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This is the reason I don't listen or buy into those ideas about how this is just some trick, or that the revolution isnt going to happen, or that it'll somehow fail.

It sounds kinda stupid but this is the key to ultimate power, and I have been using it for quite awhile. This is how you change your entire external world. And it is worth mentioning that I have focused on thisparticular subject quite a few times in the last couple years too.


Fact is we are each in our own little world. We experience externally, personally, or even internally what we create for ourselves.

This video from Bashar explains it very well, on this particular subject even.


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Actually delilah the Disclosure is what I feel is necessary.

I don't really care what happens to the cabal-type people, as far as im concerned they can all get shot dead. But they really cant continue to be able to give orders. Its not possible to have the Cabal and an accurate Disclosure at the same time, they are incompatible because they are diametrically opposed.

Its not an issue of making them pay - you assumed that - its all about getting them out of the picture. Permanently so they cant cause problems later on.

Its like if you have a tumor - you cut it out. Its not a matter of judging it one way or another. Its just a simple matter of what the tumor does and how it is not functional to keep having it around.


Im manifesting things like Antigravity, Free Energy Technology, and World Peace (more or less). Since these people are opposed to all of those things and they are also opposed to the energetic undercurrent of the world, that means they have to go. That which does not adapt in the face of inescapable change is broken by it.

This organization wouldn't be able to survive the Dec 21st shift anyway, the energetic undercurrent would be much more of an issue.


If there's a bona-fide plan to get rid of them, using conventional means in a palms-up move... allowing The People to take care of it under their own will... I say that's great.

And it also serves the role of the Disclosure too because there's no way that it can go on without everybody knowing. It kills two birds with one stone. Makes the people feel like its something they did, too.

So that really does sound like the highest road for all of us as a collective consciousness to take. Which also makes it the most likely one.


Besides this is the potential which has been presented. And ive done my own investigating and found out its legitimate.

When it comes to this stuff you cant go by information and articles alone because anybody could be lying when it comes to "privileged info".

So you have to resort to other ways of verifying things, you have to consult with Source, and that's what ive done.

Its just like how I saw a few things in Drake's message that didn't vibe as truth... but he has a good reason to hide some things if he's real so that makes perfect sense. None of it that really mattered was off though.

Right on Wizard, I had seen this video yesterday on Facebook so I had to comment, because it really spoke to a deeper part of me.  

I think disclosure is going to be different than people think, but yes I do think it will happen and when it does (it already is to some degree), there will be no questions as to what is happening.

Everything seems like a progressive change that is "accelerating" with every second.  I am glad to hear your feedback ~ you seem like an extremely intelligent person and your presence is much appreciated.



Hi folks, Hi wizard, thanks for sharing this video link and thread.

Even though this seems like something only each individual can prove for themselves, It does seem as though this is happening in my life all the time.

Awhile back at a courthouse, a bailiff made a comment to me which i think is not the usual conversation, he said you can't believe 50%.

His higher self or something grander i think was speaking through him at that moment and was basically saying to me, you have to choose or decide 100% on what you choose to do or see in your life without fear.

I even see this with some people around me, almost as if they are testing me to see if I will fall back into fear and go along with all the things others are complying with that makes no good sense to me and guess what, when i stand my ground without fear and claim that does not make any good sense, the topic is dropped like a lead balloon.

I have also had people tell me things and again in these instances, i think their higher self or something grander was speaking through them at those moments to give me tips on remembering that we choose our reality to one degree or another, for example, one individual was claiming how they could see a particular web page, though some other individual could not see it and only saw a google page and definitely not what the other was seeing.

Has anyone else experienced this in others, where they are giving you hints and tips as to how creation functions about the parallel reality thing.

peace love light

BRAVO to you for posting these amazing, eye-opening words from Bashar!  Nothing like setting the record straight huh?!!

Preparer: Like you, I'm not so concerned about what happens to them AFTER they're arrested, just that they're soon to be out of power, money and mischief!  Sure would be nice to see chemtrails disappear(!), Monsanto and the pharmaceutical companies go bankrupt, healthy food be legal, cures for diseases like cancer FINALLY come into the main-stream, innocent people released from jail, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the IMF, and the entire banking cabal disappear, culminating in people partying in the streets world-wide who can finally be free and APPRECIATE their freedom!  That's what this experience was about in the first place....waking up to how NOT to give our power away to control freaks!

From my perspective there are basically 3 Disclosures and they're all linked. I never really have seen it as being a single disclosure, and ive never even associated it with ETs revealing themselves either.


#1 of course is the Disclosure of the control scheme that the Illuminati has been running. Now since they have been hiding away advanced technologies and hoarding them, and using them to make massive amounts of money by slowly trickling them into the marketplace - revealing the existence of the Illuminati also either reveals those things too, or makes that revelation possible.

And it really works for the best that this Disclosure happens simultaneously as these individuals are removed from power. I originally thought that the Disclosure would happen as a result of a "Fire Sale" style Hack job that got enough peoples' attention - but this is even better.


#2 is the Disclosure everyone here pretty much refers to - that Aliens exist. And it dovetails with the Illuminati because the advanced technology they have came from aliens, and they've worked with aliens.

So revealing the existence of Cabal inexorably reveals the existence of intelligent Alien Life. At the very least the ones who we've detained who're willing to talk, will probably talk about the ETs and that would inspire a line of inquiry that would reveal it anyway.


#3 is really the Disclosure of the existence of the Spiritual, since that's going to change everything too. Because the (friendly) ETs are very highly spiritual and base a bunch of their technology on spiritual principals - and because various psychic gifts were used by the Illuminati to maintain their control - Disclosure #3 is right behind #1 and #2.

Its kinda interesting... that I think all of humanity will learn about Aliens before they consciously embrace the existence of Spirit.

Do you think it will happen in this order?  When do you see the process starting?

Well #1 basically happens Right Now.

(by the way I should mention, for the past week I have been seeing a startling number of signs popping up in the Media pointing to this Mass Arrest. So the Mass Consciousness is already dropping hints to itself that this is going to happen).


#2 I think happens later on this year... because the Media will be cleared of it's disinformation agents and they will be free to report on the UFO sightings (which will cause another kind of hysteria).

The Disclosure from the United States government about the Advanced Technology we have under wraps will also prove #2 because people will be asking where we got the technology from. Considering that Transparency in government matters is going to be a hot topic and its really going to piss people off if we tell them all this stuff happened - but then hit a roadblock "Well, thats classified on a need to know basis".

So that could be as soon as #1 happens, or this Summer.


I don't think the ETs would reveal themselves so quickly though, like the Galactic Free Press and others keep talking about.

Decloakings yes - seeing massive spaceships fly through the air without whispy stretched clouds around them.

Mass Landings no - not until we're ready for it and as a mass consciousness we are all wanting them to land. We can still have Disclosure #2 without actually having First Contact yet.


#3 happens either as a result of the ETs landing, or because of the Dec 21st event. Because the ETs would obviously be talking about all sorts of spiritual matters and our true history (atlantis, etc).

The Dec 21st event will firmly catapult all of us into 5D though if we wasn't already, and it will also restore all of our "powers" and true potential.

This is going to cause us to have Flashbacks about our past lifetimes. Probably all of our past lifetimes to tell you the truth.

And that's going to prove the existence of Spirit/God too.

Bashtar should get a pair of deaf-aid first.

Then this multiverse reality theory, Wheeler I presume, ends up always with putting the blame on you.

Your fault if you are poor, ill, jew, on the bad ass timeline, missing ascension, you bla it.

Shift to the one you prefer without getting caught by armed police forces of your Home Land.

 maybe was neutral once.

have you been arrested?

That´s no solution.

Society is already a jail.

Yep User dude, that's the way it goes. (kudos on the picture btw)

People who think its silly that someone would choose suffering, forget that karma has to be repaid. They are just choosing how and where their karma will get them. It has to be dealt with.

If your body was wrapped in duct tape how fast would you want to pull it all off?

Not to mention there's a Balance issue too. Maybe they were aristocracy for many lives - and their soul needs to balance those experiences so it has a variety. Maybe suffering balances a life to allow for still being Humble.

Its hard to understand these things until you become balanced yourself.


As for that being the way it works - well - the whole point of knowing the multiverse theory is to Use and Exploit it as a way of controlling your reality. Not just your own life, but the entire world you live in.

Not being able to come to grips with the past is just a form of denial.

This is about Empowerment. You're missing the whole point of it.


And I agree - arresting these people isn't the solution. Id much rather that they got Shot or Blown Up and were buried, just to get rid of them. That will probably happen to some of them.

But this is how our society works and arresting people is how we normally deal with troublemakers. Not all of them are equally guilty anyway. Some will probably want to help. This is a big spaghetti mess and we could use their input.

I don't care about 'justice' being rendered or anything silly like that. I just want them out of the picture. This is how it happens.




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