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A white solar wizard ( http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/M_white_so_wizard.html ) star family the "sons of fire of white light", my sub group the "warriors of the brethren of the fire of pure white light" A spirit walker, Star seed ,walk in ,Wise one minister of the U.L.C..http://www.universallifechurchministers.org/ stargate explorer u.s.a.f veteran security specialist http://www.globalsecurity.org/intell/systems/stargate.htm http://supernaturalworld.net/supernatural-topics/ufology/04/2011/us-air-force-has-psychic-ufo-probe-team/ grounded master/commander http://www.holisticwebs.com/orbital/merkaba9.html dolphin ray https://www.childrenofthesun.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=320:the-platinum-cosmic-light-&catid=39

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  • Hugs to my brother!  :-) 

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  • Dear friend, I see you are enjoying the ride, how delightful it has been, after such a difficult phase, we are harmonically well adjusted and on our way!  I can feel the earth has been pinching in places, the earthquakes don't feel as though they are overly dangerous though....Mama Nature is well supported.  The sun feels great and all is on schedule.  Have you been having weird dreams?  Something is going on in the aethers, hard to explain.  

    Sending diamond light,

    Hugs!!!  Kel 

  • Yes, indeed, things have been coming together beautifully, dearest friend :-)  I'm glad you are manifesting, I am too... it's sort of like everything is aligned properly, the energy has a clear channel to go where it is supposed to.  

    We are in a doorway until Aug 25, then things will get real interesting for us and the world, as our thoughtforms take shape in the physical plane.  I've come to some fascinating understandings about electricity, when I get more time I will make a blog about it.  

    Take care, brother, see you on the other side :-)  

    Sending diamond light, Kel 

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  • Obi, Happy new year my brother .. its been a long time .. I missed you ... hope all is well with you

    sending you much Love always ..

    your friend ...

    Luke ..


  • Good to know!  Love to you!

  • Obi wan, you might want to peruse this material... cheers, Drekx

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  • its been a long time my brother .. I want you to know that I I have never forgotten you .. you left some beautiful data in my blog recently and I didnt get around to replying to you .. it played on my mind as I intended to do so but I hope you didnt ever feel that I left you without replying .. I have been here online all the while but not contributing as much as I used to.. Obi I Love you ..

    I trust all is well with you.. my divine friend and my brother ..

    hope we can talk soon ..

    I am always here for you .. forever ..



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Nov 2, 2020
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"ditto  i see ya all over the place and feel all ya thinkin mostly impresion wave stuff but i know who is who  and some one is here a lot but from the other side of life  she is a pesty one for a ghost less than ten feel from my bed is a next door…"
Mar 18, 2015
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THE SECRET OF THE TRIANGULAR BOOK OF ST. GERMAIN REVEALED Sacred Magic of the Winged DragonThe Key to the St. Germain Code by Iona Miller, 2007Go to 2012 Updated TRIANGLE BOOK SITEhttp://trianglebook.weebly.com/index.htmlIONA MILLER PERMANENT…
Aug 23, 2014
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Aug 19, 2014

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