and that the time has not come yet. The energies on Earth are not the right ones for the first major official visit to take place. That day, when the visit will take place, it will happen together with the very most enlightened people on Earth, who have reached highest in their spiritual development. It will happen together with tomorrow's representatives and leaders of humanity who will bring humanity into the New Age. It will not happen during any event that is linked to the Matrix [such as the Olympics]".

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  • That's was not true i know it because they use this massages to keep us waiting who knows why...So please take your time and watch Alaje videos he will explain to you everything...
  • Thank you. I now understand,that you want to wait untill the new government is in place.That makes sence.But we are so tired and looking forward to having a lighter way of living.It's like we can't wait for christmas.But at least we don't keep getting different dates. We earth people are known to be at our best in a crisis,In that case,Come on down ! No matter,when you come there is gona be drama for some. We'll be fine. And you will be fine.  This weekend would be great. besides we want to meet you too !           I know, we are begging.  Love ya         Honestangel2012

  • blah blah blah
  • Ah, what was it that Mike Quinsey "channeled" on the 1st August...?? An extract from his posting said:


    "We still see the Olympic stage as giving you the greatest show on Earth, and we would like to be a part of it."


    So why didn't he buy the tickets for us, then...?? Surely there are plenty of seats...???  ~smiles~



  • Nicely stated, Anita...

  • thanks Anita...!!

  • Thank you Esshna, I totally agree.

  • Why Marianninia....welcome to my thoughts....I am glad to see I have not been alone in my angst about all this....Enough is enough is where I am coming from too....at the end of the day we will have to admit that we simply do not know enough to form reasonable opinions of who is who and what is what to form any opinion that is 100% the truth. All is based it seems from writings, videos and internet infoand others say so about what is the truth.  I do NOT trust humans enough to know what the absolute truth of things really are, and people who believe that what they believe is undesputable hard cold fact have yet to prove to me that they know who is who and whether or not they are on "save the earthlings" team, or the "lets manipulate these silly humans till they destroy one another, then we can pick their bones for stew" team, lol.  Just wanted to let you know I think you are doing independent thinking and I think it is wonderful thing to be doing about now.  I agree that we humans have to work this out and SOON for ourself.  I remember a speech by Ronald Reagan where he said the only way that people will begin to work together for everyone on the planet, and that is when we are invaded by aliens...then and only then  will we band together as a species.  Not sure if he was laying the groundwork for what was to come, or if it is coincidental but I thought about what he said at any rate....Who knows REALLLY what is going on?  I don't that is for sure.   I love and value you so much M.  just wanted you to know.  I don't tell people often enough how much I love and admire them, and it is about time I start. Who know for sure what this new age trend is REALLY all about? I sure don't if we are always arguing all the time about stuff and not out there trying to make changes to humanity that might REALLY help mankind out of its mess we have made....

  • Just because there were beings here in the past doesnt mean they are here now, and if they are just because they say they are nice doesnt make them nice.

  • Great post marianinia. Very spot on.

    Even here on this site, look how divided people are. Even here there is no consensus and brotherhood. To go forth and build our world the way we want it.

    There is vast majority waiting for something to happen. Instead of little by little going out happening to the world.

    It's a bit like expecting your dad or the driving instructor to pass the test for you, and then to drive you around.

    These promises of technology and of higher knowledge, from some of these channelers, are basically the exact same promises made in Atlantis and post Atlantis periods. They were both used as enormous control mechanisms, that run world over, to this day.

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